Code Red: Red Hot Lips for Date Night


Mineralogie Red Lipstick

Red lips are synonymous with glamour, and when you need to pull out all the stops for Valentine’s Day or any other special date night; then a bold red lipstick is the way to go. Don’t be intimidated if you are new to red lipstick. Makeup should be FUN and you can’t take it too seriously.

I recommend doing a tiny bit of research on application methods for red lipstick, which due to the saturated color takes a little extra effort than an everyday “your lips but better shade” that you might be accustomed to. Once you have read some tips, and and I highly recommend starting with  this post for some helpful hints, then you are ready to practice, practice, practice! My mom has decided that she wants to start wearing a bold red lip, so she has been applying her favorite shade daily even if she isn’t leaving the house. She has built up her confidence and started wearing a True Red lipstick to church on Sundays that makes her Ivory complexion pop.

Red lipsticks come in an overwhelming array of shades from blue undertones, to orange and everything in between. Picking the right shade can make all the difference in the final outcome of the look. To start, consider your complexion. If you don’t already know if you have cool or warm undertones then take a couple of minutes to complete this quiz to determine. If you have cool undertones consider a fuschia-red or berry-red. For warmer complexions an orange-red is the way to go. Pretty much anyone can wear a True Red.

If you still aren’t sure what shade will look the best on your skin tone, consider a lip palette. Mineralogie released the Sealed with a Kiss trio for Valentine’s Day, and its limited edition so you better snag yours fast. Featuring Stiletto, Backstage and Catwalk you have a cool, warm and a true red at your fingertips to apply individually or mix for the perfect shade. Don’t forget to pick up a red lip liner to complete the look.

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