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Summer Makeup Essentials

I am very particular about what products I think fit the bill to be considered a Summer Makeup Essential. When it’s hot outside I prefer to stick to a simple routine that allows me be out the door as quickly as possible and still look polished for whatever the day has for me. It can be so much fun experimenting with makeup, but something can be said for an easy look using a minimal amount of products.  For me, the Summer months call for versatility.

Summer Makeup Essentials

Begin with a moisturizer. Extreme heat and sun naturally dehydrate the skin and you want to combat the dryness with moisturizer (don’t skimp on this even if you have naturally oily skin!).  After letting that settle into your skin you will be ready to apply your makeup.   For a sweat proof, water resistant, build-able coverage foundation use Mineralogie’s Loose Mineral Foundation all over the face. For achieving a natural to medium coverage the Deluxe Brush is a great fit. Just dip the tip of the brush in your foundation and tap off the excess. Dust over the face 2-3 times depending on the amount of coverage desired. Don’t forget, our Loose Mineral Foundation contains zinc and titanium, and everyone knows these are essential ingredients for full spectrum sun protection.

Once you have evened out your complexion with foundation, you can apply your favorite blush.  My go-to blush this Summer has definitely been the Island Glow Duo Compact.  If you are in a hurry, just apply the lighter shade in the compact (Veil) across your cheeks and you are done.  But for a Summery punch of color, sweep the bolder shade (Hibiscus) across your cheekbones with a Deluxe Brush and blend in.  Then, pop the lighter shade, Veil, on the apples of your cheeks for a luminous glow.

Apply Rose Quartz Lux Creme Shadow directly on your eyelids up to the crease and blend in with a Soft Blending Brush (or you can use your finger to keep things quick and easy). Be your own makeup artist and mix our Liquid Nude Eye Liner with the shadow of your choice and apply across the top lash line.  Since we are going for a simple Summer look, I picked Chocolat’, a nice rich brown that will add the “perfect for daytime” definition to the eyes. Follow with a few swipes of your favorite mascara.

For lips that are moisturized and protected from the sun and wind you simply can’t beat our Vitamin E Stick.  Add a sheer wash of color with Mango Tango, our best selling shade in this formula.

To set your makeup, especially if you have dry skin, hold Mineralogie’s Skin Spritz about 8 inches from your face and spray. Calming and cooling, you can keep this in your bag and spray anytime of day for a quick pick me up.

Let us know your favorite Mineralogie products to use in the Summer months! Can you recommend any must-have things that we left out?



Makeup Quick Tips

This week’s post is all about quick tips to improve, transform, or repurpose your makeup! It’s easy to get wasteful with makeup when there’s so many colors to choose from, so many products to try, and the trends are constantly changing! We’ve all been there. You bought a color but when you tried it on at home, it just didn’t look the same. Or you bought a color that was super trendy at the time, but then womp womp… the trend passed. So instead of tossing them or forgetting about them at the bottom of your makeup bag, here are some quick tips to make the most out of what you already have!

makeup quick tips

Quick Tip #1 – If a lipstick color wasn’t quite what you expected it to be, you can always make a new color by layering it with a lip liner, lip gloss, or even another lipstick color. It’s an easy way to customize your shade and turn a dud purchase into something you’ll use again and again.

Quick Tip #2 – Use eye drops to rejuvenate a mascara or liquid eye liner that’s getting dried up. Just add a drop or two to soften the liquid, and use the wand to mix inside the tube. (Keep in mind you should toss your mascara after 3 months!)

eye shadow makeup tip

Quick Tip #3 – Intensify your eye shadow and give it an extra punch of color using our Lux Creme Eye Shadow underneath it! Give any eye shadow an instant makeover by layering it on top of Rose Quartz Lux Creme Eye Shadow. Whether it’s too dull, too light, or just not enough oomph for your look, this is a foolproof way to transform your color!

Quick Tip #4 – Turn your lipstick in a matte lipstick by applying Matte Finishing Powder on top. This also helps prevent feathering and bleeding!


Quick Tip #5 – You can mix your Loose Mineral Foundation with your moisturizer to make your own tinted moisturizer at home! Or if you want to step it up, you can mix Radiance with your body moisturizer and apply to your legs, arms, back, and decollete for a soft glow.

What are your best tips for giving your makeup a second life? Share them in the comment section below!

xo Kate

Travel Makeup Tips

Travel Makeup

This week’s blog is all about… travel! Why? Because I just got back from vacay and am ashamed to say that I did not post anything last week. I very briefly considered bringing my laptop and blogging from my hotel room… but then I realized that goes against the very definition of a vacation. Duh. So, I’m back in the office now and ready to share with you all of my tips for traveling with makeup!

First of all, I admit I am the most ridiculous over-packer when it comes to bringing clothes and makeup on trips. But I’m trying to be better about packing smart! When it comes to makeup, here’s my “essentials” list for what you really need to take from your makeup drawer.



  • Face Primer – Packaged in a tiny tube, perfect for traveling.
  • Concealer – What kind of concealer should you bring? Refer to this!
  • Foundation in a Shaker Jar – Small and portable. Otherwise you can bring it in a Dispensing Brush if you prefer, which is also handy to travel with because it combines your brush and your product in one.
  • Blush – Try to bring your one go-to shade to save on space.
  • Invisibly Matte – Not a necessity, but I personally can’t live without it.
  • Eye Liners – Raven and Espresso are my picks. You can get by with just a good black and brown liner.
  • Quad Pressed Eye Shadow Compact – The eye shadow pans are magnetized so you can pop them out and make your own combo! Bring only what you need for your trip. A good neutral (like Wheat or Chocolat), a good lid/highlight color (like Cameo), something to add some color if you want it (like Sage), and then a dark color to transform your daytime look to nighttime (like Black Velvet or Plum).
  • Lux Creme Eye Shadow – Versatile product that can be used as an eye primer, can by worn alone, or can be worn under your other eye shadows for a completely different look.
  • Lip Liner – You can fill in your entire lip to look like a lipstick, then add your lip gloss on top.
  • Lip Gloss – Bring one that’s a good neutral (like Girl Meets Pearl) and one that you can use for a pop of color (like Parfait).
  • Skin Spritz – BEST product for travel, hands down. Every time I travel, I feel like my skin is so dry after being on the plane. Pack this in your carry-on and use it to keep your skin refreshed and moisturized.

When it comes to traveling with makeup, the key is to bring minimal but versatile products. Think of the colors you always wear, the products that have multiple uses, the ones that save on space, etc. It’s all about getting the most out of what you bring. That’s my two cents. What are your best travel beauty tips?

’til next time!
xo Kate

Summer Makeup (AKA How to Keep Your Face From Melting!)

Summer Makeup

It is officially summer, which means it’s my most dreaded time of year for makeup. Why? Because living in Texas in 100+ degree heat does not bode well for my makeup routine, my energy bill, or really my life in general. At least the first one I was able to resolve, once I found the right products. So, let me share with you my newfound wisdom of how to survive the heat and get your summer makeup sweat-proof and summer-proof!

Eye Shadow Primer / Face Primer – Before you do anything, you need to apply primer. This is an absolute must during the summer, so your makeup will be longer lasting. For those moments when I feel like I’m melting, at least I know my face isn’t. :)

Waterproof Mascara – This is an easy one, of course. You’ll need it to keep your mascara from running when the temperature rises.

Lux Creme Eye Shadow (coming soon!) – A brand new product and my new favorite eye shadow, especially for summer. Mineralogie’s new eye shadow stick goes on creamy, allowing you to blend with your fingers, but once it dries, it’s not going anywhere! No creasing, no smearing, no fading. Love it!

Liquid Eye Liner / Liquid Nude Eye Liner – Liquid eye liners are the way to go during the summer time. Pencil liners are great to smudge and blend, but that smudginess also means it’s not entirely sweat-proof. A liquid liner will stay in place.

Invisibly Matte – So this might be one of my absolute favorite products ever! It’s actually what got me hooked on Mineralogie to begin with. My biggest skin problem is having oily skin that’s also prone to acne, but at the same time can get really dried out if I use too many products on it. Invisibly Matte takes away the shine without adding color or clogging pores. On lazy makeup days, I wear it by itself without foundation. During the summer, it’s my savior!

SPF 30 Face & Body Block – Take it with you to the pool, or the beach, or anywhere outdoors. You’ll thank me. The best part about a powdered sunscreen? It won’t run into your eyes when you go swimming and make you want to cry. Worth it.

Tinted Vitamin E Stick – Summer heat tends to make me want to go light on makeup. Instead of heavy lipsticks, I’d rather wear a tinted lip balm for a little color, and luckily there’s a brand new one in the Mineralogie line! Mango Tango is the latest tinted Vitamin E Stick, and the shade looks great on everyone in the office here. We all love it!

Alright, so that’s my list of the best summer makeup products that I hope you find useful! Do you change up your makeup routine during the summer? What products do you rely on (besides air conditioning)?

Try to stay cool!
xo Kate