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Spring and Bridal Makeup Tips

It’s wedding season, so you know what that means!
Time to prep our most photo friendly bridal makeup looks!


We recently hosted our annual Spring and Bridal Makeup Application Workshop at our corporate headquarters. This year, we featured guest makeup artists, Allyson Harold and Bre Ortola, who demonstrated tips and tricks for flawless bridal makeup looks. Here are the best tips we took away from class!

– Bring a touch-up kit! There are 3 basics you have to keep for touch-ups. The absolute #1 must-have product is our Invisibly Matte compact. (Your skin will look photo ready and shine-free all night long!) Then all you need is your lip gloss and your eye liner, and you’re set!

– For the perfect bridal lip, pair our Heather Pink Natural Lip Liner with our new spring lipstick Party Girl. While Party Girl is a very bright shade of pink on its own, the Heather Pink liner will neutralize it. Combined, they make the perfect shade of nude pink for a bride. For an added pop of shimmer, layer Pink Champagne lip gloss on top!

– To create the best neutral smoky eye for a bride, you’ll need the following products:

  1. Eye Shadow Primer
  2. Bronze Shimmer Loose Mineral Eye Shadow
  3. Chocolat’ Pressed Eye Shadow
  4. Brighten with Cameo Pressed Eye Shadow
  5. Top with Waterproof Mascara
  6. Espresso Natural Eye Liner

Keep in mind that the best bridal makeup tip is to keep things simple and neutral. And remember that some powders photograph differently, depending on the amount of shimmer. Try to test your makeup before your wedding day and see how it looks when photographed with a flash.

But ultimately, it’s your (and your groom’s) big day! So wear whatever makes you feel the most beautiful! :) What are your best bridal makeup tips?

xo Kate

Why use Mineralogie Mineral Makeup?

Calling all beauty junkies and makeup fanatics!
Welcome to the Mineralogie Makeup Blog!


Our blog is the place for all things Mineralogie! That means we’ll be posting the latest and hottest products, trends, how to’s, and tips right here on our website. No matter what you’re searching for, there will be something for everyone! So, where do we even begin?

Mineralogie Mineral Makeup

9 g Jar Loose Mineral Foundation

First things first. By now, mineral makeup is not a new concept to most of us. We hear phrases like “all natural” and “100% minerals” all the time. But what does it really mean? For us at Mineralogie, it’s ALL about beautiful color, flawless coverage, and a healthy, fresh look. But we take it one step further by creating cutting edge makeup that is truly good for your skin and does not contain talc, starch, dye, or perfumes. To top that? Our foundation boasts an SPF 26! Protect your skin while looking your best? That’s a no brainer!

Not convinced? Our secret is all in the ingredients.

  •  Titanium and Zinc = Sun protection! Combined, these ingredients offer both UVA and UVB protection against harmful UV rays of the sun. Not to mention, our special zinc oxide ingredient, Z-Cote, is a hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin!
  • Vitamins A & E = Young and healthy skin! Vitamin A helps to soften skin and smooth wrinkles, while Vitamin E prevents sun damage by rejuvenating skin from the harm caused by pollution.
  • Mica = A natural glow! Not to be confused with the colored Mica we use in shimmery products like eye shadows, this Mica contains super fine particles that coats the Vitamins A & E to enhance the product and give your skin a gorgeous, soft sheen.

You can find the full ingredient deck listed here or on any product page. If you have any questions or requests, please leave a comment! We plan on using this blog to address the FAQs we get from Mineralogie users like you! Plus, we love the feedback. :)

Your humble makeup blogger,
xo Kate