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Fave Makeup from the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are my favorite awards show of the year. Partly because of the makeup and the dresses, and partly because my dad and I like to predict the winners of every category, even the ones we know nothing about, and compete to get the most right. (Trust me, this makes the other categories much more interesting to watch when you’ve got something riding on it!) We always watch the pre-awards show too, and this year there were a few makeup looks that I definitely noticed right off the bat on the red carpet. And as always, it’s a great source of inspiration (not to mention a challenge!) to take these looks and try to recreate them with the makeup you have at home. Here are this year’s Oscar looks that really made me stop and take notice.

Jennifer-Lopez Getty : Jason Merritt

Getty / Jason Merritt

Jennifer Lopez

Eyes – J. Lo always looks stunning, of course. To recreate her copper-y eye, try using pressed eye shadows in warm colors like Hustle and Vintage.

Lips – She ditched her usual nude lip for a bright baby pink. You can mix lipsticks like Baby Love and Blushing to get the right shade of pink and apply it over a layer of Neutral lip liner to make it even lighter.

Face – For that effortless glow, apply Twilight radiance shimmer.


Jennifer-Hudson Getty : Jason Merritt

Getty / Jason Merritt

Jennifer Hudson

Eyes – For the eye shadow, use Cinnamon and Vintage and a bit of Opal Shimmer for that highlight on the inner corner of the eye.

Lips – Try a bright coral shade like Peachy Keen lipstick, which is also perfect for spring!

Face – Her skin looks perfect here. Since she didn’t use any color on her cheeks, just stick to Loose Mineral Foundation. Take varying shades to get the look of natural highlights and contours like you see here.


Getty / Jason Merritt

Getty / Jason Merritt

Margot Robbie

Eyes – Line the eyes with Espresso natural eye liner, and use a golden bronze eye shadow like Poise for the lids.

Brows – Use Brush-On Brow Gel for a bold, sculpted brow. The shape is really the key here, and brow gel is perfect for keeping every hair in place.

Lips – For a bright orange-red lipstick, Mineralogie will be releasing Devil’s Advocate for Summer 2015. This color is just the right shade to imitate her look here!



Getty / Jeff Vespa

Getty / Jeff Vespa

Chrissy Teigen

Eyes / Brows – Apply a thick line of Black liquid eye liner and some false lashes. Fill in the brows with Brunette brow powder for a natural but bold looking brow.

Lips – Her deep purple red lip here does everything right – not too dark, not too bright, perfect for her skin tone. Use Showstopper lipstick to get the same look.

Cheeks – Apply Barcelona Bronze pressed bronzer to the cheeks for that sunkissed glow of hers. Don’t go too heavyhanded though!


There were plenty of other beautiful makeup looks to inspire you from this year’s Academy Awards! Lupita Nyong’o, Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, Lady Gaga, to name a few. Who were your favorites? Any looks you’d like to recreate for yourself? Leave your comments below! :)

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Top 10 Makeup Looks From Past Oscars

The makeup, the hair, the dresses! The Oscars are synonymous with red carpet glamour, and in honor of the upcoming awards show this Sunday, we’re taking a look back at the top 10 makeup looks of all time from Oscars past. (Granted, there were way too many amazing looks to choose from but we tried to narrow it down to just 10.)




Elizabeth Taylor, 1970

Early 70s fashion and beauty was very matchy-matchy, as you can tell here with her eye shadow matching her dress color. This trend is making a revival in this upcoming spring, with a solid wash of color on the entire lid.






Raquel Welch, 1974

Here the makeup is less colorful than what we saw a few years earlier on Elizabeth Taylor, but no less glamorous. She’s giving off more of a beach bunny, bronzed goddess look that is clearly working for her!





Cher, 1986

Obviously, this is the epitome of the 80s — everything is over the top. Her makeup is bold and colorful with bright purples and pinks. And you see here the cardinal makeup sin of pairing bright eyes, cheeks, and lips at the same time. But it’s Cher. It’s the 80s. She can do whatever she wants!






Daryl Hannah, 1988

This photo is from the late 80s but her makeup looks very 90s. Her matte red lip with bushy brows has a retro, classic feel to it. She’s very ahead of the times with this look, anticipating the trends to come.






Winona Ryder, 1997

Again you see the quintessential 90s makeup. Winona’s dark vampy lip and smoky eye is like the red carpet take on grunge. You get the same grunge-y feel, but it’s still pretty enough for the red carpet.




Charlize Theron, 2004

Pencil thin eyebrows made their comeback here! In the early 2000s, red carpet makeup started to take elements from previous eras and modernize them for the present day. Charlize Theron’s look is definitely inspired by old Hollywood glamour, but it’s been updated and reinterpreted for a very pretty, modern take on 1920s beauty.




Michelle Williams, 2006

This look shows up on so many of the “best of” red carpet lists and it’s easy to see why. She makes a daring color combination with an orange red lipstick against that mustard yellow dress. Albeit unusual, it’s still eye catching, it’s pretty, and she absolutely kills it with this look.





Halle Berry, 2011

We could have picked Halle Berry from any number of Oscars that she’s been to. She always looks stunning. Especially here, her skin looks gorgeous paired with that bronze smoky eye. Nothing is overdone; it’s all just right!







Jessica Chastain, 2012

Lovin’ how she’s rocking the winged liner! It’s great when celebrities take a daring trend and wear it on the red carpet, even though this could very well be an everyday look. She takes this one trend and makes it a statement.





Lupita Nyong’o, 2014

And finally, Lupita’s look at last year’s Oscars brings us full circle. Her minty pastel eye shadow matches her dress (bringin it back to Liz again!). This was such a cool and refreshing look, and those light pastel colors on her skin tone really stood out.




The makeup has changed over the years, but the glamour stays the same. The red carpet is such a great source of inspiration for trends — old, new, or reinterpreted! It will be interesting to see what looks they’ll be wearing on Sunday and if we’ll see any of these same styles pop up again! Who else do you think should have made the list? Leave us a comment with your Oscar makeup faves!


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Eye Shadow Color Palettes

Consider this your guide to Mineralogie pressed eye shadows! One of the most common makeup dilemmas we hear from women is that they’re not sure what colors go together, and they’re not sure how to pick eye shadows that match. There are some simple rules of thumb that will help you decide on an eye shadow palette and also make it easier to use all of the colors in a palette (instead of just 1 or 2).

Begin by looking at the color family and the undertone. You want to put warm colors with warm colors, and cool colors with cool colors. Mixing the two can get a little muddled, so try to stick within the same undertone. When you’re picking an eye shadow palette, it’s always good to have a light color to use as a highlighter and brighten up the overall look. When you pick a range of shades, think about having a blending color that can sort of bridge the gap between the lightest shade and the darkest shade. This shade is typically a color that is close to your skin tone and will make it easier to blend.

These are some of our tried and true color combinations of our eye shadows, from “nice and natural” to “bright and colorful” to “dark and smoky” — Take your pick!

eye shadows 7

Frost, Venetian Rose
Chocolat, Sepia

eye shadows 6

Fusion, Melon
Poise, Lustre


eye shadows 2

Champagne, Mulberry
Mime, Vixen

eye shadows 4

Cameo, Hustle
Cinnamon, Vintage


eye shadows 5

Sugar Lily, Water Lily
Snapdragon, Plum

eye shadows 1

Luminous, Wheat
Sea Mist, Fiji

eye shadows 3

Sage, Jewel
Gunmetal, Black Velvet

Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the colors shown in the photos with short descriptions of each eye shadow!

Frost – a light, shimmering white
Sugar Lily – a light, luminous pink
Luminous – a warm frosted neutral
Fusion – a warm, mid-tone metallic
Cameo – an iridescent gold
Champagne – a mid-tone shimmering pink
Venetian Rose – a peachy-pink, neutral shimmer
Melon – a soft peachy shimmer
Mulberry – a satin purple taupe
Water Lily – a pale, shimmering baby pink
Lustre – a cool, metallic taupe
Poise – a warm, frosted golden bronze
Wheat – a light, cool matte brown
Chocolat – a neutral, matte brown
Cinnamon – a warm, golden matte brown
Hustle – a metallic copper
Vintage – a satin red-brown
Sepia – a deep, matte ashy brown
Mime – a matte, smoky grey
Vixen – a deep, raspberry shimmer
Snapdragon – a deep, purple pink shimmer
Sea Mist – a light, shimmering aqua
Fiji – a deep, frosted blue-turquoise
Sage – a frosted olive green
Jewel – a muted forest green
Gunmetal – a black with gold shimmer
Plum – a deep matte eggplant
Black Velvet – a matte carbon black

Have fun with your eye shadows! Now that you have some inspiration, challenge yourself to use all 4 colors in the palette. Be creative, mix and match, and most of all, don’t be afraid to try something new! :)


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How to Apply False Lashes

False lashes do everything! They can be natural, they can be enhancing, they can be dramatic. They’re fun but they can also be intimidating at first. This step-by-step guide will help you get the look that you want with false lashes, without them actually looking fake.

How to Pick Your False Lashes 

First, assess your eye shape. If you have a lot of lid space, you can choose false lashes that are a little bit longer and they will still have a natural look. But if you don’t have as much lid space, you want to go for some that are a little bit shorter to fit your eye.

Second, take your lashes into account — how thick or thin they are. If you already have full lashes (lucky you), then there are false lashes that are more like “filler” lashes that will be more suitable. They don’t look as full when you see the set, because the lashes are more separated on the band. But what that does is fill in key places without looking like too much. If you have thin lashes, you can go for a thicker set and it will look natural on you.

How to Apply Your False Lashes

If your false lashes have an invisible band, take a little bit of black liquid eye liner and color in the band while it’s still in the case. (Even though it’s called “invisible,” sometimes you can still see the band once it’s on the eye.)

fake lashes w/ eye liner

There’s a trick to taking the delicate false lashes out of the case without disrupting the band and without tearing any hairs. Take your thumb and place it securely on the lashes. Move your thumb towards you to gently peel the band away. This also prevents the band from being stretched.

peeling fake lashes

Take your adhesive and put a dot directly on the case. You want the adhesive to set out for a minute so it’s not too runny once you apply it on the band. Note- If you have white adhesive, it will dry clear. You can also get a grey adhesive that dries black, plus it’s waterproof.

fake lash adhesive

Note- You may have to trim your false lashes if the band is too long for your lid. Just hold it up and eyeball it (ha ha) and always trim from the outer part of the lashes!

Once you get them out of the case, cut the top off of a Q-tip and dip it into the adhesive. Apply a thin swipe across the band of your false lashes. Then, wave the lashes in the air (like you just don’t care). But really, give it a little wave. This is where you want the adhesive to get slightly tacky. Here’s what our lead makeup artist, Allyson, told me- “Duo adhesive is like pancakes. Once it starts to bubble, it’s ready to go.” At this point, the adhesive will have just the right amount of tack so that it doesn’t slide around on your eye lid.

applying fake lash adhesive

It’s going to be tough at first, but if you can teach yourself to apply the right lash with your right hand and the left lash with your left hand, it will give you a more even and steady application. Start on the outer part of the eye and anchor the outer portion of the lash. Line it up and anchor it. Remember that! This step is the most important, since the proper placement will help guide the rest of the band with little effort.

apply fake lashes

From here, you move your way to the inner lash. Once it’s anchored and it’s sitting right in the groove of your lash line, all you have to do is push the lash, and the band will line up. Take your thumb and pointer finger to push the lashes into place while meshing them with your own lashes at the same time.

fake lashes

Ta-da! Now, you want to assess. You might need to go back in with your black liquid liner to even out the liner or hide the band more if you can see it. Or some people like to add mascara to make the lashes look fuller. Just take a look and make sure everything’s to your liking! Practice really does perfect this process.

Fake Lashes before and after

Before and After!

Extra Steps

You can get more than one use out of your false lashes if you take care of them properly. Do not remove them with eye makeup remover. This can leave residue on the band which prevents the adhesive from sticking next time. Always remove your false lashes before bed. Grab the end of the lash and pull from the outer corner by giving it a gentle tug. Carefully peel away some of the adhesive from the band, and put them back in the case until next time!

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about applying false lashes. And considering Valentine’s Day is a week away, you have plenty of time to practice your flirty lash look for V-Day. 😉


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False Eye Lashes - Mineralogie Tutorial




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