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Resolve to be good to your skin in 2023

Mineralogie CLEAR

"You don't have to sacrifice coverage and great color while you work towards your skin care goals"

- Jan G., Esthetician/MUA
IG: @jangilsdorf

The Mineralogie Human Touch

The Mineralogie Human Touch is a company promise to treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of our internal or external differences. Driven by a love for the beauty found in diversity, we create quality products for all people, skin tones, and ages... and we never test on animals

Why Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide is a key ingredient in all of our foundations. From our Award-Winning Loose Mineral Foundation to our brand-new Liquid Zinc Foundation. Zinc Oxide has a wide array of benefits in our makeup, including antibacterial and preventative properties. Plus it's non-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

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