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Beauty and the Beast Makeup Tutorial

Written by: Britt Maez

Bonjour! Good day!

The movie we’ve all been waiting opened last Thursday…Beauty and the Beast. The original was released only days after I turned three and let me just say…this movie tore me away from Little Mermaid and as soon as I realized that I look more like Belle than Ariel, I was HOOKED.
Flash foward to 16 years later and it’s still one of the best Disney movies ever made. I mean Belle is someone we all want to be; beautiful, brainy, kind, and someone who has no time for an arrogant ‘Gaston’.
This movie changed my 3 year old world so starkly that I wouldn’t dare sleep in sheets that didn’t have Beauty and the Beast plastered all over it. Now granted, I’ve realized that at 27 years old it’s no longer cool to sleep in Beauty and the Beast bed sheets (my husband would not be down), BUT it’s always cool to look like a Disney Princess so that’s what I’ll attempt.
It’s my first makeup tutorial, y’all, so be gentle.
Be my guest and watch below: