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Makeup Quick Tips

This week’s post is all about quick tips to improve, transform, or repurpose your makeup! It’s easy to get wasteful with makeup when there’s so many colors to choose from, so many products to try, and the trends are constantly changing! We’ve all been there. You bought a color but when you tried it on at home, it just didn’t look the same. Or you bought a color that was super trendy at the time, but then womp womp… the trend passed. So instead of tossing them or forgetting about them at the bottom of your makeup bag, here are some quick tips to make the most out of what you already have!

makeup quick tips

Quick Tip #1 – If a lipstick color wasn’t quite what you expected it to be, you can always make a new color by layering it with a lip liner, lip gloss, or even another lipstick color. It’s an easy way to customize your shade and turn a dud purchase into something you’ll use again and again.

Quick Tip #2 – Use eye drops to rejuvenate a mascara or liquid eye liner that’s getting dried up. Just add a drop or two to soften the liquid, and use the wand to mix inside the tube. (Keep in mind you should toss your mascara after 3 months!)

eye shadow makeup tip

Quick Tip #3 – Intensify your eye shadow and give it an extra punch of color using our Lux Creme Eye Shadow underneath it! Give any eye shadow an instant makeover by layering it on top of Rose Quartz Lux Creme Eye Shadow. Whether it’s too dull, too light, or just not enough oomph for your look, this is a foolproof way to transform your color!

Quick Tip #4 – Turn your lipstick in a matte lipstick by applying Matte Finishing Powder on top. This also helps prevent feathering and bleeding!


Quick Tip #5 – You can mix your Loose Mineral Foundation with your moisturizer to make your own tinted moisturizer at home! Or if you want to step it up, you can mix Radiance with your body moisturizer and apply to your legs, arms, back, and decollete for a soft glow.

What are your best tips for giving your makeup a second life? Share them in the comment section below!

xo Kate

Makeup Brushes 101

makeup brushes

From left to right: Kabuki, Foundation Blending, Contour, Soft Blending, Round Detail, Angle Shading, Eye Define

Not everyone is familiar with the different types of makeup brushes and what they do. (You mean that eye shadow brush can be used for more than just eye shadow??) Believe it or not, the shape of the handle, the types of hair, the bristles – it all serves a purpose. But the nice thing is that there are plenty of brushes that can be used for more than one product. The key is finding those must-haves to fill out your makeup bag. Here’s a list of basics that will get you by, plus a list of “nice to have” brushes if you want to go the extra mile!

The Essentials

Kabuki Brush

The Kabuki Brush is ideal for mineral foundation. It has really soft, condensed bristles for great coverage and easy application. It has a compact handle which makes it perfect for on-the-go makeup or for traveling.

Best with: Loose Foundation, Pressed Foundation, Invisibly Matte, Matte Finishing Powder

Foundation Blending Brush 

Since it’s flat with a tapered tip, you get the best of both worlds. You can use it on its side to get maximum coverage with liquids, creams, or powders. And then you can also blend the edges with the tapered tip of the brush.

Best with: Loose Foundation, Pressed Foundation, Liquid Hydration, BB Creme

Contour Brush

With its angled shape, the Contour Brush is perfect for color application on the face. The super soft fluffy bristles help give a smooth finish to the color and allow for easy “blendability.”

Best with: Blush, Bronzer

Soft Blending Brush

The tapered end of this brush is ideal for applying eye shadow through the crease of the eye or for blending darker colors. You can get an airbrush quality finish when you use the windshield wiper motion to sweep back and forth.

Best with: Eye Shadow

Round Detail Brush

This brush gives seamless coverage and optimal color payoff with eye shadow and concealer. Because it has a small flat round shape, you’ll get specific product placement.

Best with: Loose Mineral Concealer, Cream Concealer, Eye Shadow

Angle Shading Brush

Cut at a steep angle, this brush offers precise definition for brows. You can also use it to create your favorite liquid liner shapes because it has a super razor thin edge.

Best with: Eye Liner, Brow Powder

Eye Define Brush

The best part about this brush is its multitasking abilities with lots of different products. Use it to apply your liquid, powder, or pencil eye liner. This brush has a great taper on it, so you can get extra close to the lash line. You can also pack color on to the eye with it, since the brush is so condensed. Bonus- it’s the perfect shape for a lip brush!

Best with: Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Lipstick

makeup brushes 2

From left to right: Deluxe, Large Fluff, Blending, Smudge, Precision

The Next Step

These ones aren’t under the “essentials” but I gotta admit, they’re really nice to have. 😉

Deluxe Brush

If you prefer a brush with a straight edge, you can use this one for getting stronger color application. It’s good for contouring, but you can also get full coverage with your foundation and use the soft tip for buffing.

Best with: Loose Foundation, Pressed Foundation, Invisibly Matte, Matte Finishing Powder, Bronzer

Large Fluff Brush

Add this brush into your kit for blending on larger eye shapes, strategic highlight placement, and all-around soft application of color.

Best with: Radiance, Loose Mineral Concealer

Blending Brush

This one is a good partner to have with the Soft Blending Brush, because they can both work in tandem. After you’ve applied eye shadow with the Soft Blending, you can use the Blending Brush to soften any harsh edges.

Best with: Eye Shadow

Smudge Brush

The Smudge Brush does exactly what the name says. You can use it to smudge your pencil eye liner, and then apply the shadow over top to get a diffused look. And you’ll get a smoother effect because the bristles are softer.

Best with: Eye Shadow, Eye Liner

Precision Brush

You can use this brush for precise detailed work around the eyes with liquid liner or to line the lips with a lipstick. You can also use the tip for spot coverage when applying concealer.

Best with: Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Loose Mineral Concealer

So, hopefully now that you have all of this newfound makeup brush knowledge, you’ll be able to explore new brushes, maybe some new techniques, who knows? Go forth and become a master makeup brush multi-tasker! And let us know in the comment section below- which brushes are you favorites? Are there some that you’ve found can be used for even more products? Share your knowledge! :)

xo Kate

Red Lipsticks for Fall and Winter!

mineralogie red lipsticks

From left to right: Pink Popsicle, Divinity, Showstopper, Strawberry Fields, Catwalk, Icon, and Stiletto

It’s officially red lip season, so now’s the time to start rocking your red lipsticks, ladies! The trends we’re seeing from the runways for Fall/Winter are showing a couple of different techniques: a clean red lip and an ombre lip (click for more tips!). The application is precise and not overly glossed. It’s all about enhancing the lip shape you have, instead of creating a new shape. The predominant pairing is red lips with bare perfected faces. We’re not seeing a lot of color anywhere else on the face, aside from a classic, thin winged liner, (which is always a handy look to keep in your back pocket for the holidays ;))

I took an office-wide poll of everyone’s favorite red lipstick shades, and these are the results! Below is a shot of the best and brightest Mineralogie red lipstick swatches on my arm, photographed indoors and outdoors so you can get a better idea of the shade. Some of these reds can look very different in the tube than they do when they’re applied, so I was pretty surprised at how some of these turned out!

red lipstick swatches

From left to right:

Pink Popsicle – A bright pink-red.

Divinity – A wearable red with a deep raspberry undertone.

Showstopper – A deep vampy eggplant shade of red.

Strawberry Fields – A muted, light orange-red.

Catwalk – A medium-tone, neutral red.

Icon – A brighter, cool red.

Stiletto – A deep vampy cranberry red.

So now you’ve seen our picks! What’s your favorite red lipstick shade? What’s the most red lipstick-worthy event on your social calendar this season?

xo Kate