Hey Everyone! I am Katie, and I am the woman behind the blog, and social media here at Mineralogie. I have been a part of the Mineralogie team for a decade now (gosh it makes me feel old to say that) although I had a two year hiatus to spend more time with my husband and sassy daughter. We love to travel and I feel that life is best lived by experiencing other cultures and environments, whether it be the other side of your town, a neighboring state or across the world. Our lives are always enriched when they are experienced with other people outside of our comfort zone. To stop and see the beauty in a fleeting moment, to catalog the sounds, sights and smells as a memory. That is joy to me.

Always one to play in my mom’s ever enticing makeup drawer I wore red lipstick to Kindergarten and was the girl in Junior High carrying pressed powder in my backpack for constant touch ups at any point during the day that my skin dare to begin to show through my mask. I used to tell my mom that my dream job would be to one day work at the makeup counter at our local small town department store and spend my days surrounded by blush and eye shadow in every shade.  Fast forward to the day I met Mary Van and began working at Mineralogie as a twenty-something.  I interviewed for a position in sales and customer service and after being hired I immediately began to soak up Mary’s philosophy on beauty. In my first weeks at Mineralogie I realized that I had a lot to learn about makeup and skin care and my skin quickly responded to my switching to the natural, paraben-free makeup line with its high amount of sun and environment protecting ingredients. My skin could breathe, breakouts dramatically reduced and my oily skin became more balanced. As I have matured, my love for makeup has evolved into a passion for enhancing not covering up, and protecting, not hiding. We all have features that we are proud of and makeup is such an awesome tool to use to highlight and show those features off.

I’m learning new things everyday and love being surrounded by the super talented and uniquely gifted makeup artists at Mineralogie. I look forward to sharing some of the tips and tricks that I pick up along the way with you, as well as sharing my belief that we don’t have to put scary sounding chemicals, preservatives and ingredients onto our skin to keep up with the latest trends.

Makeup and Skincare go hand in hand, and I may be biased, but I believe Mineralogie is one of the best lines available on the market today for the health and fashion conscious consumer.

I hope you find some time to read here and maybe learn a thing or two along with me. Any suggestions or specific topics you would like me to address would be most welcome so feel free to connect with me on the blog, our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or my email katie@mineralogiemakeup.com.


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