Makeup Must-Haves for Festival Groupies


Written by: Britt Maez

Festival season is well underway and here’s a lot of music festivals to choose from nowadays, not that I’m complaining. My personal favorite festival is SXSW in Austin. Not only because it’s close to home, but walking around the streets of Austin, getting 60 pairs of free sunnies that marketing companies are handing out, and the fun + weird style so characteristically Austin just seems like my kind of place. The memories of 2 am food-trucking and seeing the band I watch preform, the night before, at the same party as me the next day is just unbeatable when it comes to festivals.

Now, I’m not bashing other festivals because I’m all for that famous music festival that happens in Palm Springs, where their name rhymes with Boachella (apparently we can’t reference the actual festival name without getting in trouble…poor Urban Outfitters), but to me discovering new bands at SXSW is just the way to go.

Okay, enough of the SXSW advocacy, regardless of which music fest your groupie heart cherishes, we are here to discuss Festival Essentials.

Is it your first time music-fes’ting, baby groupie? Let me give you the low-down on how to make sure you don’t melt your face off in your first 3 hrs of “Boachella.” And for those experienced professional groupies, maybe you’ll find a new essential to add to your Groupie Go-Tos. Either way, there is a way to last all week or weekend at a festival without dying.

Face and Body Block - Barely There
Here are 5 MUST-HAVES because well, Bochella weekend 2 is around the corner:
  1. Face and Body Block Dispensing brush: Now I learned first hand at SXSW a few years back, there is such a thing as too much sun and a looking like a burnt lobster doesn’t look good on anyone. Trust me. Face and Body Block has pure minerals that will keep you from getting burnt. Apply once in the morning and then again mid-day to reap the most benefits. I actually tried this while at was at SXSW this year and I’m happy to report I didn’t get burned once. Another great thing about this product is that it’s fairly sheer and adds a pinch of color so you can apply with an actual foundation too if you want. I typically don’t wear foundation so the “Barely There” works great for me.
  2. Sheer Liquid Hydration: If you are someone who does want a little more coverage and wLiquid Hydration Sheer Tintants it to stay on all day, I’d recommend a liquid foundation. It gives you quite a bit of coverage and a little goes a long way. Just make sure you blend it well so don’t have most of the color in just one area. Liquid Eye Liner + Shadow
  3. Nude Liquid Liner + Bright Eye Shadow: This one will work with just about any nude liquid liner. Pick your favorite eye shadow and pour some liquid liner into the shadow lid and mix using the ‘Precision brush‘ into the eye shadow to make your favorite color into a liquid eye liner and bam, it’s that easy.
  4. Blue my Mind Mascara (pictured below): When I went to SXSW a few weeks back I wanted to try some festive makeup so I put teal liquid liner on and paired it with Mineralogie’s Blue My Mind
    Blue My Mind

    Me wearing all the products mentioned in our list. My personal fav: the Blue My Mind mascara + Twisted Mimosa lips.

    mascara. To say the least, it got a lot of attention. People kept stopping me to ask, OMG is that BLUE mascara? Where’d you get it!? And there was a girl who had hair the color of my mascara and she about flipped out. Apparently not a lot of companies do a colored mascara that stands out, but Mineralogie does. This is a definite must-have even during festival off-season

  5. Twisted Mimosa Nude Lipstick (pictured on the left): I have never been a nude lipstick girl, like ever. But, after realizing how ridiculous I look when I forget to reapply a bright lipstick throughout the day, its not pretty. When I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror looking like the Joker from Batman, I’ve got a major problem. A nude lipstick has its benefits because it blends pretty well with your lips and if does get smeared or comes off, it’s not as drastic or as hard to get off clothing like a cherry red lipstick is. My favorite lipstick right now is Twisted Mimosa because it’s super soft and the color is great on me. I have a lot of blue in my lips so this is the right shade for me. And yes yes I know, it’s a festival, you’re supposed to be bright…but why not have more fun with eye makeup and face paint rather than your lips. Lipstick is easily messed up and normally the first thing to come off so in my opinion nude lips is the way to go.
I hope this helps, groupies. Pick up a pair of Dr. Martens in red, a vintage tee, and now you’re set. Go have fun, don’t forget to crowd surf.

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