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Brand NEW – Lux Crème Eye Shadow!

lux creme eye shadow stick

New product alert! Mineralogie just introduced their first cream eye shadow stick! It’s called Lux Crème Eye Shadow.

What is it?
The Lux Crème Eye Shadow is a long wearing shadow stick that comes in the color Rose Quartz (only one shade available, for now anyway). The color is a very soft mauve with a silver sheen. The texture is smooth and creamy, and the product glides on your skin.

How do I use it?
If you want to wear Rose Quartz as a strong lid color, you can apply the product directly to your eyelid starting at the lash line and smudging the shadow in a half moon shape so it’s higher in the center of your lid. Then use your finger to soften the edges. But if you want a softer look, you can take a Square Detail Brush directly to the shadow stick, pick up product with the brush and apply it in a sweeping motion across the lid. It can also be used as an eye shadow base underneath your other eye shadows (pressed or loose) to enhance the color and wearability, as well as help you blend your shadows together. Note that this eye shadow starts out creamy but dries after applying it, which is what makes it so long-lasting. If you want to layer other shadows on top, you need to work fairly quickly before the cream eye shadow dries. That way you can get your color on there and it will stick as much as possible!

Why should I try it?
This eye shadow is perfect for people with oily lids because it keeps all the oiliness at bay and your eye shadows will stay put! Absolutely no creasing! It’s also a great product for people with smaller eyes because the color really brightens the eye. But even if that doesn’t apply to you, the color is such a fun metallic shade that adds a pop to your look. If you’re looking to really intensify your eyes, this is the best thing for it!

What can I pair it with?
Use the Natural Eye Liner with the Lux Crème Eye Shadow. Because they both have a creamier texture, the liner will actually glide on smoother once the shadow dries. A harder pencil won’t give you as fluid a line. For a really pretty crease color, use Vixen. If you want to layer another eye shadow on your lid, use Champagne on the lid and Mulberry in the crease. Or you can go subtle and only apply Wheat in the crease. All great combos!

All in all, I love the new Lux Crème Eye Shadow! The color looks good on everyone I’ve seen wear it. Plus, it’s super easy to use. Pretty much everything creases on my eyes and this shadow has never done that on me, which is incredible! Right now, Rose Quartz is the only shade available, but I’m crossing my fingers that there will be more shades to come!

’til next time!
xo Kate

Loose Mineral Concealer vs. Cream Concealer


Photo: Shutterstock

Am I the only one who has been seeing this under eye concealer tip everywhere lately?! If you’re a Pinterest addict like me, you’re bound to see this image sooner or later. It’s a great visual that shows you exactly how you should be applying your concealer to cover dark circles. It’s also this week’s blog inspiration! With the rising popularity of this photo, now seems like a great time to examine what kind of concealer you should be using!


Loose Mineral Concealer
This is best used on blemishes that are not broken or open. An open breakout tends to get dryness around it which the powder will cling to, making it even more noticeable and nobody wants that. But loose concealer is great for covering acne or acne scars. It won’t make your acne worse like many cream concealers do. That’s why it’s the better choice for young or teenage skin. You can use the Foundation Blending Brush for natural coverage, or you can use the Lip Brush which is perfect for spot coverage.

It’s also good for covering that redness that some people have around the nostril area. Or if you have any hyperpigmentation or large areas to conceal, it’s better to use loose mineral concealer. When you try to cover too large of an area with cream concealer, and then add a layer of foundation, it can look really obvious. Loose mineral concealer will have a more flawless appearance.

For those of you who think that loose concealer is too messy, the best advice is to only poke one hole in the sifter. Just one! This will keep everything clean and contained. Open the jar upside down keeping the lid in your palm, and work from the minerals in the lid. Tap the brush so there’s not excess powder, and apply in a patting motion. You can diffuse the edges with a swiping motion. With loose mineral concealer, it’s better to apply your foundation first. Let your foundation cover what it’s going to cover and then go back and see what needs more coverage. That way you won’t spend all your time carefully concealing certain spots, only to brush on your foundation and mess it all up. Got it?


Cream Concealer (Ultimate Cream Concealer or Natural Cream Concealer)
This is what you want to use for mature skin because it’s creamy and moves with the skin, without sitting on top of it. The right cream concealer will give good coverage without being overly heavy. Cream concealers should look like skin, which is what you need to camouflage fine lines. It’s also better to use for concealing under eye circles.

Cream concealer is nice to apply with your fingers because the product will actually warm with your touch and blend easier if you pat it into the skin. But if you want more coverage, use a brush. For under eye circles, the Square Detail Brush is perfect because the flat edge allows you to apply right up under your lash line. Remember the photo at the top? Apply a dot of concealer at the inner corner of your eye (where you want the most coverage) and one dot at the outer corner of your eye (where redness usually is). Then you want to blend them down into a V shape. Remember to use a patting or stippling motion with your brush! Swiping will only smear the concealer and give you less coverage.

With cream concealer, always apply the concealer first, then add foundation. If you’re wearing foundation, sometimes it’s better to get a concealer that’s a little bit lighter. When powder and cream concealer are the same shade, the powder will get darker on the areas where there’s concealer because you’re layering color on top of color. If this happens to you, try a lighter shade of concealer so the powder will smooth it all out. That being said, watch out for under eye circles. Applying too light of a shade under your eyes can sometimes have the opposite effect, making skin look ashy and even darker. So, don’t go too light. On the other hand, if you plan on only wearing concealer by itself, you need a shade that matches your skin tone for a more natural look.

Now go forth and find the perfect concealer for you!

xo Kate

Sneak Peek! New Makeup for Fall 2013

sneak peek- fall colors

I know it’s still August, but Mineralogie already has this year’s fall makeup line in the works and I can’t wait for it to be released! This year, there’s going to be 10, count ’em, 10 brand NEW shades. That means lots of new lipsticks, blushes, lip glosses, and pressed eye shadows to choose from. Lucky for you readers out there, I have access to these never-before-seen shades and I snuck a few of them to show you all!

Guilty Pleasure lipstick – This dark berry lipstick is the perfect vampy color for fall! It’s sultry and sexy but oh so classy. Anyone from age 18 to 60 can wear a darker lip color like this. But please note, you definitely have to wear lip liner with a dark lipstick like this! If you don’t have a liner to match, just use a Lip Brush, which is pointed like a pencil, to line your lips with your lipstick. That way you can make your own liner that’s the exact same shade as your lipstick!

Glitz lip gloss – This light rose pink gloss has some pearl reflections in it, causing it to look a little lighter on your lips than it does in the tube. The glittery reflections add a multidimensional flair to this gloss. You can apply it over Guilty Pleasure on the center of the lip to look extra pouty. Or for a lighter look, you can pair it with Parfait or Pink Sand lipstick.

Vanity blush – This rose pink blush is a pretty soft shade of pink with some mauve undertones. The good news is it won’t go ashy on darker skin tones. It’s not a shimmer blush, but it has just the slightest sheen to it that’s perfect for fall. Keep in mind, shimmer blushes are best for summer or holiday, while soft sheen or matte blushes are better suited for fall.

Gunmetal pressed eye shadow – This new shadow is a dark grey-black with a tiny bit of gold. It doesn’t look gold, but when you blend it, Gunmetal has an almost metallic sheen. It’s because of these light reflecting particles that this shade isn’t a solid black. It has more dimension. It really is a true gunmetal color. The name is the most accurate description for it. It works great for a smoky eye look.

Sage pressed eye shadow – This eye shadow is a light grey-green. It looks more light green in the pan, and looks more grey-green once you apply it. It’s a mid-tone shadow, meaning it’s not quite dark enough for the crease, and not light enough to use as a highlight. Use it only on the lid. It makes for a great neutral shade with a little bit of color. You can pair it with Gunmetal to bring out the grey in it, or you can pair with Envy or Emerald to bring out the green.

I hope you’re as excited about these colors as I am, ’cause this is only half of them! There’s still more fall makeup to come. Leave a comment if you want to see another sneak peek at the rest of the Fall 2013 line!

xo Kate

This Season’s Bare “No-Makeup” Look

"no-makeup" look

This year has seen some striking trends (remember this?) but the “no-makeup” trend is just as daring in its own subtle way. This season’s bare look is all about looking natural. You want to showcase flawless looking skin (which many of us were not born with) using the help of a very neutral, fresh-faced palette. Sounds easy? It is!

Step 1: Start with a clean, moisturized face.

Step 2: Use Cream Concealer for under eye circles and/or Loose Mineral Concealer to cover blemishes. (We used N2 and C2 on the model.)

Step 3: Add only 1-2 layers of foundation for light to medium coverage. Apply a touch of blush to your cheeks for a natural glow. Then pick a lipstick/gloss that is close to your natural lip color for a subtle pop of color and a bit of shine. (On the model, we used Cashmere foundation, Classy Coral blush, Starlet lipstick, and Girl Meets Pearl lip gloss.)

Step 4: For the eyes, use lighter shades to keep the face looking au naturel. Luxe Creme Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz is the perfect shade for the “no-makeup” look. It also brightens and intensifies any shadows you layer over it. Here, we layered it with Luminous and Cameo pressed eye shadow. To add a little definition, we used a touch of Sage in the crease and Gunmetal on the corners. Lastly, add mascara and a very thin line of eye liner in Raven.

Even though it does take a little bit of effort, the idea behind the “no-makeup” look is to look effortless. Technically, yes, you are wearing makeup. But you want it to appear like you just happened to wake up looking like your usual flawless, perfect self! Remember to keep it subtle for the best results.

PS- Some of the colors I mentioned are brand new shades for Fall 2013! They’re not on the website just yet (sorry!) but I promise they will be available very, very soon! So, stay tuned because there are TONS of new seasonal shades coming up. 😉

Thanks for reading!
xo Kate