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How To: Ombre Lip

ombre lip

There are many ways you can get the ombre lip look, by varying the colors you use or changing the gradation, as well as switching up what types of products you use. For fall, we’re seeing a lot of red lips on the runway, so it’s a great time to experiment with ombre lips using dark reds, crimsons, and deep berry shades. I got a chance to speak with Mineralogie’s Lead Makeup Artist and Color Trend Specialist, Allyson Harold, about a few ombre lip looks she did for recent magazine articles in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa. Here are her fool-proof tips for recreating these looks for yourself!

1- On the back of your hand mix a little bit of Vitamin E Stick with concealer to match the color of your model. This will neutralize lip color so you can create a soft gradation of color as desired. Brush your mixture onto the lips. I like to use a Large Fluff Brush for less product deposit and an airbrushed finish. The Vitamin E Stick is a great addition to help moisturize the lips and also creates a slick surface for all products to blend evenly.

2- Using the Eye Define Brush and Showstopper lipstick, start to create the lip shape focusing the darkness on the outer portion and fading in towards the center. The tip of the brush is used for precision and lining while the flat side is used for coverage and opaqueness. To ensure color is smooth, tilt the head back and forward to look for consistency in your lines both under the bottom lip and on top of the cupids bow. You also want to check for symmetry between both sides of the upper lip. This is one of the key skills for a makeup artist!

3- Next, take a powder about 2 shades darker than your lipstick, such as Red Violet loose mineral eye shadow. Once the powder mixes with the emollient lipstick it will get slightly darker. You don’t want to pick a shade too dark so you can get that smooth transition of color. Lining just the outer corners of the lips on top and bottom will create contours and depths to the mouth, giving it extra shape. You then want to feather it towards the inner lip, getting lighter as you blend.

4- Don’t forget to step back and analyze your work and continuously check for symmetry. For the center of the lip I used both Coco Ice and Bronze Shimmer loose mineral eye shadow and pressed into the lip with a Round Detail Brush for a metallic pop, which is seen everywhere this season as a huge makeup trend.

Tip- When doing an ombre lip, it’s easier to use a powder to contour the lips. If you use all lipsticks, or all creamy products, they all sort of blend together and become one color, and you don’t get that gradation of one color changing into another one into another one. Play with different textures and different products; don’t think that because it’s an eye shadow or a blush that you can’t use it for this! If you need help perfecting your lip shape (practice always makes perfect), a trick is to use a concealer and brush to outline the lips to erase any inconsistencies and imperfections. This will also help the lip to pop as it highlights your work!

And keep in mind, you can always switch it up by doing a reverse ombre (where the center of your lips is the darkest and it fades as it goes outwards). Here are a couple examples of a reverse ombre lip!

Reverse Ombre Lip

Reverse Ombre Lip

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