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How to Wear Pastels Like an Adult

pastel eye shadow

Pastels aren’t just for kiddos. There is a modern, chic, and most importantly age appropriate way to wear them! You just have to know the right techniques. Check out the two examples of pastel eye shadow looks shown above, each using different techniques to make pastels wearable for adults. Here are some tips that can make all the difference.

Tip #1 – Layering
Pastels can sometimes be so light and airy that they become flat in color. One way to keep your colors vibrant is to apply the Lux Creme Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz first. By layering Rose Quartz underneath, you’ll add more dimension and shimmer, plus the color will pop a little more. Or if you want to keep the same soft texture, apply a skin tone Eye Shadow Primer instead.

Tip #2 – Matching your look and your technique
For a look that’s soft and airy, your brush should be fluffy and your technique should be just as soft. For instance, you can use the Blending Brush to pat the pastel shadow on the eye lid for a nice saturation of color, then use the fluffy part of the brush to blend it upwards to the brow. For a look that’s more dramatic, you should use a smaller, more compact brush like the Square Detail Brush for a higher impact of color.

Tip #3 – Applying underneath the eye
If you’re only going to use one pastel color, it’s very important to wrap the color underneath the eye as well. This will keep the look modern and decidedly non-80s looking. You can keep it that same whimsical, soft look by using the same fluffy type of brush you used to do the lid.

Tip #4- Using it as a liner
For a twist on Tip #3, you can also use your pastel eye shadow as more of a liner underneath the eye by concentrating the color more. This technique helps enhance the eye shape. Or if you want a more avant garde look, you can turn your pastel eye shadow into a liquid eye liner using the Liquid Nude Eye Liner. This is a fun way to shake up your traditional winged eye liner. Light pastel liner can have a similar effect as a white eye liner does by opening up the eye, plus it’s more of a modern, updated version.

Tip #5 – Adding dimension without adding color
Apply a color like Sparkle under the arch of the brow and the inner corner of the tear duct to add a highlight for extra dimension. This way your look won’t be all one solid color, but it also won’t add any competing shades to the look.

Tip #6 – Blending with darker shades
For a completely different technique, instead of going for the soft and airy look, you can go for a more sultry way of wearing pastels. This technique calls for making the pastel more wearable by adding in some darker colors. Apply the pastel on the lid, and then add a deeper shade in corner of the crease and bring it out to the outer corner of the eye.

By all means, you do NOT have to combine all these tips into one look. That’s crazy. Pick and choose based on the look you’re going for, whether it’s that soft, airy, sort of watercolor look (like the example on the bottom) or if you’re aiming for more of a dramatic and color-concentrated look (like the look on the top). Have fun!

xo Kate

Common Makeup Mistakes – Part 3

lip makeup mistakes

Get ready for the third and final installment of: Common Makeup Mistakes! After interviewing our lead makeup artist, Allyson Harold, I can say I’ve been thoroughly schooled. This blog post covers all the common mistakes surrounding lip makeup and what you can do to avoid these mistakes!

Makeup Mistake- Lip Liner Not Matching the Lipstick Color

The Problem- Either your lip liner is too dark or it doesn’t match the tone of the lipstick to the point where it’s so severe you can actually see the outline of the liner. This does nothing to help enhance your lip shape. In fact, it’s shockingly disturbing when the contrast is that extreme. Sorry ’bout it.
The Solution- One very cool technique is to mix your lip liner and lipstick to create a brand new color. Another technique is to fill in your entire lip with your lip liner and fade it towards the center, so there’s not such a distinct line. This will help your liner and lipstick blend together. If you’re not sure they match, test the colors on your hand. It’s a good way to see what color you’ll end up with when they mix. When in doubt, a neutral lip liner tends to go with pretty much everything. However, if you truly want to enhance the color of your lipstick and really define your lips, choose a liner that is the same color within 1-2 shades deeper. Then blend away!

Makeup Mistake- Overdrawing the Lips

The Problem- Lining outside your lips can look very fake. Either you look like a duck or you look like you’ve gotten a botched lip job. I don’t know which is worse… Yes, this is a technique that can make your lips look bigger. HOWEVER, there is a right way to do it!
The Solution- Make sure the pencil is super, super sharp OR use a really nice precision lip brush. If you have to overdraw your lip, just be sure you don’t over-do it. Only go slightly outside your lips and really make sure you blend the lip liner down. You don’t want it to be noticeable. You can also create the illusion of having larger lips by contouring with a darker lip liner or lipstick on the outer corners of your lips, then applying a brighter or a frosty lip gloss on the center of your lips. This will give the appearance of having a poutier lip without having to overdraw at all.

Makeup Mistake- Applying Lipstick to Chapped Lips

The Problem- You can see the texture in a really bad way. If your lips are too dry when you apply lipstick, your lips are going to suck any and all moisture out of the lipstick and it’s going to end up looking flakey. Plus, ouch. Doesn’t that hurt?
The Solution- Find a great lip balm or Vitamin E Stick to moisturize your lips first. Do it after you brush your teeth and before you put on your makeup. Let your lips drink up all that moisture. You might to do a little blot before putting on your makeup, but if you leave just a little bit, your liner will glide right over top making it easier to blend the liner and lipstick.

Makeup Problem- Having Too Many Focus Features

The Problem- Your features are competing on your beautiful face and possibly even clashing together. This could mean having a dramatic smokey eye combined with a dark vampy lip. Or even having bright pink cheeks and lots of colors on your eyes, plus a bright lip. Take it easy now, lady.
The Solution- Pick one feature and work on enhancing it. Then pick your complementing colors for the remaining features. For example, combine a smokey eye with bronzer on the cheeks and a pinky nude lip. You want the eyes to be the stand-out feature. Or, if you’re going to do a bold lip as the focus, stick with a sleek cat eye sans eye shadow or something simple and clean. It doesn’t mean the rest of your features have to be boring. The goal is to have your features complement each other rather than compete!

I didn’t expect this topic to turn into a three-parter, but there were just too many common makeup mistakes to cover! If you didn’t catch the first two posts, check them out. Part 1 covered foundation mistakes and Part 2 covered eye makeup mistakes.

Thanks for reading!
xo Kate