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7 Makeup Must-Haves for Travel

I like to have the comforts of home when I am out of town just as much as the next girl, but especially when flying; with luggage restrictions and ever increasing fees I try to channel my best minimalistic self. I have narrowed the field down to 7 Makeup Must-Haves for Travel that will work for everyone.

I would say the biggest thing I notice when I am traveling is that I tend to have a lot of things going on that might require different types of makeup throughout the day and evening.  My family and I like to pack as much into each day as possible, so that might mean a Red Sox game at noon and Boston Pops concert at night. In an ideal world I would have time to shower and completely redo my makeup between the two, but that isn’t always the case. These 7 products are my most essential that I don’t leave home without. With these I am ready for whatever the day brings throughout my trip.


Skin Spritz: Everyone knows that the recirculated air in the plane cabin is drying and wreaks havoc on your skin. Not to mention, when I am on vacation I am often outside more than usual and the extra sun I get dries my skin out even more. I keep Skin Spritz in my carry on to freshen up when I arrive and then pop it in the hotel room fridge for a cool spritz whenever I need it. That way, I can keep the hotel room toasty and relieve my parched skin before I put on makeup in the morning.

Natural Cream Concealer: Blame it on staying up too late packing because I procrastinated until the last minute, stress from delayed flights, my skin being exposed to a climate that it isn’t used to, or a combination of the above, but if my skin is going to rebel, then it will when I am away from home. I stay prepared with a great coverage cream concealer. I can also use this in a pinch as a primer for eye shadow. I would recommend to dab it on your finger instead of directly on your face if you are covering a blemish so you don’t transfer the bacteria from the pimple back to your container.

Pressed Foundation: Sure, when I am at home I prefer my Loose Mineral Foundation, but when traveling I always pack a Pressed Foundation Compact. It stays neat in my makeup bag, I can get the amount of coverage desired and I can throw it in my purse for a touchup later in the day after that baseball game.

Rose Quartz Eye Shadow: When I am on vacation I want to spend my time exploring, seeing the sites, eating the food and soaking up the culture, not staying in the bathroom perfecting a smoky eye. With a quick swipe and a little blending my eye makeup is done. Nothing is more convenient than this creamy stick shadow!

Pure Mineral Lipstick: Just trust me on this one. These are so lightweight on the lips, they feel like a balm, and with sheer and natural coverage the shades are forgiving enough that they are incredibly wearable. Wear alone during the day to keep lips moisturized and protected and layer over a liner in the evening to subtly change the color and increase wear time.

Duo Pressed Blush: One of the most important aspects of a product to make it to my travel bag is versatility. With a Duo blush you essentially have endless options. We put a lot of thought into the shades that have been paired together so that you can wear either of them alone, or blend them together to customize the look.

Deluxe Brush: In a perfect world I would travel all of the time with my full arsenal of brushes, but if I am trying to fit everything into my overstuffed carry-on then space is a luxury I can’t afford.  The Deluxe brush is one of the most versatile brushes you will find. I use it to put on my foundation and then to apply blush or even a light bronzer. Just be sure to clean it off if you are switching between products.

Depending on where I am going, I might throw in some additional products to these, but I don’t leave home without these tried and true favorites. Do you have anything that goes everywhere with you?


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7 Makeup Must Haves for Travel

Travel Makeup Tips

Travel Makeup

This week’s blog is all about… travel! Why? Because I just got back from vacay and am ashamed to say that I did not post anything last week. I very briefly considered bringing my laptop and blogging from my hotel room… but then I realized that goes against the very definition of a vacation. Duh. So, I’m back in the office now and ready to share with you all of my tips for traveling with makeup!

First of all, I admit I am the most ridiculous over-packer when it comes to bringing clothes and makeup on trips. But I’m trying to be better about packing smart! When it comes to makeup, here’s my “essentials” list for what you really need to take from your makeup drawer.



  • Face Primer – Packaged in a tiny tube, perfect for traveling.
  • Concealer – What kind of concealer should you bring? Refer to this!
  • Foundation in a Shaker Jar – Small and portable. Otherwise you can bring it in a Dispensing Brush if you prefer, which is also handy to travel with because it combines your brush and your product in one.
  • Blush – Try to bring your one go-to shade to save on space.
  • Invisibly Matte – Not a necessity, but I personally can’t live without it.
  • Eye Liners – Raven and Espresso are my picks. You can get by with just a good black and brown liner.
  • Quad Pressed Eye Shadow Compact – The eye shadow pans are magnetized so you can pop them out and make your own combo! Bring only what you need for your trip. A good neutral (like Wheat or Chocolat), a good lid/highlight color (like Cameo), something to add some color if you want it (like Sage), and then a dark color to transform your daytime look to nighttime (like Black Velvet or Plum).
  • Lux Creme Eye Shadow – Versatile product that can be used as an eye primer, can by worn alone, or can be worn under your other eye shadows for a completely different look.
  • Lip Liner – You can fill in your entire lip to look like a lipstick, then add your lip gloss on top.
  • Lip Gloss – Bring one that’s a good neutral (like Girl Meets Pearl) and one that you can use for a pop of color (like Parfait).
  • Skin Spritz – BEST product for travel, hands down. Every time I travel, I feel like my skin is so dry after being on the plane. Pack this in your carry-on and use it to keep your skin refreshed and moisturized.

When it comes to traveling with makeup, the key is to bring minimal but versatile products. Think of the colors you always wear, the products that have multiple uses, the ones that save on space, etc. It’s all about getting the most out of what you bring. That’s my two cents. What are your best travel beauty tips?

’til next time!
xo Kate