Our Founder

Mary Van has a passion for helping people look and feel their best - and she created the Mineralogie line to bring high quality, nourishing mineral makeup to the public. A renowned makeup artist to celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Lee Ann Rimes, and Entertainment Tonight’s anchor Mary Hart, Mary has a strong background in skincare and cosmetics. Before launching the Mineralogie brand, she owned and operated several spas, worked for Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, L’Oreal, and the Barbizon Modeling School, and partnered with skincare expert Rhonda Allison in promoting her clinical product line. Mary also served as makeup artist to the Dallas Cowboys for two decades, working personally with high-profile clients Jerry and Charlotte Jones, President George W. Bush when he was the governor of Texas, the Bush family, the Anheuser-Busch family, Ross Perot and others.

Over time, Mary began to notice the ravages of conventional, pore-clogging makeup, as well as sun damage, on her clients’ skin. She began to look for alternatives to protect the skin and provide exceptional coverage and color, without compromising the skin. She found the answer in minerals. After sourcing the highest quality minerals, testing various formulations, and going through extensive changes and re-formulations, Mary launched the Mineralogie line in 2003, with her signature loose mineral powder foundation. Today, the brand is sold in 20+ countries - and continues to release new products and colors each season. Although Mineralogie has grown, Mary’s commitment to creating the highest quality mineral makeup, and continuously developing new and better products, remains the same.

Personally, Mary’s hobbies include cycling, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and hot yoga. She prefers a natural makeup look, with products that look amazing all day, indoors and out. Her motto is, "Protect, nourish, hydrate and love your skin - and don’t forget to add some color. Take care of what you have, from the inside out."

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