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Fave Makeup from the SAG Awards

The SAG Awards were last weekend and I’ve been meaning to post some of the makeup looks from that night. To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed by the makeup at the Golden Globes. But this time, the makeup did not disappoint! It’s always fun to try to imitate the looks you see on the red carpet, so here are some key product recommendations for recreating the look at home (using Mineralogie products of course!) ­čśë

Danielle Brooks SAG Awards 2015

(Photo: Reuters)

Danielle Brooks

Eyes – Try Pressed Eye Shadow colors like Sultry and Storm to imitate her navy smoky eye look. They both have a hint of color, without being overly bright. Make these darker shades stand out by applying Twilight Radiance subtly on the inner corner and under the brow.

Lips –┬áTake a risk and pair a bold lipstick like Guilty Pleasure with this classic smoky eye look. Finish the look with Ruby Rose Lip Gloss.



Rosamund Pike SAG Awards 2015

(Photo: Getty Images)

Rosamund Pike

Brows – Use clear Brush-On Brow Gel to perfect the brows and keep hairs sculpted.

Eyes – For a natural yet defined shape to your eye apply Natural Eye Liner in Espresso.

Lips – Custom lip colors are popping up everywhere! You can create your own orange-red shade like Rosamund Pike’s by applying Royalty Red Lip Liner for a base, and mixing with Devil’s Advocate Lipstick (available Summer 2015).


(Photo: Getty Images)

Sarah Hyland

Brows – For a bold brow, apply Sepia Pressed Brow Powder with an Angle Shading Brush.

Eyes – Definitely use Twilight Radiance for the highlight on the inner corner of the eyes to keep this look fresh.

Cheeks – Duo Pressed Blush in Harmony will give the perfect demure look with a subtle pink hue.

Lips – Pink Dahlia Lipstick is the best shade for a nude-pink lip that has just the right amount of color to complete this put together look.

The red carpet is a great source of inspiration for modern day makeup! Looks from the red carpet are going to be more relatable than what you’ll find on the runway. You can always make these looks your own by playing within the color range to fit your skin tone. This is an easy way to put your own twist on the trend! What were some of your favorite makeup looks from the SAG Awards?

’til next time!
xo Kate

2015 New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year 2015

Seeing as how it’s the end of January and this is my first blog post of the year probably doesn’t bode well for my 2015 New Year’s resolutions, but here goes! ­čśŤ ┬áThese are some of my own resolutions for the year and then some to inspire you!

Resolution #1 – Blog more often and more consistentlyÔÇŽ Whoops. Sorry guys, I’ve dropped the ball on this one, but the New Year is all about a fresh start!

Resolution #2 – Give back to the community/do more to support charity. (If you’re looking for a good cause to support, check out our Divinity lipstick!)

Resolution #3 – Be better about washing my face before bed every night. As far as makeup goes, you’ll get a much better application if you get in the habit of taking care of your skin. Try to start a solid skin care regiment this year!

Resolution #4 – Try new trends. This doesn’t mean you have to wear trends straight off the runway. You can incorporate them with styles you already wear. Make it your own!

Resolution #5 – Don’t use expired products, especially anything liquid (MASCARA most of all!)

Resolution #6 – Invest in the right tools. You’ll be able to master the techniques if you get the right tools and have a good understanding of what they do.

Resolution #7 – Visit a makeup artist and get a professional opinion. It can be so easy to get set in your ways, that sometimes it’s good to have an outside opinion to break you of your makeup habits and get you to try something new. You may love it even better than what you’re doing now!

And then the usual resolutions – eat better, work out more, etc. I’m trying! I really am. This year is all about better habits! What are some of your resolutions for 2015?

xo Kate