About Mineralogie
As individual as our minerals and as bright as our color palettes, the Mineralogie leadership team works together to make our customers and Brand Partners the best they can be. We do this by providing you with superior 100% mineral makeup, and personalized customer service to help you grow your business, naturally. Our people aren’t only part of our team; we’re also part of yours. So, let us introduce you to the people and departments that make Mineralogie work.

Product Development
We wouldn’t be Mineralogie without our natural mineral makeup — and our naturally outstanding people. Our Product Development team works together to ensure every product we make is fashion-forward, and ideally formulated. Jacob, Mineralogie’s Technological Product Formulation Manager organizes every product and color formula to ensure ingredient lists are accurate.

Powder Lab
Mineralogie’s first product was our loose mineral powder, and it continues to be a Bestseller today. Our Powder Lab is where we formulate and test powders — and where our Chief Colorist, Kellie, makes certain every shade is perfect.

Liquid Lab
Our Liquid Lab Team formulates and fills all liquid products at Mineralogie, including our popular Cream Concealers, Lip Glosses, Lipsticks and Liquid Foundation. Long-time employees Chuya, Anjelica and Antonia help keep this department — and your favorite products — flowing smoothly. Chuya leads the team to color match and develop new colors, products and seasonal trends.

At Mineralogie, we make more than 25 product categories and 250 color combinations — and Susy, our Quality Control Supervisor, makes sure you get the right product, in the right shade, every time. She oversees our dynamite Production team, where superstars like Ceney, Cynthia, Lucha, Susy and Denora personally fill every order.

Our Warehouse Manager, Beth keeps our Shipping Department in ship-shape. Well-versed in all things related to packaging orders, as well as shipping and custom regulations in over 12 countries, she oversees our vast inventory. Our top-notch shipping team checks and packs each order, and makes certain it leaves our warehouse on time and arrives to you on time and in good condition.

When you call or visit Mineralogie, you’ll speak to real people who really care about your order — based right here at our office in Dallas, Texas. Tania, our Sales Manager, helps keep customers happy and successful, no matter how small or large the order or question. Bringing fresh ideas and a peppy attitude, she partners with customers to improve their businesses’ success. She also types up invoices and ensures special requests are granted.

Carolina leads our production team, to ensure your products reach you as quickly and efficiently as possible. She also helps with the regulatory work necessary to keep Mineralogie current in the different countries where our products are sold.

Marketing and Graphics
Lana, the Creative Design Supervisor brings exceptional design experience and has won numerous graphic design awards. Brittney, our Creative Design Assistant has an eye for the latest trend. Together they ensure our promotional materials and packaging look as amazing as our makeup. Britt shares the latest trends in fashion and cosmetics, and offers tips on how to use Mineralogie products through their social media.

You can always find the newest Mineralogie products, colors and blogs on the Mineralogie website. Tom maintains the site, and David makes sure our technology is in good working order.

Office and Accounting
Chelsea, accountant and QuickBooks specialist, works the back end to be sure the numbers work. Therese is our Office Manager — although she wears so many hats it’s hard to count them all. A “Jill” of all trades, she handles data entry, manages our inventory, and is our go-to person for testing colors.

These are the faces behind Mineralogie — and it is easy to see we have a multi-talented, highly professional team. There are many others who make Mineralogie work, and each person is a treasure to our company and our brand. We are very proud of our 100% mineral makeup and our Mineralogie family. We know you expect the highest quality products and service, and our people deliver on a daily basis.