Everyday Smoky Eye

Smokey Eye Makeup

This smoky eye begins with Mineralogie's ever popular Ice Queen Pressed Eye Shadow Tio featuring Blue It Up, Mulberry, and Frost. The perfect combination of colors for anyone!

Let's start your look with the lightest eye shadow shade, Frost. Use a Round Detail Brush to pick up a dusting of this color and press and pat onto your brow bone. Clean your brush on a tissue and then use it to pick up your second shadow color, Mulberry. Using a press and pat method apply Mulberry from your lower lash line to the crease of your eye. Be certain to extend the color to the corner of your eye. This will "open" your eye.

For our next step you will use a Blending Brush. Begin by applying Blue It Up in a small vertical line between the lashes and the crease of your eye. Make sure you do not extend Blue It up too far out of the lid area as this will give the appearance of pulling the eye down. If this does occur, use a cotton swab and erase any of the shadow that is extended too far from your eye lid.