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7 Makeup Must-Haves for Travel

I like to have the comforts of home when I am out of town just as much as the next girl, but especially when flying; with luggage restrictions and ever increasing fees I try to channel my best minimalistic self. I have narrowed the field down to 7 Makeup Must-Haves for Travel that will work for everyone.

I would say the biggest thing I notice when I am traveling is that I tend to have a lot of things going on that might require different types of makeup throughout the day and evening.  My family and I like to pack as much into each day as possible, so that might mean a Red Sox game at noon and Boston Pops concert at night. In an ideal world I would have time to shower and completely redo my makeup between the two, but that isn’t always the case. These 7 products are my most essential that I don’t leave home without. With these I am ready for whatever the day brings throughout my trip.


Skin Spritz: Everyone knows that the recirculated air in the plane cabin is drying and wreaks havoc on your skin. Not to mention, when I am on vacation I am often outside more than usual and the extra sun I get dries my skin out even more. I keep Skin Spritz in my carry on to freshen up when I arrive and then pop it in the hotel room fridge for a cool spritz whenever I need it. That way, I can keep the hotel room toasty and relieve my parched skin before I put on makeup in the morning.

Natural Cream Concealer: Blame it on staying up too late packing because I procrastinated until the last minute, stress from delayed flights, my skin being exposed to a climate that it isn’t used to, or a combination of the above, but if my skin is going to rebel, then it will when I am away from home. I stay prepared with a great coverage cream concealer. I can also use this in a pinch as a primer for eye shadow. I would recommend to dab it on your finger instead of directly on your face if you are covering a blemish so you don’t transfer the bacteria from the pimple back to your container.

Pressed Foundation: Sure, when I am at home I prefer my Loose Mineral Foundation, but when traveling I always pack a Pressed Foundation Compact. It stays neat in my makeup bag, I can get the amount of coverage desired and I can throw it in my purse for a touchup later in the day after that baseball game.

Rose Quartz Eye Shadow: When I am on vacation I want to spend my time exploring, seeing the sites, eating the food and soaking up the culture, not staying in the bathroom perfecting a smoky eye. With a quick swipe and a little blending my eye makeup is done. Nothing is more convenient than this creamy stick shadow!

Pure Mineral Lipstick: Just trust me on this one. These are so lightweight on the lips, they feel like a balm, and with sheer and natural coverage the shades are forgiving enough that they are incredibly wearable. Wear alone during the day to keep lips moisturized and protected and layer over a liner in the evening to subtly change the color and increase wear time.

Duo Pressed Blush: One of the most important aspects of a product to make it to my travel bag is versatility. With a Duo blush you essentially have endless options. We put a lot of thought into the shades that have been paired together so that you can wear either of them alone, or blend them together to customize the look.

Deluxe Brush: In a perfect world I would travel all of the time with my full arsenal of brushes, but if I am trying to fit everything into my overstuffed carry-on then space is a luxury I can’t afford.  The Deluxe brush is one of the most versatile brushes you will find. I use it to put on my foundation and then to apply blush or even a light bronzer. Just be sure to clean it off if you are switching between products.

Depending on where I am going, I might throw in some additional products to these, but I don’t leave home without these tried and true favorites. Do you have anything that goes everywhere with you?


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7 Makeup Must Haves for Travel