Travel Makeup Tips

Travel Makeup

This week’s blog is all about… travel! Why? Because I just got back from vacay and am ashamed to say that I did not post anything last week. I very briefly considered bringing my laptop and blogging from my hotel room… but then I realized that goes against the very definition of a vacation. Duh. So, I’m back in the office now and ready to share with you all of my tips for traveling with makeup!

First of all, I admit I am the most ridiculous over-packer when it comes to bringing clothes and makeup on trips. But I’m trying to be better about packing smart! When it comes to makeup, here’s my “essentials” list for what you really need to take from your makeup drawer.



  • Face Primer – Packaged in a tiny tube, perfect for traveling.
  • Concealer – What kind of concealer should you bring? Refer to this!
  • Foundation in a Shaker Jar – Small and portable. Otherwise you can bring it in a Dispensing Brush if you prefer, which is also handy to travel with because it combines your brush and your product in one.
  • Blush – Try to bring your one go-to shade to save on space.
  • Invisibly Matte – Not a necessity, but I personally can’t live without it.
  • Eye Liners – Raven and Espresso are my picks. You can get by with just a good black and brown liner.
  • Quad Pressed Eye Shadow Compact – The eye shadow pans are magnetized so you can pop them out and make your own combo! Bring only what you need for your trip. A good neutral (like Wheat or Chocolat), a good lid/highlight color (like Cameo), something to add some color if you want it (like Sage), and then a dark color to transform your daytime look to nighttime (like Black Velvet or Plum).
  • Lux Creme Eye Shadow – Versatile product that can be used as an eye primer, can by worn alone, or can be worn under your other eye shadows for a completely different look.
  • Lip Liner – You can fill in your entire lip to look like a lipstick, then add your lip gloss on top.
  • Lip Gloss – Bring one that’s a good neutral (like Girl Meets Pearl) and one that you can use for a pop of color (like Parfait).
  • Skin Spritz – BEST product for travel, hands down. Every time I travel, I feel like my skin is so dry after being on the plane. Pack this in your carry-on and use it to keep your skin refreshed and moisturized.

When it comes to traveling with makeup, the key is to bring minimal but versatile products. Think of the colors you always wear, the products that have multiple uses, the ones that save on space, etc. It’s all about getting the most out of what you bring. That’s my two cents. What are your best travel beauty tips?

’til next time!
xo Kate

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