What is METAvivor?

METAvivor Research and Support is dedicated to the specific fight of men and women living with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. It is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization that exclusively funds stage IV MBC research to transition the disease from terminal to chronic with a good quality of life for MBC patients. METAvivor puts 100% of every donation toward stage IV metastatic breast cancer research.⁠

Who is Valerie Wright

Valerie Wright is a dear friend and fan of Mineralogie who passed away from metastatic breast cancer in 2019.

We worked with Valerie through a philanthropy of her own, and before she passed, she asked us to continue that work with METAvivor.

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Being Human

Mineralogie is driven by a love for the beauty found in diversity. You can find us in Dallas, Texas creating clean, quality products for people of all genders, skin tones, and ages... & we never test on animals.

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