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Fall Trend Alert – Film Noir!

film noir Imaxtree (4)

Photo: Imaxtree (4)

Fashion and beauty trends often refer to the past, and this fall is no different. The cinematic inspiration for many designers on the runway for fall and winter 2013 is Film Noir, and no wonder! It makes you think of elegant heroines and dangerous femme fatales, both oozing in confidence. There’s a dark, sexy glamour that surrounds this trend, with the striking silhouettes and dramatic ensembles. And the makeup that goes along with it is equally alluring!

For a true FIlm Noir-inspired look, you need to focus on a strong eye or a strong lip. Go for either a smoldering, smoky eye or a dark red lip, never combined. There’s enough drama in this trend without having too many features compete for the spotlight. You can always refer to last week’s post for an up-to-date fall smoky eye, or you can make your own palette using your favorite eye shadows.

Suggested Smoky Eye Palettes
-Socialite Collection: Metallic, Black Velvet, Glam, Mime
-Hollywood Glamour Collection: Sage, Gunmetal, Luminous, Cameo
-A-List Collection: Black Velvet, Mulberry, Sugar Lily, Rose Mist
-Holiday Collection: Vixen, Black Velvet, Glam, Frost

For a dark lip, the absolute perfect shade for this trend is Guilty Pleasure. It practically screams Film Noir. It’s the perfect vampy color for fall and winter, plus it looks great on women of every age. This deep berry colored lipstick applies a little lighter than how it looks in the tube, so don’t get too intimidated. It’s a wearable way to try this trend for yourself. For a bright red lip, I’d recommend Icon lipstick. It’s that true red that will make you think classic Hollywood.

Heighten the drama with contoured cheekbones, but be sure to keep your skin matte. Save the shimmer for summer! This fall trend is about making your skin look smooth and flawless, rather than dewy. You’ll want to shy away from your liquid products, like Liquid Hydration or BB Crème at least for now anyway, in favor of products that will accentuate the matte features of your face, like Invisibly Matte or Matte Finishing Powder. Check out my earlier blog post for even more matte skin tips!

If you’re considering a new look this fall, now is the perfect time to channel your inner femme fatale with the Film Noir trend!

xo Kate

Matte Skin is IN!

matte skin trend

Photo: Mondadoriphoto, IMAXtree.com/Davide Gallizio

It’s official- dewy skin is out, and matte skin is in for Fall 2013! This season is all about elegant and fresh looking faces. For those of you who gasp in horror at the matte skin trend, it really doesn’t mean you have to look chalky and overly powdered. As we’ve seen from the runway, this year’s trend is more about clean, perfected complexions.

To achieve this look, you need the following products:

The matte skin trend is not about “matting” everything down. It really depends on your skin type and what parts of your face have a tendency to get shiny. For oily skin, you typically need to focus on the forehead, nose, and sometimes the chin. For dry skin, it’s more important to have a good moisturizer first. Otherwise, a mattifying powder will literally suck all the moisture out of your skin, making it look dry and flaky. To prevent it from appearing too powdery, you should moisturize your skin first and let it completely absorb before applying any makeup.

Apply your Face Primer first. To achieve matte skin, you want to stay away from using liquid products like BB Crème or Liquid Hydration. Those will give you the opposite effect and your skin will look more hydrated. Obviously, that’s a good thing for most of us. But for the sake of this trend, it’s better to skip that step and stick to your loose mineral foundation. You can apply your foundation with the Dome Brush to get a light dusting of minerals. Then, finish the look by applying either the Invisibly Matte or Matte Finishing Powder. You don’t need to dust this all over your face! Only focus on the areas of your face that tend to get shiny. If you’re not sure, think of photos taken with the flash on and if you’ve ever noticed any reflection on your face. On me, it’s always my forehead that gets the most shiny.

Next, you can add some warmth by applying a matte blush or bronzer. When you’re going for a matte look like this, you want to avoid shimmer on your cheeks. As far as the eyes and lips go, shimmer is OK. Having a combination of textures on the face will give you a more modern overall look. Otherwise if you go completely matte all over on the face, lips, and eyes, people will think you’re stuck in the 90s. Not good. If you want people to know you belong in this decade, keep the matte within reason!

Give it a shot, and have fun with this trend!

Your humble makeup blogger,
xo Kate

Sneak Peek! New Makeup for Fall 2013

sneak peek- fall colors

I know it’s still August, but Mineralogie already has this year’s fall makeup line in the works and I can’t wait for it to be released! This year, there’s going to be 10, count ’em, 10 brand NEW shades. That means lots of new lipsticks, blushes, lip glosses, and pressed eye shadows to choose from. Lucky for you readers out there, I have access to these never-before-seen shades and I snuck a few of them to show you all!

Guilty Pleasure lipstick – This dark berry lipstick is the perfect vampy color for fall! It’s sultry and sexy but oh so classy. Anyone from age 18 to 60 can wear a darker lip color like this. But please note, you definitely have to wear lip liner with a dark lipstick like this! If you don’t have a liner to match, just use a Lip Brush, which is pointed like a pencil, to line your lips with your lipstick. That way you can make your own liner that’s the exact same shade as your lipstick!

Glitz lip gloss – This light rose pink gloss has some pearl reflections in it, causing it to look a little lighter on your lips than it does in the tube. The glittery reflections add a multidimensional flair to this gloss. You can apply it over Guilty Pleasure on the center of the lip to look extra pouty. Or for a lighter look, you can pair it with Parfait or Pink Sand lipstick.

Vanity blush – This rose pink blush is a pretty soft shade of pink with some mauve undertones. The good news is it won’t go ashy on darker skin tones. It’s not a shimmer blush, but it has just the slightest sheen to it that’s perfect for fall. Keep in mind, shimmer blushes are best for summer or holiday, while soft sheen or matte blushes are better suited for fall.

Gunmetal pressed eye shadow – This new shadow is a dark grey-black with a tiny bit of gold. It doesn’t look gold, but when you blend it, Gunmetal has an almost metallic sheen. It’s because of these light reflecting particles that this shade isn’t a solid black. It has more dimension. It really is a true gunmetal color. The name is the most accurate description for it. It works great for a smoky eye look.

Sage pressed eye shadow – This eye shadow is a light grey-green. It looks more light green in the pan, and looks more grey-green once you apply it. It’s a mid-tone shadow, meaning it’s not quite dark enough for the crease, and not light enough to use as a highlight. Use it only on the lid. It makes for a great neutral shade with a little bit of color. You can pair it with Gunmetal to bring out the grey in it, or you can pair with Envy or Emerald to bring out the green.

I hope you’re as excited about these colors as I am, ’cause this is only half of them! There’s still more fall makeup to come. Leave a comment if you want to see another sneak peek at the rest of the Fall 2013 line!

xo Kate