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Bold Eye Liner for Spring

spring turquoise eye liner

I can’t believe it’s March already, but spring is basically here (despite the fact that it snowed yesterday in Dallas). The vivid colors we’re seeing for spring can be a little intimidating, especially after a season of dark and vampy shades. But there are several ways to ease into color. Highly pigmented eye liner (as shown above) is a fantastic and lively way to introduce bold shades. Use this step-by-step as inspiration and incorporate your own preferences to create a modern and chic makeup application fresh for spring!

Start first by creating a smooth and radiant complexion. All color will stand brilliantly against an even skin tone. Dab concealer under the eyes, around the nose and in areas of red using the warmth of the fingers so the creamy product melts into the skin. The trend for skin is healthy and illuminated. Afterwards buff loose minerals or Liquid Hydration overtop to create a flawless finish. Next, complete the skin portion by giving the skin life using bronzers and lustrous highlights that give the face structure and dimension. Minimal color should be used on the face to avoid pulling focus from the color on the eyes.

With the foundation laid down, it’s time to enhance the eyes. Begin by laying down a neutral Eye Shadow Primer on the lid to allow powder shadows to glide over. Using the Round Detail Brush, pack a light shimmering gold like Luminous onto the lid. This will pull the lid forward and bring just enough attention to accentuate the eye. Sweep a matte, mid tone skin color like Wheat eye shadow through the crease to amplify the eye shape. The Soft Blending Brush has a taper that fits into the crease, making it the perfect tool for blending during application.

When executing a classic wing liner, switch to a Precision Brush to apply the black liquid liner. The trick is to evaluate your specific eye shape and cater the placement of the wing accordingly. Use the outside corner of your eye as a guide and the perfect wing will materialize every time. (Click here for more tips!) Ensure that all lines are consistent and sleek in order to define the eye appropriately.

Take Raven eye liner to rim the waterline and slightly smudge onto the lash line. This pencil will then be used as a base for the turquoise liner underneath. Delicately blur the line using the Eye Define Brush that reaches into the lashes of the lower lash line. Once the black is softened, dip the Eye Define Brush into Fiji eye shadow and blend over top as close to the lashes as possible. Drag the Fiji out slightly past the corner of the eye so it mimics the shape of the wing liner on top. Layer the shadow until the desired color payoff is achieved. Finish off the eyes by grooming the brows to frame the eye and add several coats of black mascara.

Complete the look by swiping on a pale peachy neutral gloss on the lips in Caribbean Coral. This shade was chosen because its soft color complements the vibrant color on the eyes without competing. (Many of the products for this look are available on Mineralogie’s Get the Look page for a discounted group price.)

Don’t be afraid to make this look your own! Try any of your favorite bold colors instead of the turquoise for the under eye liner. The great thing about this type of look is that you can experiment with any number of colors! So have fun, and think spring! :)

xo Kate

How to Apply False Lashes

False lashes do everything! They can be natural, they can be enhancing, they can be dramatic. They’re fun but they can also be intimidating at first. This step-by-step guide will help you get the look that you want with false lashes, without them actually looking fake.

How to Pick Your False Lashes 

First, assess your eye shape. If you have a lot of lid space, you can choose false lashes that are a little bit longer and they will still have a natural look. But if you don’t have as much lid space, you want to go for some that are a little bit shorter to fit your eye.

Second, take your lashes into account — how thick or thin they are. If you already have full lashes (lucky you), then there are false lashes that are more like “filler” lashes that will be more suitable. They don’t look as full when you see the set, because the lashes are more separated on the band. But what that does is fill in key places without looking like too much. If you have thin lashes, you can go for a thicker set and it will look natural on you.

How to Apply Your False Lashes

If your false lashes have an invisible band, take a little bit of black liquid eye liner and color in the band while it’s still in the case. (Even though it’s called “invisible,” sometimes you can still see the band once it’s on the eye.)

fake lashes w/ eye liner

There’s a trick to taking the delicate false lashes out of the case without disrupting the band and without tearing any hairs. Take your thumb and place it securely on the lashes. Move your thumb towards you to gently peel the band away. This also prevents the band from being stretched.

peeling fake lashes

Take your adhesive and put a dot directly on the case. You want the adhesive to set out for a minute so it’s not too runny once you apply it on the band. Note- If you have white adhesive, it will dry clear. You can also get a grey adhesive that dries black, plus it’s waterproof.

fake lash adhesive

Note- You may have to trim your false lashes if the band is too long for your lid. Just hold it up and eyeball it (ha ha) and always trim from the outer part of the lashes!

Once you get them out of the case, cut the top off of a Q-tip and dip it into the adhesive. Apply a thin swipe across the band of your false lashes. Then, wave the lashes in the air (like you just don’t care). But really, give it a little wave. This is where you want the adhesive to get slightly tacky. Here’s what our lead makeup artist, Allyson, told me- “Duo adhesive is like pancakes. Once it starts to bubble, it’s ready to go.” At this point, the adhesive will have just the right amount of tack so that it doesn’t slide around on your eye lid.

applying fake lash adhesive

It’s going to be tough at first, but if you can teach yourself to apply the right lash with your right hand and the left lash with your left hand, it will give you a more even and steady application. Start on the outer part of the eye and anchor the outer portion of the lash. Line it up and anchor it. Remember that! This step is the most important, since the proper placement will help guide the rest of the band with little effort.

apply fake lashes

From here, you move your way to the inner lash. Once it’s anchored and it’s sitting right in the groove of your lash line, all you have to do is push the lash, and the band will line up. Take your thumb and pointer finger to push the lashes into place while meshing them with your own lashes at the same time.

fake lashes

Ta-da! Now, you want to assess. You might need to go back in with your black liquid liner to even out the liner or hide the band more if you can see it. Or some people like to add mascara to make the lashes look fuller. Just take a look and make sure everything’s to your liking! Practice really does perfect this process.

Fake Lashes before and after

Before and After!

Extra Steps

You can get more than one use out of your false lashes if you take care of them properly. Do not remove them with eye makeup remover. This can leave residue on the band which prevents the adhesive from sticking next time. Always remove your false lashes before bed. Grab the end of the lash and pull from the outer corner by giving it a gentle tug. Carefully peel away some of the adhesive from the band, and put them back in the case until next time!

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about applying false lashes. And considering Valentine’s Day is a week away, you have plenty of time to practice your flirty lash look for V-Day. 😉


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False Eye Lashes - Mineralogie Tutorial




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xo Kate

Holiday Smoky Eye

Time to put a holiday spin on your usual smoky eye! The smoky eye look doesn’t always mean you have to use black and grey. Adding a bit of color is a festive way to shake things up for the holidays! :)

So in the photo below of Carolina, she’s wearing a green smoky eye, which is a great shade to play up brown eyes. This look was created with the following products:

holiday smoky eye

Eye Shadow Primer in Nude – Apply with the Soft Blending Brush as a base for your eyeshadows.

Pressed Eye Shadow in Jewel – Use the Round Detail Brush to apply this green eye shadow to the center of the eye lid. Also use this color as your liner underneath.

Pressed Eye Shadow in Gunmetal – Use the Blending Brush to apply to the inner and outer corners of the eye.

Pressed Eye Shadow in Cinnamon – This can be used as your overall blending color to diffuse the edges and achieve that smoky look. Apply with the Blending Brush.

Pressed Eye Shadow in Cameo – Apply this as a highlight color on the inner corner and under the brow using the Smudge Brush.

Natural Eye Liner in Raven – Apply underneath the waterline.

Liquid Eye Liner in Black – Create a winged liner with the Precision Brush.

Finish up the look with some mascara, a light lip, and some neutral to peachy bronzer to keep the focus all on the eyes. Try this technique with your favorite holiday colors and share with us in the comment section below! :)

xo Kate

DIY Halloween Mask

halloween mask makeup

Halloween is only a week away! For those of you who don’t feel like buying an expensive costume, you can always use your makeup to create the costume for you. A mask is a really fun way to get in the Halloween spirit. And even better, you can wear pretty much whatever you want with this, and it still looks like you’re dressed up!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Put your foundation on first, including your highlighting and contouring. The mask will look more authentic if you already have these features defined because it will truly appear as if the mask is laying over top of your skin.

Next use Neutral lip liner to outline the shape of your mask. Take into account the shape of your face and what looks best on your face shape. You can use your brows as a reference point as well as your eyes. You’ll want the high point above the eye to be the same distance from the eye as the low point below the eye.

Now that you have a rough idea of the outline, mix Super Jet Black eye shadow with Liquid Nude Eye Liner until you get the consistency you want. You want a pretty even mixture- not too pasty or else it will dry too quickly; and not too liquidy or else it will run down your face. Test it on your hand first to make sure you have the right opacity and consistency.

Take the Round Detail Brush and start to fill in the mask. Don’t worry about the edges just yet. First just fill the inside of the mask, making sure the color is even. (Be cautious of too many layers, which can cause cracking after the mask dries.) Then use the edge of the Round Detail Brush to smooth the outline in long, clean lines. Try to avoid short strokes because that can leave inconsistent lines.

Switch to the Precision Brush because it has a nice point to it, and make any swirly lines or dots that you want below the mask. The shape of the brush allows you to create more intricate designs. So, have fun with this part! For beginners, you can always make it easier by tracing your designs first with the Neutral liner and then you can paint over them with black once you’ve got a design you’re happy with.

While the rest of the mask dries, start filling in the top and bottom water line with Raven eye liner. Then apply a couple coats of Perfect Lash Mascara in black.

Take the pre-cut lace pieces, and begin by brushing lash adhesive on the back one at a time. Place the first piece in the center on the bridge of the nose. Then place one piece on the left and one piece on the right. Keep going by laying one on each side to make sure the lace is applied evenly.

At this point, the mask should be dry. Go in with a Large Fluff Brush and start to place soft highlights with Twilight Radiance along the cheekbone, under the brow, and at the tear ducts. This will give the mask more dimension. If you want the intricate designs below the mask to pop even more, take a clean Precision Brush and add highlights along the lines.

To complete the look, apply fake lashes and a lip color of your choice. We used Neutral lip liner and Peaches ‘n Cream lipstick, but you could also do a red lip using Stiletto lipstick.

Now you’re ready to try your own mask! How would you accessorize your Halloween mask makeup? Share some ideas with us!

xo Kate

How To: Metallic Winged Liner

metallic winged liner

In a follow-up to the last blog post, I wanted to show an example of a metallic winged liner look using the Mineralogie Liquid Eye Liner in Sequin.

First of all, every eye shape is different so it’s very important to evaluate the shape before you choose how to put a spin on this classic look. Right now the runways are featuring futuristic shapes reminiscent of all eras, with more added edge. Copper, silver, and gold colors give this trend endless possibilities! Basically, the goal is to enhance the shape of your eye and still push the boundaries with this technique.

For this metallic winged liner, use the color Sequin, which is a slick silvery liquid eye liner. The wing on this look flips straight out, so take an Angle Shading Brush to make short strokes from the outer corner of the eye, slightly tapering off toward the inner corner. Smooth the top of the line for consistency.

To create a teardrop shape on the inside crease, placement closer to the bridge of the nose is ideal. This helps frame the shape of the eye for a more cohesive look. Start by drawing a small circle using a small pointed brush, like the Precision Brush. From there, drag a curved tail following the shape of the eye, giving it a flick of the wrist at the end.

To further complement the eye shape, slightly contour the outer crease of the eye with a matte skin tone shade, and place a soft focus highlight under the arch of the brow. Leave the skin bare, with lips slightly glossed.

This is just one of the ways to do a metallic winged liner. What’s your favorite way to rock the metallic trend this season? Which metallic color would you pick?

xo Kate