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How to Wear Pastels Like an Adult

pastel eye shadow

Pastels aren’t just for kiddos. There is a modern, chic, and most importantly age appropriate way to wear them! You just have to know the right techniques. Check out the two examples of pastel eye shadow looks shown above, each using different techniques to make pastels wearable for adults. Here are some tips that can make all the difference.

Tip #1 – Layering
Pastels can sometimes be so light and airy that they become flat in color. One way to keep your colors vibrant is to apply the Lux Creme Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz first. By layering Rose Quartz underneath, you’ll add more dimension and shimmer, plus the color will pop a little more. Or if you want to keep the same soft texture, apply a skin tone Eye Shadow Primer instead.

Tip #2 – Matching your look and your technique
For a look that’s soft and airy, your brush should be fluffy and your technique should be just as soft. For instance, you can use the Blending Brush to pat the pastel shadow on the eye lid for a nice saturation of color, then use the fluffy part of the brush to blend it upwards to the brow. For a look that’s more dramatic, you should use a smaller, more compact brush like the Square Detail Brush for a higher impact of color.

Tip #3 – Applying underneath the eye
If you’re only going to use one pastel color, it’s very important to wrap the color underneath the eye as well. This will keep the look modern and decidedly non-80s looking. You can keep it that same whimsical, soft look by using the same fluffy type of brush you used to do the lid.

Tip #4- Using it as a liner
For a twist on Tip #3, you can also use your pastel eye shadow as more of a liner underneath the eye by concentrating the color more. This technique helps enhance the eye shape. Or if you want a more avant garde look, you can turn your pastel eye shadow into a liquid eye liner using the Liquid Nude Eye Liner. This is a fun way to shake up your traditional winged eye liner. Light pastel liner can have a similar effect as a white eye liner does by opening up the eye, plus it’s more of a modern, updated version.

Tip #5 – Adding dimension without adding color
Apply a color like Sparkle under the arch of the brow and the inner corner of the tear duct to add a highlight for extra dimension. This way your look won’t be all one solid color, but it also won’t add any competing shades to the look.

Tip #6 – Blending with darker shades
For a completely different technique, instead of going for the soft and airy look, you can go for a more sultry way of wearing pastels. This technique calls for making the pastel more wearable by adding in some darker colors. Apply the pastel on the lid, and then add a deeper shade in corner of the crease and bring it out to the outer corner of the eye.

By all means, you do NOT have to combine all these tips into one look. That’s crazy. Pick and choose based on the look you’re going for, whether it’s that soft, airy, sort of watercolor look (like the example on the bottom) or if you’re aiming for more of a dramatic and color-concentrated look (like the look on the top). Have fun!

xo Kate