5 Tips for Acne Prone Skin

5 Tips for Acne Prone Skin


Sure we all have the stress or hormonal breakout every now and then, but some of us suffer from acne more than others and I have compiled some of my favorite tips for reducing and even eliminating breakouts. It’s important to know that everyone can experience acne at some point in their life. Kendall Jenner is not even exempt from the blow to the self-esteem caused by unruly skin.


Eat Well


At this point none of us are strangers to the fact that eating clean, nutrient dense foods make us not only look but feel better as well. As a general rule, stick with foods that are in season and prepare foods yourself whenever possible so that you know what goes in the meal. To promote clear skin, try incorporating foods high in Zinc, like Cashews. Eating just a handful a day can help improve the overall texture of your skin. Also, many people who experience frequent breakouts notice more redness in the overall appearance of the skin. Green Tea, known to be rich in antioxidants has been found to reduce redness and inflammation.


Mineral Makeup


Cover Me. Image: www.mineralogiemakeup.com

High quality mineral makeup, like Mineralogie leaves out scary ingredients (think parabens) that are often found in other foundations. Non-Comedogenic, it won’t clog pores and provides a barrier between your skin and the damaging effects of the environment from the Sun, pollution and wind. Packed with Vitamins and sans oil this Loose Mineral Foundation is great to use on sensitive skin that can be irritated by traditional makeup.


Exfoliate, Gently


Gently Exfoliate. Image: colleenrothschild.com

Exfoliation is great for cell turnover and to improve post-acne hyper pigmentation. It can be tempting to vigorously scrub your face to get smooth skin. It’s important to remember to NEVER scrub open blemishes, as this can spread bacteria and deter the healing process, and for the the rest of your skin, consider a more gentle route than a harsh scrub. A chemical exfoliation is a great option and can be purchased in a variety of strengths. My favorite is Salicylic Treatment Complex by Colleen Rothschild. In addition to the Salicylic acid it contains Rosemary Extract to provide oil control, making this a fantastic product to apply before makeup in the morning.  Whatever route you choose for exfoliation, please don’t use any products that contain microbeads!


Hydrate – Inside and Out

Boscia Oil Free Hydration

Protect and Moisturize. Image: www.boscia.com

Drink up! Make sure you are getting enough water. Keep a reusable water bottle with you, and if you are still having trouble getting those 8 glasses, go old school with a sticker chart or tracker and reward yourself for reaching your goals. You can even set a reminder in your phone. Skin should also be hydrated from the outside. Did you know that if you aren’t properly moisturizing, your skin can actually produce extra oil to make up for the lack of moisture? Don’t believe it? Have you ever had a breakout flare up after a long haul flight? That dry recirculating air wreaks havoc on your skin, and the best way to combat it is with proper moisture replenishment. As a side note, when you exfoliate first you actually clear the dead skin out of the way so that the moisturizer you follow with can do its job better and reach deeper into the skin. For oily skin try Boscia Oil Free Daily Hydration to provide weightless hydration while helping to control excess oil.




Hide and Chic. Image: www.mineralogiemakeup.com

If all else fails, and you still get a breakout, after all nobody is perfect, then its time to think treatment options. Mineralogie Unblemished Concealer is formulated with Tea Tree Oil. It comes in 6 different shades to help get the best match for your skin so you can conceal and heal at the same time! Not just for women, I have a tube for my husband to use when he gets the occasional flare up of cystic acne.

There are many other things you can do to help prevent and heal breakouts and if you have suffered from them in the past or present you know that it can affect many areas of your life. Don’t be afraid to schedule that Dermatologist appointment, because prescription strength regime may be what you need to achieve the results desired.

Have you found any solutions that have made a huge difference in the health of your skin? Found something that didn’t work or deliver the promised results? Please share!


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5 Tips for Acne Prone Skin


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