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How to Apply Red Lipstick

red lipstick

Time for a red lipstick tutorial! Valentine’s Day is coming up, so it seems only fitting. Also, I wanted to take advantage of Mineralogie’s seasonal lipstick Red Velvet while it lasts. 😉

Step 1– To begin, make sure your lips are prepped by moisturizing them with a Vitamin E Stick. This will not only help prime the lips, but also allow the red lipstick and lip liner to go on smoother so they don’t show the texture of dry lips.

Step 2– Take your lip liner and fill in the entire lip first, rather than outlining them. Don’t worry about being precise for this step; that comes later. For right now, you just want to lay the color down and fill in your lips. (I used Royalty Red lip liner.)

Most instructions will tell you the opposite and start by outlining your lips. But if you fill in the lips first, the way we show here, the outside line won’t be as obvious and the red lipstick and liner will blend together easier. This way, it won’t be noticeable if your lip liner isn’t the exact same shade as your lipstick. And really this technique will help the colors blend together so it won’t look like you used a lip liner at all.

Step 3– Now is the time to be precise. Take either a Lip Brush or an Eye Define Brush and coat the entire tip of the brush with your lipstick. Use the brush to perfect the outline of the lip, starting at the cupid’s bow.

I chose to use the Eye Define Brush for this step. Because of its tapered point, you can get the brush razor sharp and make a really thin line. Plus the brush is already in the shape of the cupid’s bow, so it’s easy to stamp the color and smooth the line out.

Tip– If you want to maximize your top lip, work from the outer corner of the lip moving in towards the cupid’s bow. If you want to minimize your top lip, work from the cupid’s bow down to the outer corner of your lip.

Check your work. You want to make sure that both sides of your cupid’s bow peak at the same place. To check the evenness of your top lip, look in the mirror and tilt your head down so you can see just the top of the outline. This will make it easier to see if one side is higher than the other. To check the bottom outline, tilt your head up and see if the line is smooth and unwavering. You want the bottom line to look straight as if you drew it in one fluid swoop.

Step 4– Enhance your lip shape and add the final touch to your red lipstick. Take a Lip Brush and some concealer that matches your skin tone. Don’t go with a concealer that’s too light, or else it will look fake. Using the tip of the brush, underscore the bottom lip with your concealer and blend it down (so it’s not a perfect straight line of concealer under your lip). Work in short strokes, smoothing it as you go. This step helps clean it up a bit and give you that nice crisp edge to your lipstick.

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How to: Winged Eye Liner

DIY winged eye liner

Winged eye liner can seem tricky at first, but it really is easy to recreate once you break it down. I found this pin on Pinterest and it’s the best illustration I’ve seen that really shows you how easy the steps can be to getting the perfect winged eye liner.

Step 1– Most people will begin drawing their winged liner by keeping their eyes closed or looking downwards. The end result is a beautiful looking wing shape when your eyes are closed, but when you open your eyes, the shape isn’t exactly what you were looking for. So the best way to begin is to look straight into the mirror and keep your eyes open. This helps you see exactly how your liner will look with your eyes open. Everyone has a different eye shape, and sometimes it can be tricky to figure out what angle looks best on you.

Step 2– Using the outer corner of your eye, decide what angle you want your winged eye liner to go (e.g. straight out, slightly angled up, curved, etc.) Once you have decided, start drawing your angle from the tip of the wing and bring it in towards the corner of your eye.

Tip: When using an Angle Shading Brush, let the brush do the work for you. Meaning, the tip of the angle brush should be pointed away from the corner of the eye and pull towards the eye.

DIY winged eye liner

Step 3– With the tip still pointed out, drag the liner inwards towards the lash line and connect. This will create the outline of a triangle.

Tip: When connecting the outer point of the wing, NEVER go back all the way to the tip of the first line you drew (as you can see in the picture). You want the tip of the wing to remain as thin as possible. If you connect the triangle shape all the way at the tip, the shape of your wing will only get thicker. If you happen to get the tip of your wing too thick, simply take a Q-tip with Eye Makeup Remover and underscore the outer portion until you get the desired thin point.

DIY winged eye liner

Step 4– Fill in the triangle shape.

DIY winged eye liner

Step 5– Using short strokes with your angle brush, pull the line towards the middle of the eye. You can always go back over and make it thicker, depending on your eye shape. But you want to start off thin so you can get depth right against the lashline.

DIY winged eye liner

Step 6– Finish off connecting your liner to the inner tear duct. You want this area to be thin and get thicker towards the middle and outer part of the eye, and then ultimately taper off to the tip of the wing. This technique will lend an openness to your eye.

DIY winged eye liner

The ultimate application tip for getting your winged eye liner to match on both eyes is to do each step on each eye before moving onto the next step. So, draw your first line on one eye, then do the other eye and make them match. Then connect the wing and create the triangle outline on one eye, then do the other, and so on and so forth. This way you can see that they continue to match up through each step. And of course, practice makes perfect!

xo Kate

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

brush cleaner and makeup brushes

In keeping with last week’s post about my New Year’s makeup resolutions, I realized not everyone knows the proper way to clean makeup brushes. The best way to make the most out of your brushes is to clean them regularly. Brush hairs tend to fall out more when they’re dirty. So, don’t necessarily be alarmed when your brush sheds. It might just need a good cleaning. The cleaner the brush, the better the makeup application! Here are some easy steps to cleaning your brushes the right way.

Ideally, you should clean your brushes once a week using Brush Cleaner and an old wash cloth. Wash cloths have softer fibers that will go easier on the bristles. Spray the Brush Cleaner directly on the cloth (not on the brush!), then hold the brush with the bristles pointed downwards and swirl it around in the wash cloth to clean it. If the brush is flat, don’t use a swirl motion. Instead, wipe it back and forth on the cloth, keeping the brush hairs flattened in the direction the brush is shaped. 

cleaning brush

Easy, right? So now you’re cleaning your brushes weekly. That’s great! The next step is to do a deep cleaning once every couple of months. To do a deep cleaning, use baby shampoo and lukewarm water. Hold the brush hair under the faucet, then put a small amount of baby shampoo in your palm (about the size of a dime) and swirl the brush in your hand with the bristles pointed down. Rinse the soap out completely and squeeze the water out of the brush hair as you rinse. Squeeze the last of the water out of the brush, then lay the brush flat to dry.

brush cleaning

Note: If you see hairs fall out of the brush during the cleaning process, that’s ok. It happens, just like when you wash your hair.

The most important thing to take away from these steps is that you want the brush pointed downwards when you’re cleaning. Why? Because you don’t want any liquid to get into the ferrule. The ferrule is the piece that connects the brush hairs to the handle. If you hold the brush upright with the bristles pointed upwards, you’ll risk having liquid run down into the ferrule which can later cause it to detach from the handle. So the best tip for cleaning brushes is to point the bristles down to clean them, and always lay your brushes flat to dry when you’re done!

If you follow these steps, your brushes will not only last longer, they’ll also perform better! We don’t realize it, but makeup can build up on the bristles and actually make your foundation look cake-y when you apply it. Just another reason to follow my New Year’s resolution and get in the habit of properly cleaning my brushes this year!

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New Year’s Makeup Resolutions

happy new year

Happy New Year! It’s 2014 and it’s about time to make your New Year’s makeup resolutions! I’ll be the first to admit I’m guilty of some bad habits, so here are my makeup resolutions for this year.

Makeup Resolution #1- Clean my makeup brushes weekly
OK… maybe every other week. Let’s be realistic. I’m terrible about cleaning my brushes consistently. But it’s SO important to get in the habit of regularly cleaning your makeup brushes. For one, they can harbor bacteria which can cause breakouts. And besides that, your brushes will perform better if they’re clean. They’ll last longer and apply product better. Moral of the story- be good to your brushes, and they’ll be good to you!

Makeup Resolution #2 – Toss all expired products
Out with the old; in with the new! Time to get rid of all expired makeup products. How do you know if a product has expired? One way is to check the open jar image on the label. The number inside the open jar tells you the shelf life of a product once it’s been opened. For instance, the 24 in the photo below shows you that the product is good for 24 months after you’ve opened it. If you don’t have an open jar on the label, you can always check the look, the smell, and the feel of the product. Is the product separating? Does it smell bad/different? Does it feel different? If so, it’s time to throw it away.

open jar

Realistically, we all keep makeup past the expiration date. Who doesn’t? But be smart about it! I don’t recommend bending the rules when it comes to anything liquid. You should stick to the advised expiration date for any liquid products, especially things like mascara that go near your eyes. Expired products can cause infections or breakouts. But for any loose mineral products, these will actually last much longer than the expiration date indicates. As long as you keep your makeup brushes clean that come into contact with your mineral makeup, they’ll last a very long time! Just another reason to love Mineralogie’s mineral makeup! 😉

Makeup Resolution #3 – Revamp my makeup bag
Time to reevaluate my makeup bag. First things first. Clean it out. Then decide what products to keep in the makeup bag and what to keep at home. For me, the staples are products like my foundation, SPF products, Vitamin E Stick, lip gloss, mascara, concealer, eye liner, and a compact that has a mirror in it. Stick to the basics and the things that you’ll want to use on the go.

What are some of your New Year’s makeup resolutions?

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