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How to Shape the Perfect Eyebrow

brow shaping

No one wants to go around with eyebrows looking like this. Nor should they. Ever. But not everyone knows how to shape and fill in their brows. So, voila! I give you 3 magical and easy steps for finding your perfect brow shape!

As shown above, use a brush or straight edge to find where your eyebrow starts, arches, and ends according to your eye shape.
-Line the brush up with the edge of your nostril and hold it vertically to make an “imaginary” line straight up to your brow. For beginners, you can make a little dot to mark this spot with your brow powder so you know you can’t go any farther in than that. This is where your eyebrow should start.
-Now, make a line from the edge of your nostril to the outside edge of your iris. Where this line extends up to your brow is going to mark where your brow should arch.
-Finally, make the line reach from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye and this will show you where your eyebrow should end.

Easy, right? Now comes the hard part.

eyebrow shape

Step 1- Groom your brows with Brush-on Brow Gel, brushing the hair in an upward motion. Oh and that wasn’t the hard part.

Step 2- Underscore the bottom of your eyebrow and the top. You’ll make an actual line using an Angle Shading Brush and Brow Powder. Don’t worry about the line looking too distinct. It will all be groomed out later.

Step 3- At the arch, connect the top and bottom line together and pull down to make the “tail.”

Step 4- Leave the inner part of your brow only slightly filled in for a natural, dimensional brow. You still want to be able to see the hairs. So don’t re-dip your brush in brow powder! Just use whatever is left on your brush, and brush upward in the direction that the hair is growing.

Step 5- Now, brush through your brow until all the lines are blended and you have the desired depth. If you want a more defined brow, you can take a Square Detail Brush with a tiny bit of concealer (your skin tone or one shade lighter) and apply under the eyebrow for a natural highlight.

Now for the before and after shot! Cue the oohs and aahs. You can really notice the difference in the “after” pic between the eye brow that’s been filled in and the one that hasn’t.

brow before and after

OK, well if you’ve made it this far, you’ve reached the end! Hooray! This is probably my longest post yet, visually at least. But I think the photos really make all the difference. Now it’s your turn to try this technique. I’m sure you will have beautifully sculpted eyebrows in no time! :)

Good luck!
xo Kate

Summer Makeup (AKA How to Keep Your Face From Melting!)

Summer Makeup

It is officially summer, which means it’s my most dreaded time of year for makeup. Why? Because living in Texas in 100+ degree heat does not bode well for my makeup routine, my energy bill, or really my life in general. At least the first one I was able to resolve, once I found the right products. So, let me share with you my newfound wisdom of how to survive the heat and get your summer makeup sweat-proof and summer-proof!

Eye Shadow Primer / Face Primer – Before you do anything, you need to apply primer. This is an absolute must during the summer, so your makeup will be longer lasting. For those moments when I feel like I’m melting, at least I know my face isn’t. :)

Waterproof Mascara – This is an easy one, of course. You’ll need it to keep your mascara from running when the temperature rises.

Lux Creme Eye Shadow (coming soon!) – A brand new product and my new favorite eye shadow, especially for summer. Mineralogie’s new eye shadow stick goes on creamy, allowing you to blend with your fingers, but once it dries, it’s not going anywhere! No creasing, no smearing, no fading. Love it!

Liquid Eye Liner / Liquid Nude Eye Liner – Liquid eye liners are the way to go during the summer time. Pencil liners are great to smudge and blend, but that smudginess also means it’s not entirely sweat-proof. A liquid liner will stay in place.

Invisibly Matte – So this might be one of my absolute favorite products ever! It’s actually what got me hooked on Mineralogie to begin with. My biggest skin problem is having oily skin that’s also prone to acne, but at the same time can get really dried out if I use too many products on it. Invisibly Matte takes away the shine without adding color or clogging pores. On lazy makeup days, I wear it by itself without foundation. During the summer, it’s my savior!

SPF 30 Face & Body Block – Take it with you to the pool, or the beach, or anywhere outdoors. You’ll thank me. The best part about a powdered sunscreen? It won’t run into your eyes when you go swimming and make you want to cry. Worth it.

Tinted Vitamin E Stick – Summer heat tends to make me want to go light on makeup. Instead of heavy lipsticks, I’d rather wear a tinted lip balm for a little color, and luckily there’s a brand new one in the Mineralogie line! Mango Tango is the latest tinted Vitamin E Stick, and the shade looks great on everyone in the office here. We all love it!

Alright, so that’s my list of the best summer makeup products that I hope you find useful! Do you change up your makeup routine during the summer? What products do you rely on (besides air conditioning)?

Try to stay cool!
xo Kate

Brand NEW – Liquid Nude Eye Liner!


New product alert! Mineralogie just introduced Liquid Nude Eye Liner!

What is it?
The new Liquid Nude Eye Liner is a clear liquid liner that you can mix with any color eye shadow to make your own shade of liner. It comes in the same tube with the same type of applicator that the regular black liquid eye liner comes in.

How do you use it?
The instructions are easy. First, pick an eye shadow color that you think would look good as an eye liner. It can be either pressed or loose eye shadow. Both work equally well for this. Dip the applicator directly into your chosen color, and roll the tip around in the eye shadow so all sides are evenly coated. To apply it, you can use the same technique as you do with your regular liquid eye liner. Or if you’re not accustomed to using liquid liners, one easy way to apply is to draw short dash marks along your lash line to create a line. It’s easier than trying to draw a solid line in one stroke. Hold the applicator on its side and place the felt tip in between your lash line. Apply from the inner corner to the outer edge of your eye. Tip: If you want a more color saturated look, add more eye shadow to your mixture. For more application tips, go to our Learn Page.

Why should I try it?
Well for one, liquid eye liners have more staying power than pencil liners, and it’s officially summer (at least for us in Texas, it is!) You want your makeup to be long-lasting and able to withstand the heat! And besides all that, wouldn’t you rather buy one product instead of several? The best thing about the Liquid Nude Eye Liner is that you can use it with any color you want! Forget buying a different liquid liner every time you want to wear a new shade. Plus, it’s a great way to get some use out of all those eye shadows you rarely wear! (We’re all guilty of it. Not gonna lie. I have a whole drawer full of them.) Don’t be intimidated by applying it, because the applicator tip makes a world of difference. Believe me, it’s easier than you think.

What can I pair it with?
Another great thing about the Liquid Nude Eye Liner is that you can create wildly different looks with just this one product. Mix it with Antique Copper or Bronze Shimmer for a subtle look that will still make your eyes pop. Or try it with Cobalt for a dark blue liner that isn’t too obvious. (You can see what it looks like with Cobalt in this tutorial.) Rich, jewel tones look great, so I recommend using shades like Vixen, Sultry, Plum, or Emerald. And if you’re searching for a fun new look for summer, you have to try Sea Mist! It’s our brand new aquamarine pressed eye shadow that is perfect for the mermaid-chic trend going on right now.

And if you don’t believe me, you can check out a recent review of the Liquid Nude Eye Liner and other Mineralogie products on the Purple Shampoo Blog! Or try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Your humble makeup blogger,
xo Kate

How to Apply Bronzer… Believably! Part 2


Last week’s post was all about picking the right shade of bronzer for your skin tone. This week, I want to show you exactly how to apply your bronzer so it looks noticeable but believable!

Start with an Angle Brush and a light dusting of bronzer. Tap the brush or use a tissue to get the excess bronzer off. Subtlety is the most important and most difficult part about applying bronzer! It’s easier if you control the amount of color on your brush.

You want most of the definition to be on the back side of the cheekbone. To find the perfect spot, place your hand right under the bone in your cheek and then place your brush there. Begin with the tip of the Angle Brush pointed back towards your ear. When you apply bronzer you want to dust the ear and bring the color down directly under your cheekbone in a sweeping “C” motion. Yes, you want to actually dust your ear with bronzer! Otherwise, the jig is up. The second someone sees color start abruptly on your cheek, they’ll know you’re wearing bronzer.

Now take the brush up into the hairline and across your temple. It’s important to take the bronzer all the way up into your hairline so that you don’t see any distinct edges where the makeup starts and stops. Go all the way around the forehead, keeping to the hairline, and do the same on the other side of your face. To visualize it, picture the shape of an upside down horseshoe and use that as a guide.

Take whatever bronzer is left on your brush (it should be very little) and sweep it down your nose. Use Radiance to highlight the top of the cheekbone. To prevent any harsh edges from standing out, apply a tiny bit of your foundation using a Dome Brush all over your face to soften the edges. If you want to wear blush, simply add a little bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it into your bronzer.

Remember, layering is key! Blending can be tricky to master when it comes to wearing bronzer. Start with a little and add only as needed. Use your bronzer to accentuate your natural contours. Soon you’ll be an expertly bronzed goddess, without the risk of sun damage!

Thanks for stopping by! :)
xo Kate