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Fave Lipsticks for Summer!

lipstick swatches

Shown indoors under fluorescent lights (top) and outdoors in natural light (bottom). From left to right: Tourmaline, Blushing, Stardust, Baby Love, Peaches ‘n Cream, Party Girl

So far in this blog, I’ve barely even mentioned lipsticks and that just feels wrong. Lipstick is such an easy way to completely transform your look with just one product. It’s like a one-minute makeover tool. So to switch things up this week, I’m showing you some of my favorite Mineralogie lipsticks for summer!

From left to right in the photos above, we’ve got Tourmaline, Blushing, Stardust, Baby Love, Peaches ‘n Cream, and Party Girl.

Tourmaline– If you’re looking for a pop of color, this is the perfect bright summer lipstick to try.

Blushing– This one is a pretty shade of nude pink that looks like an enhanced natural lip color. It especially looks great on darker skin tones.

Stardust– When you look at this lipstick in the tube, you can see all sorts of difference colors. It has some shimmer and multidimensional reflections, but the color itself is a pretty, soft pink.

Baby Love– This lipstick is a nice baby pink shade with some gold reflection in it. It’s a big seller.

Peaches ‘n Cream– This is your go-to J. Lo nude lip. If you’re looking for a peachy nude lipstick, this one works well on all kinds of skin tones.

Party Girl– Basically, this lipstick is like a love child of Tourmaline and Blushing. It has a nice pop of color but it’s still subdued. Hurry though, because this is a seasonal color that won’t last long!

If you’re looking to switch up your summer makeup routine, try one of these lipsticks! You can always experiment with making new shades by layering them with a lip gloss too. Have fun mixing and matching!

xo Kate

Brand NEW – BB Crème!

BB Crème

New product alert! Mineralogie just introduced BB Crème!

What is it?
There are many different BB creams out on the market, and they all vary to some degree. BB stands for “blemish balm” or “beauty balm.”

What does that even mean?
Basically, our BB Crème is an all-in-one skin perfector that combines your moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. Here are some of the best features:

  • Brightens complexion
  • Smoothes like a face primer
  • Covers like a foundation
  • Hydrates like a moisturizer
  • Covers flaws and imperfections like a concealer
  • Protects from the sun with Zinc and Titanium

How do I use it?
BB Crème can be worn by itself or under your powder foundation, depending on how much coverage you want. You can apply it the same way you would with a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation. Use clean hands to blend over the entire face for an even application. Or for more coverage, you can apply using a Foundation Blending Brush with a few swipes and then spread across the skin in a patting motion.

Why should I try it? 
Take my word for it. As an extremely lazy person, I get psyched about products that can save me time and/or effort. And if it saves me money, then heck yes, I’m on board. I like BB Crème mostly because I don’t have as many steps involved in putting on my makeup as before. And even more importantly, on my extra lazy days, I can just put on BB Crème and leave it at that. It basically looks like a better version of my skin. Try it out and see the difference. It smooths out and evens the skin tone, but at the same time still looks like your skin. So, it’s good for minimal makeup days but it also works layered with foundation for days when you want heavier coverage. Very easy and very versatile!

Try it, and let me know what you think!

xo Kate

A Twist on the Smoky Eye Look

Taylor Swift smoky eye

Photo: Film Magic

Sure, we all have seen the smoky eye look à la Kim Kardashian. But before you grab your black eye liner and eye shadow and start going to town all around your eyes, take a moment to appreciate a different type of smoky eye! I love this smoky bronze look on Taylor Swift, selfishly because it works for people with small eyes like myself, but also because it looks great on everyone!

Taylor Swift Smoky Eye Closeup

Photo: Film Magic

The smoky eye is really more of a technique than it is a color. So, for a more wearable look, you can use other colors like bronze as we see here. Everyone has a different take on the smoky eye. The traditional look is to go dark all over the eye lid, but that doesn’t work for people with smaller eyes or for people like Taylor Swift, who has a deep set lid. For eyes like hers, that are more closed off, you want to avoid applying dark shadow on the lid. Remember, dark colors recede and make things look smaller. Instead, you want to use a light, reflective color on the lid, like our Lux Creme Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz. It has a little pink and a little shimmer to it, to keep the top lid light. Bring the Rose Quartz color all the way to the inner corner of the eye. This color is great by itself, but if you want to add a little more oomph, you can layer it with our Peaches ‘n Cream eye shadow on top.

Now the real twist on this smoky eye look is that all of the bronze-y color is on the bottom. The main attraction is underneath the eye, with just a subtle pink shimmer on the lid. To recreate this type of bronze smoky eye, start with our Raven Natural Eye Liner at the outer corner of your eye and smudge it between your lower lashes. Go from the outer corner to just the beginning of your iris. Then take the Square Detail Brush, dip it in Bronze Shimmer eye shadow, and apply it right on the edge of your eye and smudge the eye shadow with the eye liner all along the bottom lash line. Using a thin, compact brush will help to move the color, and blending it into the Raven eye liner will add depth and make it a deeper bronze shade for that smoky look. The shimmer keeps the bronze color reflective and light, so it doesn’t appear too heavy under the eye.

For the shimmer on the inner corner of your eye, you can layer Sparkle eye shadow on top of the Rose Quartz. Then add lots of mascara to complete the look. Don’t add eye liner on the top lid, unless you have a bigger eye. For the rest of the face, apply Natural Cream Concealer on the center of the face to get that light, brightness you can see on Taylor Swift in the first photo. For blush and bronzer, I recommend using Blushing and Barcelona Bronze. Then for the lips, apply Neutral lip liner, Peaches ‘n Cream lipstick, and top it with Fire Opals lip gloss.

So, what do you think of this bronze-y twist? Are you as obsessed as I am?

’til next week!
xo Kate

How to Pick Your Foundation


Picking the right foundation shade can be a little scary at first. This is one of those times in your life when it’s perfectly ok to get Goldilocks-picky and find the one that is just right for you. The first thing you want to do when picking your foundation shade is determine your undertone. The chart above shows all of the Mineralogie foundations, lined up in rows by undertone. Each row then goes lightest to darkest. That part is pretty straightforward, but how do you know what undertone you are?

Cool Undertones
-The veins on your inner wrist appear more blue.
-You tend to burn easily.
-Silver jewelry looks best on you.

Warm Undertones
-The veins on your inner wrist appear more green.
-You tan easily/don’t burn often.
-Gold jewelry looks best on you.

Neutral Undertones
-The veins on your inner wrist appear both blue and green.
-You might burn once, but then tan after that.
-Both gold and silver jewelry looks good on you.

If you have cool undertones, you should look for a shade with a rosier, redder, or bluer base. But if you have pale skin that already has some redness in it, avoid foundations with pink tones. For warm undertones, you should look for a foundation with a more golden or yellow base. For example, Asian skin tends to have a lot of yellow in it, so foundations with warm undertones would be ideal.

The next step is to determine if you are light, medium, or dark. You should be able to narrow it down to a few shades. The best place to test foundation is from your cheek to your jawline. When you pick a foundation, compare it with one shade lighter and one shade darker. Look at these swatches in natural light to see which one best matches your skin tone without much blending. Always try to match your skin tone! As much as you might be tempted to pick the shade you wish you had, it never looks realistic. Basically, don’t try to fake a tan with a darker foundation shade. That’s what bronzer is for.

Always keep two foundation shades- one for summer and one for winter. For most of us, especially those in sunny states or people who spend a lot of time outdoors, your skin will be darker in the summer and paler in the winter. During the in-between months, you can blend the two shades to make your own custom color.

Everyone has different skin, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t find your perfect match on the first try. It can take some trial and error. If there’s a Custom Blend Mineralogie location near you, that’s even better! Someone else can do the matching for you and they’ll even make a custom foundation shade specifically for you. If you’re ordering online, which can be especially difficult trying to pick a shade without seeing it in person, you should try the Sample Pack that includes 2 foundation shades and a $5 off coupon.

For reference, in my blog photo I’m wearing Deep Olive (but that’s also really tan for me). In the winter when I’m much, much lighter, I wear Bisque. :) What shade works for you?

xo Kate