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How to Apply Bronzer… Believably! Part 1


Shown outdoors in natural light (top) and indoors under fluorescent lights (bottom) using my coworker Allyson as the arm model! From left to right: Rose Glow, Honey Bronze, Dark Tan, Spiced Bronze, Indian Summer, Sunswept

We’d all love to have that sun-kissed look as if we just got back from a beach vacation, but let’s face it. A nice tan is SO not worth all of the negative effects that UV rays can have on your skin. And here at Mineralogie, we are all about sun protection! So, skip the tanning salon and grab some bronzer. Just follow these tips to rock a fake but natural looking glow that you can feel good about!

Picking your shade.

Disclaimer: We are teaching you how to use bronzer believably. We beg you not to go too orange. Seriously. The point is to look like you spent a nice day out in the sun, NOT to look like an oompa loompa. That being said, here are some simple guidelines to finding the perfect shade for your skin. The trick is to finding a bronzer a few shades darker than your skin tone that will give you the appearance of a warm glow. When people tan, they generally either have a golden undertone or a pink undertone in their skin color. So, pick your shade according to how you naturally get color when you’ve been out in the sun.

If your skin is light…
Rose Glow: It has some pink it, and it won’t go orange on fair skin.
Honey Bronze: This has more golden shades to it, still without appearing orange.

If your skin is medium…
Dark Tan: This shade is tan with a little pink in it. It can work for Light to Medium skin tones.
Spiced Bronze: This bronzer has more peach shades in it.

If your skin is dark…
Indian Summer: This is a warmer, more traditional bronzer. It can work for Medium skin tones as well, without appearing too orange.
Sunswept: Available in pressed, this shade has a little gold shimmer to it.

And just to give you a little taste of what’s to come, we’ll be releasing a brand new pressed bronzer this summer called Barcelona Bronze! It’s the perfect shade of bronzer for everyone- not too light, not too dark. It has both peach and gold with a little sheen to it. We love it! But you’ll have to wait, because of course all good things come to those who wait. Sorry to be a tease, but I’ll keep you posted! 😉

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post. In Part 2, I’ll go into detail about exactly how and where to apply bronzer on your face!

xo Kate

The Trick to Bigger Looking Eyes

Bigger Looking Eyes Makeup Tips

Photos: Getty Images, Byron Purvis/AdMedia/AdMedia/Corbis

I’ll admit, I wish I had bigger eyes! I’m often prone to major eye envy over people who have them (even guys). It’s just not fair! But luckily there’s a little thing called makeup to create the illusion of bigger eyes, and I’m here to list all the tricks, including what has (and hasn’t) worked for me!

1. The classic bigger eye makeup tip – Use a light colored shadow on the inner corners of your eye. It’s an oldie, but a goodie, ’cause it really works! My personal favorite shade to use for this trick is Opal Shimmer.

2. Apply a light colored eye liner on the rim of your inner eye lids. You can use white or off-white or even light gold. The idea is to make the whites of your eyes look even bigger. A twist on this old school trick is to apply the liner just under your lashes rather than on the rim itself.

3. Longer eyelashes! I know this isn’t considered makeup, but fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions are the key to bigger looking eyes. I feel obligated to make a disclaimer here: Longer lashes are great within reason. Nothing scary, please.

4. Mascara on your lower lashes. If you want to avoid faux lashes, you at least need to have a good clump-free mascara particularly on your bottom lashes. Darkening them will make your peepers look even larger. My recommendation is the Waterproof Mascara.

5. Use a flesh-tone color on the lower half of your eye lid. You want to make your entire eye area look bigger, not just the eyeball itself. When you cover your entire lid in dark shades, it can tend to have the opposite effect and diminish the eye. Just a side note, this tip doesn’t do much for me or anyone with Asian monolids. Sorry, guys!

6. Limit how far your dark shadows extend over your eye. Start at the outer corner of your eye and only carry darker shades to about halfway across the eye in the crease. Now is the time to blend, blend, blend!

7. Don’t apply liner all the way around your eyes. This is a tried-and-true cardinal rule, but I do have an amendment. It’s OK to line under your eye, but again, limit how far you extend your line. Start at the outer corner and only take your eye liner about halfway. And again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to blend! You don’t want the line to end abruptly and look like you got interrupted while applying your makeup.

8. What you should do is extend your eye liner past the outer corners of your eye, and shape the line upwards. When your eyes are open, you want it to look like you have longer eyelashes. Be very careful about symmetry! This trick isn’t very effective if your liner is lopsided.

Now of course, I don’t recommend trying all 8 of these tips at once. Experiment and find the ones that work best for you. Can you tell which tips are shown on the celebrities above? What are some of your best tricks for bigger looking eyes?

Thanks for reading!
xo Kate

Brand NEW – Espresso Natural Eye Liner!

Espresso Natural Eye Liner

New product alert! Mineralogie just introduced a brand new Natural Eye Liner in Espresso!

What is it?
The newest shade available in our Natural Eye Liner! Softer tip, longer pencil, sleeker look, and still paraben-free.

How is it different?
Espresso is not a matte brown eye liner, but rather a bronze-y shade of brown with a hint of shimmer in it. Not only does this add bucket loads of dimension, but it also makes any eye color really POP! The creamy texture makes it even easier to apply, easier to blend, and easier to wear with other eye shadows.

Why should I try it?
Because I say so! No, but really, this eye liner is worth it. No matter what color your eyes are, Espresso really brightens every eye color. I’ve seen it make blue eyes look even blue-r (is that a word?) and I’ve also seen it bring out the green in hazel eyes. And if you have brown eyes (like me!) this shade adds a richness to your eye color that you just don’t get with a matte brown liner. Plus, I love that it’s so easy to smudge. It makes for the perfect daytime smoky eye!

What can I pair it with?
Since summer is coming up FAST, it’s the perfect time to wear Espresso with warmer, rich metallic shadows. Pair it with Antique Copper or Copper Shimmer, or try it with other bronze and copper shades.

’til next time!
xo Kate

It’s not the 80s… but Blue Eye Shadow is BACK!

blue eye shadow

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny the return of blue eye shadow! It’s made a comeback in a serious way, and we are fully on board with this trend. Last year, we reintroduced our Cobalt loose mineral eye shadow, because the darker blues made a big hit on the runway and eventually trickled down into the mainstream. This year, it’s mermaid-inspired hues all the way! Bright blues, aquas, and greens made a splash on the runway at shows like Stella McCartney and Michael Kors.

Don’t worry if these ultra bright shades intimidate you. Even if you’re a little color-shy, you can still rock this trend! Pick a shade that you’re comfortable with, and use it to line your eyes rather than cover your entire lid. You can see both looks shown on the model above. On the eye on the left, we used Azure eye shadow and turned it into a liquid liner using our Liquid Nude Eye Liner. You can also refer to our tutorial on how to make Cobalt into a liquid eye liner. A thin streak of blue can really brighten your eyes, but still maintain a wearable daytime look.

For those of you who are willing to fully commit to this trend (and all the more power to you!), then the look on the right is the one for you! To make the Azure that is applied all over the lid really pop, apply Mango pressed eye shadow on the inner corner above the eye. Blue and orange are complimentary colors, meaning they are across from each other on the color wheel. As contrasting colors, you can use this effect to your advantage and really bring more depth to your look! You’ll notice that the shadow used below the eye that flares past the outer corner is actually an aqua shade called Sea Mist. You can also apply Sea Mist to blend that bright Azure shade outwards and not look so severe. (Check out our pin for more about this look!)

Keep in mind, there are endless ways to wear these shades! I’ve just shown you the two extremes, but maybe the look for you falls somewhere in the middle. How would you wear mermaid inspired shades? Or would you?

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xo Kate