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A Smokey Eye for Spring!

spring smokey eye

The smokey eye look is in style no matter what season it is, but this spring there’s a new Mineralogie eye shadow that is perfect for a fresh take on the smokey eye! The Spring 2014 Collection was just released earlier this week. The color featured in this look is Sugarcoated, a soft focus smokey silver eye shadow. It’s not overly dark, like your typical smokey eye, but it’s also not too light to pull off the smokey look. It has a sheen and shimmer to it, which gives it dimension all on its own. In this look, Sugarcoated is combined with a fun double winged liner. Here are the steps to get this look!

-Apply Lux Crème Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz, starting at the lash line for the most impact of color, then smudge it up the center of the eye lid. Diffuse the edges with a Blending Brush. This is important because you want your powder eye shadow to blend seamlessly over your cream eye shadow. Powder will mimic everything the cream does, so if you have harsh edges of cream, your powder will also have harsh edges.

-Take the Square Detail Brush and press Sugarcoated eye shadow onto your eye lid. This brush will give you high impact color because it’s condensed, so you can build up the shadow to the depth you want it to be, layer by layer.

-Then use the Blending Brush to apply an eye shadow color that is close to your skin tone (something like Wheat or even Barcelona Bronze). Take that through the crease and soften it. This gives the Sugarcoated something to blend into without adding color. It has to be a color that matches your skin tone, so you don’t take away from the Sugarcoated.

-With the Large Fluff Brush, take a little bit of Sparkle eye shadow and apply it right under the arch of the eyebrow as a highlight. Then use the Eye Define Brush to apply Sparkle to the inner corner of the eye to create that brightness on the inner corner, and then apply it on the outer corner right in between those 2 black eye liner wings.

-Now use the Eye Define Brush to apply Sugarcoated to create your liner underneath the eye. Then apply Raven Natural Eye Liner to the inner rim inside your lower lash line to add depth.

-To tackle the double winged liner look, you may want to refer to my previous post about doing the perfect winged eye liner for some helpful tips! If you’re not confident applying liquid eye liner, then you can always trace the line with your pencil liner first, so you have something to follow along when you’re drawing your liquid liner. Have fun with this step! Play with the shape and angle of the wing. Everyone’s eye shape is different, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

-Finally, top it off with 3 coats of Perfect Lash Mascara and pop on some fake eyelashes to complete the look!

Have fun trying this spring smokey eye look!

xo Kate

The Key to Modern Makeup


The key to modern makeup, or even red carpet celebrity makeup, lies solely in the nuances of each feature becoming more enhanced in a subtle yet striking way. It starts with beautiful and glowing skin. The way to get that may be trickier than it seems. You absolutely have to have a balanced skin care regimen that fits the needs of your particular skin type. Before applying any type of makeup, the skin must be prepped so that skin can look like skin once your makeup is applied. This includes the use of a face primer to help blend all products together.

Once the serums and moisturizers have sunk in, you can start perfecting with concealer. I prefer our Natural Cream Concealer because it has fantastic coverage and is easily spreadable in more delicate areas such as under the eyes. You also want to start to conceal blemishes and areas with redness. This will create an even canvas for your foundation. Start to blend the first layer of your mineral foundation using the Dome Brush in a buffing motion to work the minerals into the skin and help the concealer and foundation become more cohesive. After you apply the minerals, a light misting of Skin Spritz is a MUST to help the minerals look more natural and less powdery. I like to spray a light mist and then ‘pat’ into the skin using the side of my Dome Brush.

Now that there is an even tone to the skin, it is very important to create the natural highlights and contours of the face. Since Chrissy has a gorgeous glow to her skin, I would definitely choose Twilight Radiance to accentuate the high planes of your cheekbones and under the brow. Don’t get too carried away, especially for day time. Remember you want to have it look more natural and radiant rather than disco ball at the nightclub. Use Barcelona Bronze, the perfect golden bronze color, to help recede the areas of the face and to push forward the features you want to enhance. These areas will change for each face shape, but generally under the cheek bone and around the forehead are a good bet because this will also give color and life back to the face. Don’t forget to blend foundation and a touch of bronzer onto the neck and décolletage so there is no difference in color from face to neck to body.

Now it’s time to tackle the smokey eye. If you look closely at Chrissy’s eyes you will notice that she did not go overboard with all the dark colors and bells and whistles. That is what makes this more modern than a Kim Kardashian smokey eye, in that it’s much softer, it’s appropriate for more eye shapes, and it’s much easier to recreate. Begin using eye shadow primer to create a smooth and even surface in order to help achieve that seamless blend of color. I would pick a shade like Winter loose eye shadow to recreate this look because it is a smokey soft grey color that lends a soft shimmer effect, which tends to be easier to work with than matte colors. Start by pressing this on with a flat brush like the Square Detail Brush to get maximum coverage and then softly blend out and upwards towards the crease using a fluffy brush like the Blending Brush. Once the base is on the lid, take a neutral skin tone color to diffuse any harsh edges through the crease. It is important to use a fluffy brush for this so the texture mimics the smokey quality of the colors. Once completed, wrap Winter underneath the eye using it as a soft eye liner. You can place it using the Eye Define Brush and soften again with the Blending Brush.

Finally, that J.Lo neutral glossy lip that everyone is always searching for! Mineralogie’s Neutral lip liner is the perfect color to achieve a classic lip like this. Use it to fill in the lip entirely. Skip the lipstick and go straight for the gloss. Use a gloss color like Goddess or Cultured, depending on your skin tone, for the perfect pairing to top off this timeless look.

The other key to achieving a modern makeup look is to choose one feature to highlight. There are 3 makeup trends that will always be relevant no matter what colors come and go, and they are: bold eye and neutral lip (like Chrissy) which focuses on the eyes; bold lip and neutral eye, which focuses on the lip; and lastly neutral eye and neutral lip, which tends to focus on skin. So keep these in mind when you are choosing the techniques you want to use to create your modern makeup look. Less is typically better than more when it comes to modern makeup. Even if you do spend hours in front of the mirror, you don’t want it to show once you step out!

xo Kate

Sneak Peek – Spring 2014 Lip Colors

spring lip colors

Well it snowed like crazy yesterday (in Texas no less!) but believe it or not, spring really is just around the corner! Mineralogie’s Spring 2014 Collection is going to be released later this month, and I’m really excited about these colors! They aren’t available on the website just yet, but I got a hold of the lip colors so I could give everyone a sneak peek at what’s coming up for spring! :)

This spring, Mineralogie has more new lip colors than ever- 2 new lipsticks and 4 new lip glosses! This means LOTS of mixing and matching. The best thing about the new spring lip colors is that they are designed for perfect pairings! The lipsticks look great by themselves, or you can pair them with any number of the new glosses and create a new color. And the glosses all have a frosting-like finish to them, so they give a really effortless, pretty look even by themselves.

One of the trends we’ve been seeing on the runway is bright, bold lip color. Both new lipsticks for spring encompass this trend, but in a wearable way that’s not too scary. For women who normally shy away from the strong shades, you don’t have to be intimidated by these! There are so many different ways to wear these colors, that any woman could wear them. They’re bold, without being scary.


Watermelon Splash– A vivid coral (and my personal favorite). The girls around the office tried this one out and it can either look really bright coral on some people, or more pinky-coral on others.

watermelon splash spring lipstick

Pink Popsicle– An intense red magenta. This pink lipstick is fun and bold, and perfect for those of you who fell in love with Cosmopolitan lipstick last year (which sadly was discontinued!)

pink popsicle spring lipstick


Berries ‘n Cream– My favorite of this season’s glosses! It’s a light, clear lavender with a silver pearl sheen. Love it, and I hope it becomes a permanent addition to the line! Pairs well with Pink Popsicle lipstick.

berries n cream spring lip gloss

Strawberry Sorbet– A vibrant pink with an opalescent finish. If you love pink glosses, this one’s for you. It can also pair with Pink Popsicle lipstick.

strawberry sorbet spring lip gloss

Dreamsicle– A deep, warm peach gloss with a shimmering silver glaze finish. It looks great layered over Watermelon Splash.

dreamsicle spring lip gloss

Pink Buttercream– A medium tone pink-peach shade with gold reflects. Whether you’re a fan of pink gloss or a fan of peach gloss, this should please everyone! It looks great with Watermelon Splash lipstick.

pink buttercream spring lip gloss

As soon as these colors are available, you’ll see them posted on the What’s New page. So keep an eye out for them in the next week or two. There will also be 3 new Loose Eye Shadows and 2 new Blush colors for spring also! But I’ll save those for another blog post. Get excited. 😉

xo Kate