Beauty and the Beast Makeup Tutorial

Written by: Britt Maez

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The movie we’ve all been waiting opened last Thursday…Beauty and the Beast. The original was released only days after I turned three and let me just say…this movie tore me away from Little Mermaid and as soon as I realized that I look more like Belle than Ariel, I was HOOKED.
Flash foward to 16 years later and it’s still one of the best Disney movies ever made. I mean Belle is someone we all want to be; beautiful, brainy, kind, and someone who has no time for an arrogant ‘Gaston’.
This movie changed my 3 year old world so starkly that I wouldn’t dare sleep in sheets that didn’t have Beauty and the Beast plastered all over it. Now granted, I’ve realized that at 27 years old it’s no longer cool to sleep in Beauty and the Beast bed sheets (my husband would not be down), BUT it’s always cool to look like a Disney Princess so that’s what I’ll attempt.
It’s my first makeup tutorial, y’all, so be gentle.
Be my guest and watch below:

Code Red: Red Hot Lips for Date Night


Mineralogie Red Lipstick

Red lips are synonymous with glamour, and when you need to pull out all the stops for Valentine’s Day or any other special date night; then a bold red lipstick is the way to go. Don’t be intimidated if you are new to red lipstick. Makeup should be FUN and you can’t take it too seriously.

I recommend doing a tiny bit of research on application methods for red lipstick, which due to the saturated color takes a little extra effort than an everyday “your lips but better shade” that you might be accustomed to. Once you have read some tips, and and I highly recommend starting with  this post for some helpful hints, then you are ready to practice, practice, practice! My mom has decided that she wants to start wearing a bold red lip, so she has been applying her favorite shade daily even if she isn’t leaving the house. She has built up her confidence and started wearing a True Red lipstick to church on Sundays that makes her Ivory complexion pop.

Red lipsticks come in an overwhelming array of shades from blue undertones, to orange and everything in between. Picking the right shade can make all the difference in the final outcome of the look. To start, consider your complexion. If you don’t already know if you have cool or warm undertones then take a couple of minutes to complete this quiz to determine. If you have cool undertones consider a fuschia-red or berry-red. For warmer complexions an orange-red is the way to go. Pretty much anyone can wear a True Red.

If you still aren’t sure what shade will look the best on your skin tone, consider a lip palette. Mineralogie released the Sealed with a Kiss trio for Valentine’s Day, and its limited edition so you better snag yours fast. Featuring Stiletto, Backstage and Catwalk you have a cool, warm and a true red at your fingertips to apply individually or mix for the perfect shade. Don’t forget to pick up a red lip liner to complete the look.

Self Care in the New Year: Putting Yourself First

Self-Care in the New Year


Life can feel like a juggling act sometimes and after the hectic schedule most of us keep through the holidays, we can head into the new year a bit weary.

So many New Year’s Resolutions are focused on fixing yourself and dropping bad habits, becoming a better version of yourself. Consider approaching the New Year with an intentionality to nurture yourself, and instead of becoming “better” focus on wholeness. Taking better care of yourself allows you to better care for those around you.

We all have lots of things that we want to be better at; but this year lets focus on setting aside time to go for a walk with the dog or play a round of baseball in the yard with the kids instead of another cardio session on the treadmill. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier in the morning to allow a little time to stretch before jumping headfirst into your daily tasks. Unplug for an hour, or maybe schedule that coffee date with the friend that you always mean to catch up with. Set aside some time this year to learn something new; sign up for those guitar lessons, that yoga class, or learn to knit. What better way to relax than with a regular appointment for a facial or massage. Mineralogie products are sold in locally owned and operated spas and salons all over the USA. Take a minute to check out our Where to Buy page to find a high quality spa in your area. Then stop by for a visit and take time to learn about proper skin care and makeup techniques for your specific skin type.

When we ring in 2018 we might be slimmer, stronger, more financially secure, and all of those things would be awesome. But this year I want to laugh more, love more, rest more and play more.






Christmas Gifts to Give and Get



Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to finish up, or for those procrastinators out there, get started on that Christmas shopping. This year we have taken the hassle out of Holiday shopping so you can spend less time in long lines at the mall and more time enjoying the company of friends and family. This year we worked hard to put together gifts with shades and products that complement each other at a variety of price points to suit anyone’s budget. So from your mail person, to school teacher to Mom, we have you covered! We paid extra attention to the shades we selected to ensure that they are flattering on a variety of skin tones, picking the most popular products and colors that everyone will love. Below I have highlighted some of my favorite options, but to see the full list of gifts check out our 2016 Holiday Gifts Page.




Mineralogie Lipstick

What is more classic than a bold red lip? Icon is my favorite true red and the perfect accessory for any holiday party. Red lipstick gives an instant confidence boost, and we paired Royalty Red Lip Liner with it to layer so it won’t have to be touched up all night. At under $25 this set is a steal!



Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 8.54.59 PM

Oily skin is not just a problem in the Summer. Especially in the T-Zone a lot of us need a touch up in the afternoon with a little powder. Made with Chamomile, our Pressed Powder has ingredients to soothe and protect skin from harsh elements. At almost half of the retail value this one is my favorite bargain buy!



Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.01.51 PM

A good set of brushes can make all the difference in the world in makeup application, especially when it comes to blending eye shadow. We have assembled three of our top selling brushes for a complete set: master any eye look from naturally softly contoured, to a dramatic smokey eye with these brushes. At $35 you might even have enough left in the budget to throw a brush cleaner in for proper maintenance.


Don’t just listen to my favorites, do yourself a favor and check out more Christmas specials and value sets we are offering for a limited time. With all that money you are saving, you might just have enough left over to get yourself a treat ;).

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Last Minute (1)


This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday May 8th. Don’t panic if you are just now realizing that is less than a week away. It isn’t too late to surprise Mom with a great gift. I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite ideas and to help you out further I have picked things that you can still have here by Mother’s Day. Don’t waste any more time though!


Blooming Beauty

flowers Blog

Fabulous Florals. Image:

Who doesn’t love flowers? Send a bouquet her way, especially if you aren’t able to make it for a visit to see her Mother’s Day weekend. The best news is that this flower arrangement includes free overnight shipping to make sure your bouquet arrives on time and in great condition.

Mother’s Day Pampering

Mineralogie Mother's Day Gift Card

Mom takes care of the family all year long. Return the favor with some overdue pampering. Pick up a gift card at a local spa or salon so that she can choose the service of her choice. Whether you choose to get the gift card over the phone or stop by in person, be sure to ask if the salon or spa is offering any specials for Mother’s Day. They might sweeten the deal with a combo package or discount. Not sure how to select a quality spa to ensure a relaxing experience for mom? Might I suggest using the Mineralogie salon finder tool to find great locations all over the United States and in several other countries. Mom is sure to have a fantastic experience at any of these businesses.


For The Mom Who Loves To Read


Become a garden guru. Image:

I already ordered this book for my Mother-in-Law. For the Mother in your life that loves spending time outdoors in the flower beds, surprise her with a beautiful book filled with inspiration and tips. If I am purchasing a book as a gift, I try extra hard to find one that not only has good information, but will also look pretty sitting on a coffee table. This one certainly fits the bill. And where would we be without Amazon Prime 2-Day Shipping?


What are you getting for Mom this year for Mother’s Day? Any favorite’s that you have been given or gifted in year’s past? Please share with us!


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