Liquid Eye Liner Application Instructions


liquid eye liner application title

1. Open Container
Remove applicator wand from tube and lightly dab extra product onto a tissue.
Liquid eye liner open bottle
2. Application Options
Starting at the inner corner of your eye, place the wand on your lash line and draw to the middle of your eye. Finish by starting again at mid-point and continue your line outward. This makes it easier to “build up” or “wing out” the end of your liner.

Another option is to simply do the opposite – Start at the middle of your eye and work outward first. Then go to the inner corner of your eye and work back to your mid-point.
applying liquid eye linerapplying liquid eye liner

3. Quick Tip
Stretch and hold your eye taut by gently pulling your eye outward from your temple. This will allow you to get the Liquid Eye Liner closer to your lash line for a more natural application.
applying liquid eye liner


For a softer look to your Liquid Eye Liner, use Mineralogie's Angle Shading Brush (the best brush for eye liner and brows!) or a disposable sponge tip applicator to pull the liner "wing" slightly away from your eye and gently blend. This technique must be done immediately after application while liner is still wet.
applying liquid eye liner with brush
Achieve a natural daytime look by using the applicator wand to apply liner in short feathered strokes directly on your lash line. This technique prevents you from pressing down on the applicator wand, as you would if drawing a continuous line, which creates a heavier more dramatic look.
applying liquid eye liner
Add the perfect "wing" to you eyes by applying after completely lining! Hold the applicator wand just outside the corner of your eye in the location you would like your "wing" to stop. Starting at this point, draw the liner in toward the corner of your eye then blend for a subtle look or repeat the process for a more intense eye.

Applying Liquid Eye Liner

Helpful Hint

A little nervous about applying Liquid Eye Liner for the first time? Then follow this helpful hint...

Line your eyes with your pencil eye liner first, getting as close to your lash line as possible. Then simply trace the pencil line with the liquid applicator! This is a quick and easy way to make sure you safely apply your Liquid Liner directly on your lash line with confidence!