Festive Lips!

Woman with red lipstick on
Spice up your look with bold, bright and kissable lips! Starting with a clean lip, use a Foundation/Blending Brush to pat a dusting of your Loose Mineral Foundation or Pressed Mineral Foundation directly on your lip, lip line and above your upper lip. This little trick not only fills in fine lines, it gives your lip products staying power!

Next use Mineralogie’s Royalty Red Lip Liner to make soft strokes (almost like little dashes) on your upper and lower lip, then, connect the strokes to fill the entire lip. By using this technique, your liner will be applied evenly and will not have a heavy appearance.

Now it’s time to apply Mineralogie’s true red Lipstick, Wine Not, over your upper and lower lip.

Finally, using a very soft touch, outline your entire lip with your Royalty Red Lip Liner for a professional, finished look!