Loose Mineral Concealer vs. Cream Concealer


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Am I the only one who has been seeing this under eye concealer tip everywhere lately?! If you’re a Pinterest addict like me, you’re bound to see this image sooner or later. It’s a great visual that shows you exactly how you should be applying your concealer to cover dark circles. It’s also this week’s blog inspiration! With the rising popularity of this photo, now seems like a great time to examine what kind of concealer you should be using!


Loose Mineral Concealer
This is best used on blemishes that are not broken or open. An open breakout tends to get dryness around it which the powder will cling to, making it even more noticeable and nobody wants that. But loose concealer is great for covering acne or acne scars. It won’t make your acne worse like many cream concealers do. That’s why it’s the better choice for young or teenage skin. You can use the Foundation Blending Brush for natural coverage, or you can use the Lip Brush which is perfect for spot coverage.

It’s also good for covering that redness that some people have around the nostril area. Or if you have any hyperpigmentation or large areas to conceal, it’s better to use loose mineral concealer. When you try to cover too large of an area with cream concealer, and then add a layer of foundation, it can look really obvious. Loose mineral concealer will have a more flawless appearance.

For those of you who think that loose concealer is too messy, the best advice is to only poke one hole in the sifter. Just one! This will keep everything clean and contained. Open the jar upside down keeping the lid in your palm, and work from the minerals in the lid. Tap the brush so there’s not excess powder, and apply in a patting motion. You can diffuse the edges with a swiping motion. With loose mineral concealer, it’s better to apply your foundation first. Let your foundation cover what it’s going to cover and then go back and see what needs more coverage. That way you won’t spend all your time carefully concealing certain spots, only to brush on your foundation and mess it all up. Got it?


Cream Concealer (Ultimate Cream Concealer or Natural Cream Concealer)
This is what you want to use for mature skin because it’s creamy and moves with the skin, without sitting on top of it. The right cream concealer will give good coverage without being overly heavy. Cream concealers should look like skin, which is what you need to camouflage fine lines. It’s also better to use for concealing under eye circles.

Cream concealer is nice to apply with your fingers because the product will actually warm with your touch and blend easier if you pat it into the skin. But if you want more coverage, use a brush. For under eye circles, the Square Detail Brush is perfect because the flat edge allows you to apply right up under your lash line. Remember the photo at the top? Apply a dot of concealer at the inner corner of your eye (where you want the most coverage) and one dot at the outer corner of your eye (where redness usually is). Then you want to blend them down into a V shape. Remember to use a patting or stippling motion with your brush! Swiping will only smear the concealer and give you less coverage.

With cream concealer, always apply the concealer first, then add foundation. If you’re wearing foundation, sometimes it’s better to get a concealer that’s a little bit lighter. When powder and cream concealer are the same shade, the powder will get darker on the areas where there’s concealer because you’re layering color on top of color. If this happens to you, try a lighter shade of concealer so the powder will smooth it all out. That being said, watch out for under eye circles. Applying too light of a shade under your eyes can sometimes have the opposite effect, making skin look ashy and even darker. So, don’t go too light. On the other hand, if you plan on only wearing concealer by itself, you need a shade that matches your skin tone for a more natural look.

Now go forth and find the perfect concealer for you!

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