Loose Mineral Foundation Dispensing Brush Application Instructions

dispensing brush application



1. Prep the Brush
To prep the brush, pump it three times; then make small circular motions on the back of the hand or in a tissue to release the powder. At this point, the brush is ready to use. If the minerals are not releasing from the brush, repeat the prepping stage. This should be a one time process and not be repeated on a daily basis.
Applying Loose Mineral Dispensing Brush
2. Application
To begin, start at the top of the forehead using small circular motions. Go thoroughly around one side of the face and up the other side, ending at the forehead. For natural coverage, complete this process two to three times. For complete coverage, repeat process three to five times. Mineral makeup is different from traditional makeup. Once applied, it takes three to five minutes to see how the makeup will look on the skin. At first, it might look like the minerals have not given enough coverage or the powder is sitting on the face. Before adding additional layers wait a few minutes, check the coverage, then apply more if needed.
Applying Loose Mineral Dispensing Brush
3. Cleaning
To clean the brush head begin by saturating a small area of a paper towel with Brush Cleaner. Holding the brush upright (bristles pointing upward), gently rotate the brush head into the paper towel using circular motions until it appears clean. Note: Cleaning the brush head is for hygiene, not to restore it to its original color.
Cleaning Loose Mineral Dispensing Brush
4. Troubleshooting
If the brush gets "clogged," hold it upright and tap the brush against the palm of the hand or a hard surface. This releases any powder that has accumulated at the base of the brush head. A “clogged” brush usually occurs from over pumping the brush or due to travel, particularly in higher altitudes.
Troubleshooting Loose Mineral Dispensing Brush

Warning: if irritation occurs, discontinue use.


  • Large pores – apply Face Primer to the areas to be minimized first, and then apply Loose Mineral Foundation.
  • Dry skin – use Skin Spritz to hydrate the face after applying the Loose Mineral Foundation.
  • Mature skin – use Face Primer under Loose Mineral Foundation to minimize fine lines and even out skin tone.
  • Use Skin Spritz to set the makeup. Skin Spritz may also be used throughout the day to rehydrate the skin.
  • Moisturizing – allow moisturizer to completely absorb into skin before applying minerals. Applying minerals “too quickly” after moisturizer application will cause heavy makeup coverage or a “caked-on”” appearance. Additionally, the makeup brush bristles will become matted.
  • To inquire about specific methods of application, consult your aesthetician or makeup artist.

Warning: if irritation occurs, discontinue use.