The Natural Makeover

Flawless, beautiful and oh so natural, this glamorous look was achieved by beginning with a cleansed and moisturized face – the perfect place to start. Once the moisturizer was completely absorbed into the skin, it was time to create this versatile daytime look.

Our first step involved mixing and blending equal, yet small amounts of Mineralogie’s Natural Cream Concealers N2 and N4. By mixing the two concealers, we were able to better match our client’s darker skin tone.

Using a Round Detail Brush, the blended concealer was applied from the inside corner of the eye down into the dark shadow under the lower eye. Next, we applied just a touch of Neutral Eye Primer to the eye lids to serve as an eye shadow base. This not only adds to the staying power of eye shadow, particularly if your eye lids are oily, it ensures a smooth, crease-free look.

Next, we used our Dome Brush to apply two layers of our Loose Mineral Foundation in Deep Olive. It is important to remember that when applying foundation on women of color, the Dome Brush should be used. The foundation should be lightly pressed and pat onto the skin. Never blend foundation for ethnic or dark skin using circular motions or in a downward motion as this will cause the foundation to appear ashy or gray.

Now that the foundation is finished, it’s time to move on to the eyes. With our Round Detail Brush we pressed Marmalade Loose Mineral Eye Shadow onto the lower lid. Using the same brush, we then blended Mahogany Loose Mineral Eye Shadow along the eye crease. To highlight the eye, Tinsel was applied to the brow with our Blending Brush. The last and most important touch is to blend all the shadows for a soft, natural look. We finished the eyes by applying Dark Suede Eye Liner along the lash line and several coats of Lash Fusion Black Mascara for a full and dramatic effect.

From the eyes we moved on to adding color and definition to the cheeks. With our Contour Brush, we applied a warm shade of Loose Mineral Blush in Apricot Toast to the apples of the cheek and along the line of the cheekbone. Remember Loose Mineral Blush can be as vibrant or subtle as you like. For a more natural appearance, simply tap excess minerals from the brush into the lid of the container or a tissue before applying the blush.

To tie together our color palette we lined the lips with Mineralogie’s Neutral Natural Lip Liner. Women of color tend to have fuller lips with more pigment. This is why our natural liner usually works best. Next, we applied Shell Lip Gloss to keep the overall tone soft and warm.

Now it is time to complete the look and we did this by using our Dome Brush to press our Invisibly Matte Finishing Powder through the T-zone area (forehead and nose) and then applying an overall light dusting. Finally we set the makeup with a spray from our natural Skin Spritz.