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New Spring 2015 Colors!

Mineralogie’s new spring collection is available now! The Marine Collection for spring 2015 includes brand new shades for blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and lip gloss. We’re seeing a lot of bright, playful colors that evoke a coastal, tropical feel. All of these colors are limited edition seasonal colors, so as always, I recommend buying early if you can. Once the colors run out, they’re gone for good! (Unless we all clamor for the color to make a comeback, which sometimes works if the company gets enough customer feedback! ;)) Here’s a little breakdown of each new shade for spring.

Island Glow Compact

spring pressed blush spring pressed blush swatches






The Island Glow duo pressed blush compact pairs a bold pop of color with a light blending color to tone down the brightness if desired. Both colors are perfect for spring. The lighter shade, Veil, can even work as a highlight, depending on your skin tone. Veil is a light luminous pink shade with just a hint of peach, while Hibiscus is a bright-coral pink with a soft sheen finish.

 Mai Tai Quad

mai tai quad mai tai swatches






This Mai Tai Quad is a vibrant collection of on-trend pinks and purples, inspired by island blooms and sunsets on the beach. Snapdragon and Water Lily are new colors for spring. Snapdragon is a deep red-violet, and Water Lily is a light iridescent rose color. The quad also contains Sugar Lily and Deep Plum.

Coastal Quad

coastal quad coastal swatches






The Coastal Quad is dynamic color palette featuring a light and a dark turquoise, inspired by the blue-greens of tropical ocean waters. Fiji and Sea Mist are limited edition colors, so get them while you can! The lighter colors in the quad are called Luminous and Wheat.

Electric Paradise

electric paradise






Electric Paradise lipstick is a bright neon magenta color. It looks good with Pink Surf lip gloss, if you want to keep the color pink and poppy. Or try layering it with Flamingo lip gloss to lighten it up.


fireberry lipstick






Fireberry lipstick is a mid-tone tangerine. It’s a gorgeous shade that goes on a little brighter than how it appears in the tube. This lipstick pairs well with Caribbean Coral lip gloss over top.


flamingo lip gloss






Flamingo lip gloss is a light frosted pink, inspired by the retro-pink of the 60s. It’s the perfect throwback to recreate your favorite Twiggy mod makeup look.

Pink Surf

pink surf lip gloss






This Pink Surf lip gloss is a bright clear fuchsia. It has enough color to wear by itself and still get that bold spring lip!

Caribbean Coral

caribbean coral lip gloss






The only matte lip gloss of the bunch, Caribbean Coral is a soft, pale peach. It strikes the perfect balance between being bright and light at the same time (if that makes sense). The color payoff is almost equivalent to a liquid lipstick.

This spring, the color trends are all about taking it to the next level. We’re seeing colorful smoky eyes, pinched cheeks, and stained lip colors making a huge statement. What I love about these new Mineralogie colors is that they just scream “spring time.” After this late winter freeze in Texas, I’m so ready for sunshine and spring to start! Check these colors out and let me know in the comment section below which ones are your favorites! :)

xo Kate

New Lipstick for a Good Cause!

Divinity Lipstick

Mineralogie just launched a new lipstick color called Divinity! All the proceeds are donated to Don’t Forget to Feed Me, a local charity that supplies pet food to local food pantries in support of pet owners.

We created this lipstick in honor of Andrea Scott, a member of the Mineralogie family who passed away earlier this year. Andrea was our sales and marketing guru, but more importantly she was our in-office cheerleader. She was also a “pooch nanny” in her spare time, because she love, love, LOVED dogs!

After she passed, a close client of Andrea’s suggested that we release a lipstick color in her memory. We decided it would be a fitting gesture to take all the proceeds from this lipstick and donate them to her favorite charity, Don’t Forget to Feed Me. (Click here for more about their cause!)

We picked the shade because it is a very “Andrea” color. :) Divinity is a wearable red with a deep raspberry undertone, not too bright and not too dark. It also pairs perfectly with Obsession lip gloss, another favorite of Andrea’s. It’s a beautiful lipstick color for a great cause. Look good while doing good and give back to your community by checking out the charity and purchasing a lipstick for you… AND a friend!

Spread the word and don’t forget to share your pet’s story and a photo with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever!! Use the hashtag #poutsforpooches.

xo Kate

Brand NEW – Metallic Liquid Eye Liners!

metallic liquid eye liners

New product alert! Mineralogie just introduced Metallic Liquid Eye Liner in 3 shades for their Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

What is it?
These new liquid liners come in 3 metallic shades- Gold Digger is a bright yellow gold; Sequin is a shimmering silver; and Lucky Penny is a deep red copper. These Metallic Liquid Eye Liners come in the same container as Mineralogie’s other liquid liners with the felt tip applicator. Use your own technique to apply your favorite shade with either the Precision Brush, which comes to a point, or the Angle Shading Brush, which is razor thin and cut at an angle. So whichever way is more comfortable for you, both are great options for applying.

Why should I try it?
This fall, metallics are ruling the runways! It makes for a sophisticated and wearable trend. With these Metallic Liquid Eye Liners from Mineralogie, there are some really fun ways to experiment and interpret the trend for yourself. Try putting a spin on the classic winged liner by using one of these gold, silver, or copper shades. Sequin looks incredible as a graphic winged eye liner. Or you can keep the line very thin and close to the lash line for a subtle hint of metallic. Lucky Penny is a great shade for lining under your eye, and it’s not too in-your-face about it.

What can I pair it with?
For a fun and classic party look, pair Gold Digger with the bold red lipstick, Catwalk. To create a futuristic take on a winged liner, use Sequin with Sugarcoated loose eye shadow pressed over top to reinforce that burst of brightness. Lastly add a new twist to your smokey eye by using Lucky Penny with the Dynasty Collection, a great eye shadow palette featuring warm bronze-y colors.

IMPORTANT TIP! To get the best use out of your Metallic Liquid Eye Liners, shake the bottle before every use. It’s recommended on the bottle and I think it really does make a difference in the vibrancy of the color.

xo Kate

Brand NEW – Tinted Vitamin E Sticks!

vitamin e sticks copper tube

(From left to right: Moxie, Mango Tango, Impulse, Gilded, and Clear)

Mineralogie just introduced 3 brand new shades of the Vitamin E Stick for summer – Moxie, Impulse, and Gilded!

What is it?
The Vitamin E Stick is a lip balm, available in Clear or you can get it in 4 tinted shades. Mango Tango was the first tinted Vitamin E Stick available, and now there are 3 more shades added to the line!

Why should I try it? 
It’s lightweight and easy to use. Completely no fuss application! You don’t even need a mirror to apply it. The Vitamin E Stick is the perfect product for summer, especially once it gets really hot outside and you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. The tinted shades add just the right amount of sheer color to your lips. It looks good wearing it by itself but you can also apply it before your lipstick for some added moisture. Plus all the Vitamin E Sticks are loaded with antioxidants and all sorts of good things, like shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and of course vitamin e. Everything to help nourish your lips and keep them hydrated!

What are the colors like?
Clear is an oldie, but a goodie. It’s the tried and true stand-by for the girls in the Mineralogie office.

Mango Tango was the first tinted shade that came out last year. It’s the perfect lip enhancer in a salmon coral shade with a tiny hint of gold shimmer in it.

Impulse is a deep shimmering cranberry shade with a slight golden sheen.

Gilded is a pale golden bronze that adds a bit of frost in the finish.

Moxie is a vibrant, clear fuschia-pink color with a hint of blue-silver sheen to it.

I put some swatches on my arm below, so you can see the difference between the 4 tinted shades.

vitamin e stick swatches

Shown indoors (top) and outdoors in natural light (bottom). From left to right: Mango Tango, Impulse, Moxie, and Gilded.

xo Kate

A Smokey Eye for Spring!

spring smokey eye

The smokey eye look is in style no matter what season it is, but this spring there’s a new Mineralogie eye shadow that is perfect for a fresh take on the smokey eye! The Spring 2014 Collection was just released earlier this week. The color featured in this look is Sugarcoated, a soft focus smokey silver eye shadow. It’s not overly dark, like your typical smokey eye, but it’s also not too light to pull off the smokey look. It has a sheen and shimmer to it, which gives it dimension all on its own. In this look, Sugarcoated is combined with a fun double winged liner. Here are the steps to get this look!

-Apply Lux Crème Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz, starting at the lash line for the most impact of color, then smudge it up the center of the eye lid. Diffuse the edges with a Blending Brush. This is important because you want your powder eye shadow to blend seamlessly over your cream eye shadow. Powder will mimic everything the cream does, so if you have harsh edges of cream, your powder will also have harsh edges.

-Take the Square Detail Brush and press Sugarcoated eye shadow onto your eye lid. This brush will give you high impact color because it’s condensed, so you can build up the shadow to the depth you want it to be, layer by layer.

-Then use the Blending Brush to apply an eye shadow color that is close to your skin tone (something like Wheat or even Barcelona Bronze). Take that through the crease and soften it. This gives the Sugarcoated something to blend into without adding color. It has to be a color that matches your skin tone, so you don’t take away from the Sugarcoated.

-With the Large Fluff Brush, take a little bit of Sparkle eye shadow and apply it right under the arch of the eyebrow as a highlight. Then use the Eye Define Brush to apply Sparkle to the inner corner of the eye to create that brightness on the inner corner, and then apply it on the outer corner right in between those 2 black eye liner wings.

-Now use the Eye Define Brush to apply Sugarcoated to create your liner underneath the eye. Then apply Raven Natural Eye Liner to the inner rim inside your lower lash line to add depth.

-To tackle the double winged liner look, you may want to refer to my previous post about doing the perfect winged eye liner for some helpful tips! If you’re not confident applying liquid eye liner, then you can always trace the line with your pencil liner first, so you have something to follow along when you’re drawing your liquid liner. Have fun with this step! Play with the shape and angle of the wing. Everyone’s eye shape is different, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

-Finally, top it off with 3 coats of Perfect Lash Mascara and pop on some fake eyelashes to complete the look!

Have fun trying this spring smokey eye look!

xo Kate