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Winner of the Makeup Giveaway!

makeup giveaway winner

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the makeup giveaway! I’m excited that our first giveaway on the blog got such a great response. We had hundreds of entries in the drawing, and this week I’m happy to announce the winner… Zoe, @umstopzayn on Twitter! Congratulations, Zoe!

For everyone else who entered the drawing, it has not been in vain! If you’re now following Mineralogie’s other social media pages, then you’re in luck! I try to switch things up and post giveaways on different pages each time, so it’s not always the same old, same old. The good news for you is that you now have even more ways of finding out about future giveaways! Plus, I like to post coupons every now and again too. 😉

A big thank you to everyone who commented on last week’s blog post and gave me ideas for new material! I’m always open to requests, so feel free to comment any time if there’s a topic you’ve always wondered about. It’s giving me lots of ideas for next week’s blog!

’til next week!
xo Kate