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Blush Crush: The Hottest Looks in the Color of the Season

Blush Crush- (1)


Thee warmer temperatures, tease of Spring’s first flowers blooming and thoughts of Easter in all of it’s pastel beauty have left me with a major crush on blush lately. Sure, I loved the rich jewel tones and color saturated oxblood and forest greens this Winter, but as I sit here typing with my doors and windows open and breathe in the fresh air I can’t help but dream about all my favorite ways to incorporate this soothing pinky nude shade into my life. Keep reading for my top picks this Spring, and for more inspiration check out this post at Clementine Daily.


Dancing Shoes

Blush Kate Spade Shoes

Dainty T-straps in Petal Pink. Image:

These Kate Spade pumps are perfection. With their flattering T-Strap, bow detail and crystal trim, I don’t even want to wear them. They are too cute to risk getting dirty. I think I just need to get them and put them on display in my house.


Kiss Me

Blush Crush - Kiss Me Gloss

Pretty pink pout. Image:

Mineralogie Lip glosses are so comfortable to wear. These glosses have, high shine, silky texture, and a lightweight formula, but I think I love them even more for what they don’t have. I try to use Paraben-free products whenever possible and Mineralogie makes that so easy with the natural formulation. Kiss Me Lip Gloss is my favorite soft pink shade.


Tassel Satchel

Blush Satchel

Slouchy Satchel Shoulder Bag. Image:

This Tory Burch shoulder bag is the epitome of Spring. Big enough to hold all the nonsense I carry around for me and my toddler, but not a huge tote this bag is the Goldilocks of purses. Is it wrong that I want one in this Springy shade now and another in black for Fall?


Do Not Disturb

Blush Lipstick Negligee

Read my lips. Image:

In a soft Whisper pink shade, Mineralogie Negligee Lipstick is part of the Mineral Matte Collection. With a velvety texture this lipstick is like lingerie for your lips.


Nail It

blush polish Ghost Edit

Pretty in Pink Image:

This light shade has an elongating effect on the fingers and looks pretty on almost everyone. Lighter colors have the added benefit of not being as obvious when you stretch your manicure an extra day or two. A little chipping isn’t as noticeable with an almost flesh toned color. My favorite is by Smith and Cult in the shade Ghost Edit.


Now my only problem is deciding which blushing beauty to buy first.


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Is Your Makeup Hurting Your Health?


Is your Makeup

Is your makeup hurting your health?

A French consumer group recently released a list of 185 health and beauty products for French citizens to avoid. This immediately raised the concern of many about the impact of makeup and beauty products on one’s overall health.

In the last decade the food industry has been turned upside down, thanks to documentaries and books written on ingredients and methods raising consumer awareness. This consumer consciousness is reverberating through the beauty industry, causing an outcry from consumers who are educated about what they put in their body to demand to know exactly what it is they are putting on their body.

Some of the ingredients people are unknowingly using on their bodies is nothing short of frightening.


Read. Everything.

It is important to read a cosmetic label just as you would a food label. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, then ask (or Google it).

What are some of the major ingredients of to be cautious of…and stay away from? These are some of the most controversial ingredients to watch for in your health and beauty products.



Parabens work to extend the shelf life of products by deterring bacteria growth. Parabens are potentially dangerous for many reasons.

Studies have shown that parabens have the ability to imitate estrogen, posing a threat to the body’s delicate hormone balance. This is of major concern because of the role estrogen is believed to play in breast cancer among women. The endocrine system regulates the metabolism and blood sugar, the functions of the reproductive system, and development of the brain and nervous system. This article has great information about the role that parabens can play in reproductive health, cancer and endocrine disruption.

One of the best products to search for a paraben-free option is foundation. Foundation covers the largest area of your face, so switching to a paraben-free foundation can decrease your exposure to parabens pretty significantly. Mineralogie offers paraben-free foundations in several options and can be purchased in both Loose Mineral and Pressed Foundation.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfates

Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS) are surfactants used in creams as well as many cleansing products. They increase foaming capacity for products such as shampoo and face cleanser. Sulfates can cause irritation to the eyes and skin.

Remove waterproof eye makeup sans Sulfate with Mineralogie’s Eye Makeup Remover.



Phthalates are often used to bind chemicals together and found in a wide variety of products ranging from perfume to shower curtains. Though the effect of long term phthalate exposure is not yet clear, there have been multiple animal studies linking phthalates to reproductive issues. They are listed as an EPA “chemical of concern” and because of this many cosmetic companies have been encouraged to remove them from their products.

It’s sad to note that these ingredients are still tested on animals. Not every ingredient in every product is though. In fact, none of Mineralogie’s products are.

Phthalates are often a sneaky ingredient in cosmetics and are not always obvious according to the ingredient label. They are most common in products containing a fragrance. Rather than fragrance, Mineralogie uses Peppermint Oil to give the Lip Gloss a nice, fresh scent.



Talc can be found in face powders and eye shadows. It is a mineral powder made from magnesium. It is often used as a filler because of it is inexpensive, however Talc that isn’t purified can be contaminated with asbestos, and studies on asbestos-free Talc of thus far been inconclusive. However earlier this week a jury in St. Louis awarded the family of a woman $72 million in damages after she died of Ovarian cancer that she developed from using Johnson and Johnson talc based powder for years.

Talc is often found in powder products like eye shadow. Not only is Mineralogie eye shadow talc-free (along with our other powder products like blush, bronzer and foundation), but the compact is magnetized so it is interchangeable.


Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil is an oderless oil made from petroleum. It is commonly used in lotions, creams and cosmetics. It is a lightweight and cost effective used to reduce water loss from skin. It is considered to be comedogenic, meaning it can clog pores and encourage breakouts. This is one ingredient that is easily replaced with so many great alternatives on the market today. There are so many rich, hydrating oils to choose from like argan oil and grape seed that can be found at any price point.

For a Mineral Oil free foundation choice that is super hydrating thanks to Hyaluronic Acid try Mineralogie Liquid Hydration Sheer Tint.


What You Can Do

It is always best to be an informed consumer and, if you don’t already know what is in the products you are using on a daily basis in your beauty routine, take the time to read the ingredients.

Natural cosmetics have come so far in the last couple of decades and prove that healthy and natural can be glamourous. Just like diet and exercise, putting high quality, nourishing products on your skin can have an overall impact on your health.

Sometimes the things that are left out of your beauty products are just as, or more important than the things that are in them. That is why, we strive for the highest quality ingredients in all of our products that enhance your skin and not just cover up flaws.


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The Paris Packing List: 5 Things To Take With You


Paris Packing List


I can’t think of anything better than Paris in the Spring, or Fall, or Summer, and honestly Winter wouldn’t be so bad there either. But let’s focus on Spring for now. I have rounded up a few of my favorite items that I would definitely take with me. If you have a trip planned to visit the City of Light then keep reading for some packing ideas.


In the Trenches

Image from

Cover up with this classic trench. Image:

It doesn’t get anymore classic than a traditional trench coat, and who does it better than Burberry? It’s lightweight so it will protect you from a sudden rain shower without adding an extra heavy layer.


Image from

Chic carryall: Image:

black Longchamp bag is virtually indestructible, folds up for easy storage in your luggage, and holds a surprising amount of all the things we seem to stuff into our handbag when traveling. This purse is a workhorse.


Luxe Shadow


My favorite makeup look is a quick makeup look. You just can’t beat Mineralogie Lux Creme Shadow in Rose Quartz for an every day eye shadow. Apply all over the lid, up to the crease for an ombre effect. Get the impact of a more complicated eye look, with the swipe this shadow and a quick pat with your finger. Bam! You are done!

Flat Out Cute

Image from

Shoes that Audrey Hepburn would approve of. Image:

Every wanna-be French girl knows that Repetto flats are the only way to go, and the shiny patent is a fun twist on traditional black leather. They will be super comfortable for the long flight and look chic with your outfits while you are traveling.

Paris Makes Me Blush


The perfect pair with a soft peachy pink blush and neutral matte bronzer, this 2 in 1 packs a punch with its versatility. Save room in your suitcase for souvenirs and leave the extra makeup products at home by bringing the Rooftop Rendezvous Duo along with you.


What you bring home from Paris is just as important as what you take with you. What are your favorite souvenirs to buy there? I am a sucker for the beautiful hand soaps and delicate tasting macarons. Unfortunately the macarons just don’t seem to make it all the way home without getting eaten.


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