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Cinderella’s Makeup Bag


The new Cinderella movie came out in theaters last Friday, so I figured why not take a little movie inspiration for this week’s blog post? The Cinderella story tends to be mostly fashion-centric, what with the dress and the footwear. But I’m sure she (or maybe her fairy godmother) had a well stocked makeup bag to prep her for the ball! Here’s an idea of what types of products you can use to get the most Cinderella-worthy makeup look for yourself.

cinderella makeup

  • Loose Mineral Foundation in a Dispensing Brush – Because Cinderella is always on the move, she needs her makeup to be easy to grab and go!
  • Twilight Radiance – The most fairy tale-worthy product there is! You can’t get a better shimmery sheen than this, people.
  • Brow Powder – Cinderella is working some bold brows here. Even if you don’t want to go that strong, you can use Brow Powder for a more natural look.
  • Brush-On Brow Gel – Gotta use something to keep those brows in place!
  • Lux Creme Eye Shadow – Rose Quartz is the perfect primer and the right amount of shimmer to layer your other shadows over top.
  • Pressed Eye Shadows – Use colors like Lustre, Melon, and Wheat. Lustre will look great layered over the Rose Quartz.
  • Peachy Keen Lipstick – The best shade to complement Cinderella’s blue dress!
  • Skin Spritz – To finish off the look and get your skin looking its’ best.

cinderella close up

Her look really doesn’t require any blush or bronzer. It’s all about having that luminous glow to her skin. The eye shadow is metallic but subtle. Everything about her look is just very soft, delicate, and pretty. Use these suggestions to create a fairy tale look of your own or leave a comment below with your own product suggestions!

xo Kate

New Spring 2015 Colors!

Mineralogie’s new spring collection is available now! The Marine Collection for spring 2015 includes brand new shades for blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and lip gloss. We’re seeing a lot of bright, playful colors that evoke a coastal, tropical feel. All of these colors are limited edition seasonal colors, so as always, I recommend buying early if you can. Once the colors run out, they’re gone for good! (Unless we all clamor for the color to make a comeback, which sometimes works if the company gets enough customer feedback! ;)) Here’s a little breakdown of each new shade for spring.

Island Glow Compact

spring pressed blush spring pressed blush swatches






The Island Glow duo pressed blush compact pairs a bold pop of color with a light blending color to tone down the brightness if desired. Both colors are perfect for spring. The lighter shade, Veil, can even work as a highlight, depending on your skin tone. Veil is a light luminous pink shade with just a hint of peach, while Hibiscus is a bright-coral pink with a soft sheen finish.

 Mai Tai Quad

mai tai quad mai tai swatches






This Mai Tai Quad is a vibrant collection of on-trend pinks and purples, inspired by island blooms and sunsets on the beach. Snapdragon and Water Lily are new colors for spring. Snapdragon is a deep red-violet, and Water Lily is a light iridescent rose color. The quad also contains Sugar Lily and Deep Plum.

Coastal Quad

coastal quad coastal swatches






The Coastal Quad is dynamic color palette featuring a light and a dark turquoise, inspired by the blue-greens of tropical ocean waters. Fiji and Sea Mist are limited edition colors, so get them while you can! The lighter colors in the quad are called Luminous and Wheat.

Electric Paradise

electric paradise






Electric Paradise lipstick is a bright neon magenta color. It looks good with Pink Surf lip gloss, if you want to keep the color pink and poppy. Or try layering it with Flamingo lip gloss to lighten it up.


fireberry lipstick






Fireberry lipstick is a mid-tone tangerine. It’s a gorgeous shade that goes on a little brighter than how it appears in the tube. This lipstick pairs well with Caribbean Coral lip gloss over top.


flamingo lip gloss






Flamingo lip gloss is a light frosted pink, inspired by the retro-pink of the 60s. It’s the perfect throwback to recreate your favorite Twiggy mod makeup look.

Pink Surf

pink surf lip gloss






This Pink Surf lip gloss is a bright clear fuchsia. It has enough color to wear by itself and still get that bold spring lip!

Caribbean Coral

caribbean coral lip gloss






The only matte lip gloss of the bunch, Caribbean Coral is a soft, pale peach. It strikes the perfect balance between being bright and light at the same time (if that makes sense). The color payoff is almost equivalent to a liquid lipstick.

This spring, the color trends are all about taking it to the next level. We’re seeing colorful smoky eyes, pinched cheeks, and stained lip colors making a huge statement. What I love about these new Mineralogie colors is that they just scream “spring time.” After this late winter freeze in Texas, I’m so ready for sunshine and spring to start! Check these colors out and let me know in the comment section below which ones are your favorites! :)

xo Kate

Bold Eye Liner for Spring

spring turquoise eye liner

I can’t believe it’s March already, but spring is basically here (despite the fact that it snowed yesterday in Dallas). The vivid colors we’re seeing for spring can be a little intimidating, especially after a season of dark and vampy shades. But there are several ways to ease into color. Highly pigmented eye liner (as shown above) is a fantastic and lively way to introduce bold shades. Use this step-by-step as inspiration and incorporate your own preferences to create a modern and chic makeup application fresh for spring!

Start first by creating a smooth and radiant complexion. All color will stand brilliantly against an even skin tone. Dab concealer under the eyes, around the nose and in areas of red using the warmth of the fingers so the creamy product melts into the skin. The trend for skin is healthy and illuminated. Afterwards buff loose minerals or Liquid Hydration overtop to create a flawless finish. Next, complete the skin portion by giving the skin life using bronzers and lustrous highlights that give the face structure and dimension. Minimal color should be used on the face to avoid pulling focus from the color on the eyes.

With the foundation laid down, it’s time to enhance the eyes. Begin by laying down a neutral Eye Shadow Primer on the lid to allow powder shadows to glide over. Using the Round Detail Brush, pack a light shimmering gold like Luminous onto the lid. This will pull the lid forward and bring just enough attention to accentuate the eye. Sweep a matte, mid tone skin color like Wheat eye shadow through the crease to amplify the eye shape. The Soft Blending Brush has a taper that fits into the crease, making it the perfect tool for blending during application.

When executing a classic wing liner, switch to a Precision Brush to apply the black liquid liner. The trick is to evaluate your specific eye shape and cater the placement of the wing accordingly. Use the outside corner of your eye as a guide and the perfect wing will materialize every time. (Click here for more tips!) Ensure that all lines are consistent and sleek in order to define the eye appropriately.

Take Raven eye liner to rim the waterline and slightly smudge onto the lash line. This pencil will then be used as a base for the turquoise liner underneath. Delicately blur the line using the Eye Define Brush that reaches into the lashes of the lower lash line. Once the black is softened, dip the Eye Define Brush into Fiji eye shadow and blend over top as close to the lashes as possible. Drag the Fiji out slightly past the corner of the eye so it mimics the shape of the wing liner on top. Layer the shadow until the desired color payoff is achieved. Finish off the eyes by grooming the brows to frame the eye and add several coats of black mascara.

Complete the look by swiping on a pale peachy neutral gloss on the lips in Caribbean Coral. This shade was chosen because its soft color complements the vibrant color on the eyes without competing. (Many of the products for this look are available on Mineralogie’s Get the Look page for a discounted group price.)

Don’t be afraid to make this look your own! Try any of your favorite bold colors instead of the turquoise for the under eye liner. The great thing about this type of look is that you can experiment with any number of colors! So have fun, and think spring! :)

xo Kate

Fave Makeup from the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are my favorite awards show of the year. Partly because of the makeup and the dresses, and partly because my dad and I like to predict the winners of every category, even the ones we know nothing about, and compete to get the most right. (Trust me, this makes the other categories much more interesting to watch when you’ve got something riding on it!) We always watch the pre-awards show too, and this year there were a few makeup looks that I definitely noticed right off the bat on the red carpet. And as always, it’s a great source of inspiration (not to mention a challenge!) to take these looks and try to recreate them with the makeup you have at home. Here are this year’s Oscar looks that really made me stop and take notice.

Jennifer-Lopez Getty : Jason Merritt

Getty / Jason Merritt

Jennifer Lopez

Eyes – J. Lo always looks stunning, of course. To recreate her copper-y eye, try using pressed eye shadows in warm colors like Hustle and Vintage.

Lips – She ditched her usual nude lip for a bright baby pink. You can mix lipsticks like Baby Love and Blushing to get the right shade of pink and apply it over a layer of Neutral lip liner to make it even lighter.

Face – For that effortless glow, apply Twilight radiance shimmer.


Jennifer-Hudson Getty : Jason Merritt

Getty / Jason Merritt

Jennifer Hudson

Eyes – For the eye shadow, use Cinnamon and Vintage and a bit of Opal Shimmer for that highlight on the inner corner of the eye.

Lips – Try a bright coral shade like Peachy Keen lipstick, which is also perfect for spring!

Face – Her skin looks perfect here. Since she didn’t use any color on her cheeks, just stick to Loose Mineral Foundation. Take varying shades to get the look of natural highlights and contours like you see here.


Getty / Jason Merritt

Getty / Jason Merritt

Margot Robbie

Eyes – Line the eyes with Espresso natural eye liner, and use a golden bronze eye shadow like Poise for the lids.

Brows – Use Brush-On Brow Gel for a bold, sculpted brow. The shape is really the key here, and brow gel is perfect for keeping every hair in place.

Lips – For a bright orange-red lipstick, Mineralogie will be releasing Devil’s Advocate for Summer 2015. This color is just the right shade to imitate her look here!



Getty / Jeff Vespa

Getty / Jeff Vespa

Chrissy Teigen

Eyes / Brows – Apply a thick line of Black liquid eye liner and some false lashes. Fill in the brows with Brunette brow powder for a natural but bold looking brow.

Lips – Her deep purple red lip here does everything right – not too dark, not too bright, perfect for her skin tone. Use Showstopper lipstick to get the same look.

Cheeks – Apply Barcelona Bronze pressed bronzer to the cheeks for that sunkissed glow of hers. Don’t go too heavyhanded though!


There were plenty of other beautiful makeup looks to inspire you from this year’s Academy Awards! Lupita Nyong’o, Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, Lady Gaga, to name a few. Who were your favorites? Any looks you’d like to recreate for yourself? Leave your comments below! :)

xo Kate

Top 10 Makeup Looks From Past Oscars

The makeup, the hair, the dresses! The Oscars are synonymous with red carpet glamour, and in honor of the upcoming awards show this Sunday, we’re taking a look back at the top 10 makeup looks of all time from Oscars past. (Granted, there were way too many amazing looks to choose from but we tried to narrow it down to just 10.)




Elizabeth Taylor, 1970

Early 70s fashion and beauty was very matchy-matchy, as you can tell here with her eye shadow matching her dress color. This trend is making a revival in this upcoming spring, with a solid wash of color on the entire lid.






Raquel Welch, 1974

Here the makeup is less colorful than what we saw a few years earlier on Elizabeth Taylor, but no less glamorous. She’s giving off more of a beach bunny, bronzed goddess look that is clearly working for her!





Cher, 1986

Obviously, this is the epitome of the 80s — everything is over the top. Her makeup is bold and colorful with bright purples and pinks. And you see here the cardinal makeup sin of pairing bright eyes, cheeks, and lips at the same time. But it’s Cher. It’s the 80s. She can do whatever she wants!






Daryl Hannah, 1988

This photo is from the late 80s but her makeup looks very 90s. Her matte red lip with bushy brows has a retro, classic feel to it. She’s very ahead of the times with this look, anticipating the trends to come.






Winona Ryder, 1997

Again you see the quintessential 90s makeup. Winona’s dark vampy lip and smoky eye is like the red carpet take on grunge. You get the same grunge-y feel, but it’s still pretty enough for the red carpet.




Charlize Theron, 2004

Pencil thin eyebrows made their comeback here! In the early 2000s, red carpet makeup started to take elements from previous eras and modernize them for the present day. Charlize Theron’s look is definitely inspired by old Hollywood glamour, but it’s been updated and reinterpreted for a very pretty, modern take on 1920s beauty.




Michelle Williams, 2006

This look shows up on so many of the “best of” red carpet lists and it’s easy to see why. She makes a daring color combination with an orange red lipstick against that mustard yellow dress. Albeit unusual, it’s still eye catching, it’s pretty, and she absolutely kills it with this look.





Halle Berry, 2011

We could have picked Halle Berry from any number of Oscars that she’s been to. She always looks stunning. Especially here, her skin looks gorgeous paired with that bronze smoky eye. Nothing is overdone; it’s all just right!







Jessica Chastain, 2012

Lovin’ how she’s rocking the winged liner! It’s great when celebrities take a daring trend and wear it on the red carpet, even though this could very well be an everyday look. She takes this one trend and makes it a statement.





Lupita Nyong’o, 2014

And finally, Lupita’s look at last year’s Oscars brings us full circle. Her minty pastel eye shadow matches her dress (bringin it back to Liz again!). This was such a cool and refreshing look, and those light pastel colors on her skin tone really stood out.




The makeup has changed over the years, but the glamour stays the same. The red carpet is such a great source of inspiration for trends — old, new, or reinterpreted! It will be interesting to see what looks they’ll be wearing on Sunday and if we’ll see any of these same styles pop up again! Who else do you think should have made the list? Leave us a comment with your Oscar makeup faves!


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