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Common Makeup Mistakes – Part 2

eye makeup mistakes

Last blog post covered a variety of makeup mistakes regarding foundation and skin. So, this week I wanted to go over some of the common eye makeup mistakes, whether it’s eyes, brows, or lashes. There’s a lot to work with, which means there can also be a lot of pitfalls too! And just like last week, each problem will be followed by tips to avoid making these mistakes in the future.

Makeup Mistake- Clumpy or Flakey Mascara

The Problem- You could be applying too many coats, or you could be applying the second coat too long after your first coat has dried. Or you might not be combing through your lashes properly.
The Solution- Assess your lashes first and figure out what type of lashes you have. Are they straight or do they curl? Are they thin or thick? Not all mascaras work for all lashes, so you’ll have to do some experimenting to find the right one for you. When you’re applying mascara, always apply to both eyes and then come back with a clean wand and separate the lashes, followed by the second coat of mascara. You want to avoid the first coat being too wet to the point where it gets weighed down, but also not dry enough to where you get too much build-up of mascara.

Makeup Mistake- Over Tweezing or Over Drawing Eyebrows

The Problem- Either way your brows will not look natural.
The Solution- Put down the tweezers, and step away from the mirror! The best way to tweeze is to only do a few and then step back and check how it looks from afar. It’s easy to get obsessive over tweezing your brows, but it doesn’t lead to good things! The best way is to get them shaped professionally, and then you can do the maintenance yourself by following their shape. If you’re drawing your brows, it’s important to practice having a lighter touch. Always start out lighter and then build up. Don’t forget to go back and comb through your brows so you’re not getting a pencilled in look. Remember, step back from the mirror. Pause. Then proceed… cautiously.

Makeup Mistake- Lining Halfway Under the Eye

The Problem- Essentially this technique ends up cutting off your eye shape.
The Solution- If you have close-set eyes, this technique can work for you because it gives the illusion that your eyes are farther apart. But you have to be delicate when you do it. “What if you don’t have close-set eyes?” I asked our lead makeup artist. Her response- “It makes you look like an alien.” Well. There’s that. “Plus it’s a rather dated look that’s reminiscent of the 90s.” Ok so all in all, let’s avoid this mistake, shall we?

Makeup Mistake- Lining Entirely Around the Eye in Black

The Problem- It can make your eyes look smaller. Avoid this look unless you have large eyes and can pull it off. It’s ok if you’re doing an all-out smokey eye look, but if you’re not doing dark shadow, it’s a makeup no-no for you to entirely line your eyes in black.
The Solution- Apply a black liner on top to define the eye and use a different color underneath, like brown or blue. Or if you’re using a liquid eye liner on top, use something softer for your bottom lash line, like pencil or powder liner, for a change in texture.

Makeup Mistake- Creased Eye Shadow

The Problem- Maybe the weather is hot and/or humid and it’s causing your eye shadow to crease. Maybe you have oily eyelids. Whatever the case, the real problem is you’re not wearing an eye shadow primer.
The Solution- Wear an eye shadow primer. It will keep your eye shadow from creasing, even for people who don’t really have a problem with it. Plus it helps your eye shadow colors blend on and last longer throughout the day.

Not gonna lie, I have been guilty of at least one of these. Possibly two. Who’s counting anyway? 😛

’til next week!
xo Kate

Common Makeup Mistakes – Part 1

common makeup mistakes

There are a LOT of common makeup mistakes out there which I’m sure we’d all like to avoid! Whether we ‘fess up or not, we’ve all been guilty at some point or another. But it’s always better to learn from our mistakes, even if our newfound enlightenment may or may not be due to the advice of a professional makeup artist. But hey, whatever works! So I consulted Mineralogie makeup artist Allyson Harold and she gave me a rundown of all the common makeup mistakes and more importantly, how to correct them.

Makeup Mistake- “Cakey” Foundation

The Problem- Applying too much foundation, layer after layer, until your foundation is literally caked on your face.
The Solution- Use a big soft fluffy brush (like the Dome Brush) to apply a layer of minerals, and then let it sit. If you want more coverage, use the Foundation Blending Brush to spot check in certain areas so you’re only covering where you need it. That’s the key! When you’re finished, spray with Skin Spritz to help enhance that natural look of the foundation.

Makeup Mistake- A Visible Foundation Line Between Face and Neck

The Problem- Your foundation is too dark. Maybe you want to look tanner than you are, but you’re not foolin’ anybody this way.
The Solution- When you match your foundation, start by testing it on the side of your cheek, close to your jawline. Find a color that will melt into the skin and not be visible. Then test the color on your décolleté and make sure it still blends. When you find the right shade, apply your foundation and blend it downwards onto your neck so there is no distinct line. Avoid having it stop right at the jaw.

Makeup Mistake- Obvious Concealer on Under Eye Circles

The Problem- You have the wrong color concealer, which is extremely counterintuitive. You end up drawing more attention to the areas you’re wanting to conceal.
The Solution- If you want to brighten and illuminate under the eyes with a lighter shade, don’t go too light! Only go half a shade to a shade lighter than your foundation. If you have really dark circles, you want to either match or go half a shade darker than your skin tone. If you go lighter, the color will go ashy on your skin. A concealer with more of an orange undertone will typically work best under the eyes because it helps cancel out the blue. If you have more green in your under eye circles, then pick a concealer with pink undertones. Avoid yellow and green undertones in your concealer.

Makeup Mistake- Sleeping with Makeup on 

The Problem- It can clog your pores, cause acne, and age your skin. I realize I’m pretty much at the height of laziness, but this is a no-no.
The Solution- Um, wash your face before bed. No but seriously, if you find it hard to make it a habit of washing your makeup off, then start with baby steps. Keep a set of makeup wipes by your bed so it’s easily accessible. Start off with the makeup wipes just to get in the habit. Ultimately your makeup will look better if you take better care of the skin underneath it.

Makeup Mistake- Applying Foundation on Overly Dry or Overly Oily Skin

The Problem- Either way, your foundation will not look natural. With dry skin, the makeup sits on top of the skin, showing texture and flakiness. With oily skin, the foundation mixes with the excess oils and turns creamy and cakey. Not cute.
The Solution- For dry skin, find a really great gentle cleanser and a really great moisturizer that you love. Let the moisturizer soak into your skin for at least 5 minutes before you apply your minerals, and always finish it with Skin Spritz. You can even use the Skin Spritz throughout the day for extra hydration, depending on how dry your skin is. For oily skin, you still need to find a great moisturizer because if you don’t moisturize at all, your skin will overcompensate by producing even more oil. To combat this, apply Face Primer first to help keep oil in check. Then apply your foundation. Throughout the day, you can use Invisibly Matte or blotting papers for touch-ups. Change the sponge in your compact, because it can also absorb oil from your face. If you keep using it over and over, it will end up adding more oil to your skin with each application.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

xo Kate

Spring Trend – Purple Eye Shadow

purple eye shadow swatches

Shown indoors (top) and outdoors in natural light (bottom). From left to right: Lavender Whip, Lavender Splash, Velvet, Red Violet, Nightlife, and Plum.

Time to make purple eye shadow your new best friend! For one, it’s a great color for eye shadow because it complements most skin tones and eye colors. Plus, it’s a safe way to test out bold colors without getting too crazy. And to top it all off, it’s on trend for spring this year, so much so that Pantone picked two different shades of purple for their Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report: Violet Tulip and Radiant Orchid.

Fancy color names aside, these are two very different shades of purple. Violet Tulip is a pretty pastel shade with more blue in it. Radiant Orchid is a bright, bold blend of fuchsia, purple, and pink. Both are very pretty and very versatile. Since purple is dominating the scene this spring, I decided to check out every possible eye shadow Mineralogie has to offer that could fit this trend!

Lavender Whip – This is one of the new Spring 2014 eye shadows. It’s a light pastel shade of lavender, with a soft satin finish to it. It has a little bit of sparkle, but it’s very minimal.

Lavender Splash – This is also a light lavender, but it has a white shimmer frost. It has more sparkle than Lavender Whip, and it’s also a shade darker.

Velvet – This one has a deeper plum undertone, but with a pink radiance in it that brightens it. Use with caution! This is a little more on wild side if you’re not used to bold colors.

Red Violet – This is basically a richer version of Velvet, with the same sort of pink reflects in it, but with an almost grey-black undertone. It works well for a fun smokey eye.

Nightlife – This eye shadow is a deep blue-purple with different color multidimensions. This is also a perfect shade for a more traditional smokey eye look.

Plum – This is the only matte eye shadow shown in the swatches above, as well as the only pressed eye shadow of the bunch. It’s a deep black berry shade when applied.

With purple eye shadow, you get a great variety in shade and brightness. There’s a lot you can do with it, no matter what your taste is. This spring is a great time to test the waters and go with something soft and subtle or something bright and poppy. What do you think of this spring’s trend? Are you more of a Violet Tulip or a Radiant Orchid? :)

xo Kate