The Mineralogie Human Touch

The Mineralogie Human Touch is a company promise to treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of our internal or external differences. Driven by a love for the beauty found in diversity, we create quality products for all people, skin tones, and ages... and we never test on animals. We give a portion of proceeds to local DFW nonprofit organizations, including Genesis Women’s Shelter, New Horizons, METAvivor and House of Shine. We are always open to new opportunities to give back.

Remember: Beauty is unique to all of us.


We also strive to make a positive impact towards the preservation of our planet.

Mineralogie is a leading manufacturer and distributor of mineral makeup, and our entire company is built on the values of the constantly evolving, eco-conscious beauty industry. As a member of the global marketplace, we understand the impact our products and packaging have on consumers and the environment. We strive to combine our healthy approach to cosmetics with our corporate responsibility to maintain a beautiful company, both inside and out.


Earth-Friendly Initiatives


  • Mineralogie products are never tested on animals.
  • All outer box product packaging is printed on recycled papers.
  • Many of the company’s containers are made with 20% recycled materials. A large number of the containers are refillable and reusable, making them both user and environmentally friendly.
  • Corporate paper documents and marketing materials are printed using partially or totally recycled stock.
  • A portion of Mineralogie’s proceeds is contributed to nonprofit organizations, including Genesis Women’s Shelter and New Horizons.
  • Recycled packing boxes and corn starch biodegradable peanuts are used and peanuts from other companies are reused in shipments.
  • We select electricity providers that use wind energy to reduce air pollution and help keep the environment clean.
  • Recycling all applicable materials is a mandate for all employees at the company’s 25,000 sq. ft. corporate office and warehouse.
  • A four-day workweek for all employees means a reduced carbon imprint from our vehicles, and a better work-life balance. Carpooling, as well as the use of mass transit, is strongly encouraged and supported.
  • Several times each year our employees volunteer to help keep the Trinity River clean, which not only benefits our environment, but serves as a great team building experience.